Beyond the Obvious of Delhi University Colleges

Beyond the Obvious of Delhi University: Sri Aurobindo College

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Sri Aurobindo College (Morning) was established by Delhi University in 1972, which was the birth centenary year of the philosopher, patriot-poet, Sri Aurobindo. The college is a constituent part of Delhi University. It inculcates the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and believes that an active commitment towards excellence is fundamental to the process of education.

Sri Aurobindo college ‘Morning’ (as carefully specified in every college brochure) finds itself placed at the tail end of the residential lanes breaking into rather punctured and monsoon-inflicted roads. The green shades lying adjacent are the then reminiscent of some poetic times fulfilling the name of the famous poet-philosopher Sri Aurobindo.

The lush green campus of Sri Aurobindo College, Delhi University.

And if we are indeed talking about natural green shades and poetic inspiration, the college does not provide any glamorous touch to the heavy notion of ‘institute of quality education’, instead it delves seamlessly into its surrounding, allowing stray pups now and then. But you would be indeed mistaken if you imagine it as an isolated area.

For it is South Delhi we are talking about where students find themselves rushing towards hangout points such as PVR Saket (which is considerably 15 minutes from the college), Select city mall or the Giani’s famous ice cream parlor.


The  Malviya Nagar market packed with different varieties of street food stalls is also a famous alternative and not to forget the much homely CCD which even Kangana Ranaut couldn’t miss.

Evidently, a few heartbreaking scenes were shot inside this coffee shop as a crying Rani (Kangana Ranaut in the movie Queen) is shown to burst out of cafe while one can notice premises of the college or more specifically its entrance gate in the background of the shot given that the CCD stands almost exclusively, right in front of the college entrance and is successfully, a second home to the students.


But the Bollywood connections are not limited to sets and camera shots. Rather, the college has been glorious in carving out the very platform of inspiration for its students.

One of the most popular alumni of this college includes the famous director and writer- Neeraj Pandey (Indira Gandhi Award winner for the best director) who directed movies like A Wednesday, Special 26 etc.

The college has a decent canteen although the options available are restricted. The library offers a wide range of books for all readers.

Further, the college also takes pride in their dance society called ‘Crunk’, which has won numerous competitions at IIM Rohtak PGDAV (E), Lady Irwin College (DU), SPM College, BCAS (DU), SAC (DU) as well as Ramjas College (DU).

Sri Aurobindo College
Conduct of numerous dance and music events at Sri Aurobindo College. Image Credites: The Official website of SAC.

‘Moksh’ the dramatics society on the other hand won many awards at places including  Gandhi Bhawan (DU). Among the other prominent societies, ‘Salvation’ stands active on its fight on social causes and awareness. The ecological club of the college is equally active and has organized campaigns like ‘Green walk to the Pink City’ in the past.

Allegro, the Western Music Society of Sri Aurobindo College has won hearts all around Delhi University with their melodic vocal harmonies and frank performances. (Read more about Allegro, here.

The college also attracted large masses of students last year for its fest ‘Mehak 2014’ where famous Punjabi singers like Indeep Bakshi and Soni B became the spotlight. (Read more about this, here.)



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