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Ram Lal Anand Evening College becomes Aryabhatta College 

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Ram Lal Anand Evening College has been renamed Aryabhatta College.

Aryabhatta College, the new addition to the long list of DU colleges, is located between Moti Lal Nehru College and Sri Venkateshwara College, adjacent to the South Campus. College is named after the Indian mathematician who invented zero and its location indeed is that of Ram Lal Anand College which is setting a path breaking example by shifting its evening slot including the RLA (E) students and staff members into a morning one.

Prof. Harish Dhawan from the Economics department says, “It is after 5 years of constant efforts that our dream of having a separate morning college is coming true. There was a lot of discussion and paperwork involved between the college and the UGC. The morning batch has to vacate the college premises early for the evening lot while the latter, especially girls, find it inconvenient to stay in the college till late. This deprives everyone of the opportunity of actively indulging in extra-curricular activities.”

Although legally in existence already, the classes in Aryabhatta College are currently taking place from 2.30pm due to non-completion of the new building’s construction. However, with its completion in the next 3 months, classes for all courses from will shift to the morning time enabling the lot of evening students to enjoy the benefits of a morning college. Although the current 1700 students on the rolls were admitted on the basis of evening college cut-offs, the cut off list for the batch of 2015-18 remains under speculation due to this change. The college is also expecting to incorporate new courses like Mathematics and Philosophy which were not offered earlier.

“Being free of the “evening” tag is extremely relieving. It has been a long, eager and super exciting wait since the announcement”, says Rajiv Dey, a student of Economics Honours, Aryabhatta College.

Ishani Rajkhowa

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