Beyond the Obvious of Delhi University Colleges

A Botched Situation at the SOL 

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Delhi University’s School of Opening Learning is plagued with a plethora of problems. A study suggests that teachers have oft been missing classes while a few of them haven’t even attended a single class. Reportedly, Mrs. Preeti Goel, wife of BJP leader Mr. Vijay Goel’s, who teaches Nutrition and Health Education, didn’t attend any of the invigilation duties assigned to her.

Study materials such as notes, audio and video lessons as well as the web-based packages are not being prepared on time by the teachers. This is possibly because of the fact that the student-teacher ratio at SOL is 35 teachers to about 4.5 lakh students that makes it quite absurd for Opening Learning to function. It has also been reported that the study material provided hasn’t been revised since the last five years. And if 30 minutes are required for each audio lecture, a minimum of 30 hours is required to prepare them all.

According to the minutes of the SOL staff counsel meeting to a Deccan Herald correspondent, “typically, preparation of study unit of about 5,000 words would involve 150 hours of academic work.” Administrative work also becomes a must for the teachers due to shortage of staff. The only sign of hope is that if more staff is recruited, this august body can function well and provide proper study materials on time.

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