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So the much awaited season of college fests has finally come. Here’s a lowdown on how to be fully geared up for arguably the most active time of the year on campus:

1. Know the When’s and the Where’s

There are two ways to go about the fest season; either you chart out the exact fests you want to attend, or you go fest- hopping. Either way, being informed of the fest schedule will come in handy. Check out the calendar here.

Make sure you prioritize the must-attend fests like Crossroads [SRCC], Tempest [Miranda House], Mecca [Hindu College] and Nexus [Sri Venkateshwara College] and plan your expeditions accordingly, especially in the case of clashing dates. It is also that time of the year when you need to exploit all your contacts to the hilt to arrange for the passes.


2. Dress Right

After an entire year of waking up late for classes and making do with the first t-shirt that falls out of your closet, it’s the time to really put some thought into what you’ll wear. Even if you aren’t the type to bother about fashion, how bad could it really be to catch a few eyes? But dress as you may, the most important point to be made here is, dress comfortably, and I cannot emphasize this enough. Nothing spoils moods faster than twisted ankles on high heels and sagging jeans that don’t let you dance.

3. Make it a Memorable Experience

Dressing up and reaching the venue is just one part of fest fun. Make this season more happening by participating in the various events that every fest offers. From dance, to theatre, to creative writing, take your pick! Or you could even play the under- appreciated but fundamentally important role of a supportive audience. Whatever you do, make sure you take in every bit of excitement that the fest season has to offer. Try different food, and maybe hold a gol- gappa competition of your own. Meet new people and many old friends, cheer for the star attraction till your throat is sore, and most importantly, remember to have fun!

Illustration Credits: Mehr Gill for DU Beat

The Entrepreneurial Development Cell of Shri Ram College of Commerce held its annual fest, Eximius on the 12th of February. However, the flagship event was the Internship Fair, which was held on Tuesday the 11th of February.

Powered by the ‘10,000 Startups’ program by NASSCOM, the Startup Jobs Fair was presented by Find Your Great Work to promote budding entrepreneurial talents. Over 300 students from various universities and about 15 startup initiatives participated in the event, including well known companies like Zomato and Dineout and others such as Felximoms and Inc42. The day kicked off with representatives from various companies presenting and pitching their startups to the students. The keynote speaker was Siddhartha Sharma, the founder of Success Monks. Being an experienced speaker, his speech touched a chord with every student in the house. He spoke on the topic ‘Passion into Profession’ and talked about how over half the working population hates their job. Encouraging young minds to think beyond the defined norms of employment options, he ended with an amusing story and thought provoking message, “… Are you cutting the tail off of your fish because someone in your family once had a small frying pan?”

An interaction session followed, allowing students to get to know each startup better. The students then sat for GD’s in groups of 10 and the selected candidates subsequently gave interviews of the startups of their choice. The results are yet to be announced.

The Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) at Delhi University had recently launched a new course in Media and Communication. The closing ceremony will be held tomorrow, on the 5th of February in the presence of the Registrar of Delhi University, Ms Alka Sharma.

25 students from CIC had been selected for this course. The course was a 10-class, or a 30-hour credited programme that was instructed by Brij Bakshi, the former Additional Director General at Doordarshan, joined by Gouran Dhawan Lal as senior faculty and Mike Pandey, a green Oscar winning wildlife film maker, L V Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research and Ashok Raina.

The aim of the course was to improve presentation and communication skills of the students while giving them knowledge about various aspects of media in an interactive manner. A wide range of topics including environment and wildlife programming, understanding TRPs, art of video editing were covered.

Sahil Mathur, a B. Tech student who participated in the programme said, “This course allowed me to understand various facets of media, from film making to editing, from technology to understanding how to present an idea to an audience. The course has made me much more aware in the field of media and communication.”

Image Credit: Official Facebook page of CIC

(Picture this in black & white and slow- mo) You’re grudgingly dragging yourself to an early morning class, the world around you is a scene of despondence and despair as your classmates are unwillingly following suit, when suddenly (shift to colourful mode and normal speed) something on the notice board catches your sleep deprived eye. You move in closer, inspect the poster announcing a college fest and with a thankful tear in your eye you mutter, “It is time!” (Cue hallelujah- type music, confetti optional).


Theatrics aside, fest time has to be the most exciting time of the year, especially (but not only) for freshers. Plucked from the maddening board examination pressure and jolted into the prickly thorns of the FYUP, it is finally time to revel in that glory of DU which we had painted rosy pictures of in our heads. The anticipation for a great month and a half ahead is already evident. The definite dates are up, the Facebook event pages have been created, and I’m sure that in the secret garden of our hearts, the outfits have also been, or are in the process of being, decided.

But let my overly- evident thrill not take away from the venting space my laments against the four year programme that it deserves. Foundation course teachers have decided to finish off with a majority of the presentations and projects before the fests arrive, resulting in a mad rush to get everything done. Scuttling from the World Wide Web to the library and back again, the coming month has turned way more hectic than what we bargained for. Staying up All Night to Get Lucky has taken a whole new meaning with us, burning the midnight oil hoping against hope to meet the onslaught of deadlines. On the plus side, we do get one extra fest season.


So here’s to looking forward to a great fest season that surpasses expectations. Wait, let me rephrase that, optimism and expectations will only get you so far. So here’s to looking forward to a fest season which isn’t a complete dud, or at least, to a few flattering profile picture- worthy photos!

With “Where I is the change” as its motto, Jesus and Mary College hosted its very first MUN on the 24th and 25th. The maiden edition of the event turned out to be very well received, with over 300 participants from a number of colleges.

The conference, which was spearheaded by a team of seasoned MUNers, displayed an impeccable level of debate and decorum and encompassed five committees. The United Nations General Assembly Plenary discussed ballistic missile proliferation with a special emphasis on the Hague code of Conduct, the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the United Nations Security Council had their agendas as ‘Capital Punishments and the Implementation of Safeguards Guaranteeing Protection of the Rights of those Facing Death Penalty’ and ‘Militarization of the Arctic’ as their agendas respectively. But the inclusion of World Trade Organization and Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs set JMCMUN’14 apart. The WTO focused on International Product Dumping Practices and the latter reviewed the legal provisions pertaining to sexual assault in the aftermath of the Delhi rape case.


The executive board saw reputed MUN personalities Arindam Som, G.S. Chaitanya, Hisham A. Rizvi, Abhinav Verma and Akriti Bhatia leading their committees with Manisha Massey presiding as the Secretary General and Geetika Nagpal as the Deputy Secretary General. The International Press did exceptional work under the guidance of Pallav Kumar Singh and Tejinder Pal Singh as the head of Photography.

The delegates were seen enjoying the food and an option of dressing in Indian formals was also given in the spirit of Republic Day. The event ended on a high with Sankalp Sharma, Sasha, Part Gauri, Animesh Mohan and Rohan Joshi winning the top accolades in their respective councils and the team from Lady Shri Ram College receiving the trophy for the best delegation. Brij Pahwa, who was part of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs said, “JMC gave what was expected from it. The conference was of an optimum level and everything was pretty well organized. A good level of orators and an experienced executive board was the cherry on the cake.”

Image credit: Vanshaj Mehta

Ventured out to watch The Wolf of Wall Street, ended up watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Do the gods of fine cinema hate me? I think not.

There are 3 kinds of superheroes- First, the superhuman, mutant variety such as Hulk and Krissh (giggles), second, the super rich crime fighting brigade like Iron Man and Batman, and third, the mightiest of all, the dreamer. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a larger – than – life tale of adventure of a man stuck in the rut of a monotonous life who is prone to acute day dreaming.

It is said to be loosely based on a short story by James Thurber by the same name. However, Walter Mitty’s lucid imagination where he is invariably the main protagonist who cracks the wittiest of jokes, always ends up saving the day and wooing the girl reminded me of Calvin from the beloved comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes.

The good

It’s a great movie to watch if you’re tired of unrealistic computerized stunts. The visuals of the film are particularly breath taking; watching Walter travel from one stunning location to another is a treat to the eyes. The sound track is nice and apt. But what is most endearing is how relatable Ben Stiller is in his portrayal of a man on the verge of losing his job who has an old mother to support and a crush on his coworker, but still remains upbeat about life in a way that is all too familiar to anyone who has risen from the hardships in life.

The bad

Slightly slow and sloppy, the movie definitely has its flaws. It may not impress all types of viewers. One thing that’s definitely working against it is that it’s in theaters against the all mighty WOWS.

No uglies, my lovelies!

“To see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms… to see and be amazed and to feel that is the purpose of life.” is a motto we encounter many times in this movie. What it basically does is, motivates us to add a little carpe diem in our lives too. Watch it for a good time but don’t expect any Oscar- worthy moments.

Let’s admit it, whether you’re a movie buff or not, there is at least one movie you look forward to watching every year. Whether it’s a sequel to a beloved series, or stars your favourite actor of all time, there is always that one picture that you’ve already made mental plans for. We bring to you a list of a few such movies that we believe will be on your must- watch list. Have we missed any? Let us know!

1. Transcendence

Marking the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan’s go- to cinematographer Wally Pfister, Transcendence is a sci- fi movie about a scientist who downloads his consciousness to a computer. What follows is his thirst for knowledge and power, raising philosophical questions about the human nature.

Release date: 18 April

Starring: Johnny Depp, Kate Mara, Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman

2. Maleficent

Watch Disney go dark in this prequel of sorts to ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The story here is told from the point of view of the ‘Mistress of All- Evil’ herself, Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie.

Release date: May 30
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Juno Temple

3. 22 Jump Street

Officers Schmidt and Jenko are back and how! In the sequel to one of the funniest movies of 2012, our beloved policemen go deep undercover in college this time to kick evil’s butt once more.

Release Date: June 13
Starring: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube, Nick Offerman

4. X-Men: Days of Future Past

The director of the hugely successful X- Men and X2 Bryan Singer returns to the franchise with the latest instalment of Marvel’s most popular mutants. This one promises to be a thrill ride and connects the time lines of the original trilogy and C- Men First Class.

Release Date: May 23
Starring: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman

5. How to Catch A Monster

Not much is known about this film except that it’s directed by Ryan Gosling and stars Matt Smith from Doctor Who and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men as Bully and Billy, but that’s all the reason we need to be excited for this one!

Also worth looking out for- Godzilla, Interstellar, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Jupiter Ascending, The LEGO Movie, Noah, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Tranformers: Age of Extinction and so many more. Looks like it’s going to be a movie-tastic year!

There are countless shades to the very famous Dilli ki sardi. While we have already mentioned the ‘best things’ about the same, the negative side had still remained unanswered. After all, with that gajar ka halwa, there also exists the zero level of productivity. With all that capacity to snuggle in a blanket, there exists the inability to wake up for a morning class.

Here is a list of all that makes us despise the winter season.

1. General Malaise


Noses seem to be affected the worst in winters. Either they remain perpetually runny or blocked solid, or even worse, when both nostrils decide to go separate ways. Add chapped lips and flaky scalps to the mix and you have the perfect reason for never wanting to step out of your bed. Winter brings us all down; it’s called the season of gloom for a reason.

2. Heating systems that give you a headache


What is it with public heating systems?  Instead of providing a welcoming and cozy environment, the Delhi Metro heaters can make you feel stuffy and extremely uncomfortable. Even otherwise, artificial heating in an enclosed area means stale and smelly air. It just gets worse when you step out from the humid furnace to face a blast of cold air on your face and go around with a head ache for the rest of the day. I obviously speak from experience.

3. Productivity Level = zilch


Short days, somber spirits. On most winter holidays, making it out of bed before 10 seems like a huge accomplishment in itself. At a time when dragging yourself from one couch to another is all the energy you can muster, getting anything done seems almost impossible. Before you know it, it’s already dark outside, and another day goes far from utilised.

4. The inability to wake up for early morning classes


8:45 class? NO. Anything that involves getting out of the blanket ever? NO.

Sigh. But life ain’t that fair buddy. Despite the morning chill,  society practices and early morning classes just don’t stop. Well, the most difficult task in the season is surely getting out of bed.

5. Too cold and no snow


So we’re braving temperatures as low as 5 degrees, we’re walking around in big, wooly, itchy sweaters, and we’re dealing with static electricity, but we still don’t get to enjoy the snow. Delhi winter is harsh, but not even half as fun as it could have been, had there been snow. Not only would that alleviate gloomy moods instantly, but maybe also helped cancel some morning classes. But what can I say, I’m just a dreamer.

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We’re too old to believe in Santa, but who said that’s all Christmas is about? The way we see it, there are 4 types of people around Christmas time, which one are you?

1. Too Jolly to Be True


The first would be the ‘Too Jolly to Be True’ category. These people deck their houses with lights like it’s Diwali and Beti ki Shaadi rolled into one.

How to spot such a specimen? Trust me, you’ll know one when you see one. They’re hard to miss with the Santa topis and almost revoltingly large smiles. These people send out Christmas party invites a month in advance and badger you with constant RSVP reminders.

How to know if you’re one? You have a party play list of Christmas songs that you practice singing every fortnight to ace the karaoke you’ve planned in June for your larger- than- life Christmas party.

Level Up This Christmas: You’re probably already at the top of your game. Join this community of like minded folks maybe?

An alternative to those who go all out on celebrations may be those who splurge on awesome gifts. Some helpful ideas here: (Check out all lüt videos for more cool gift ideas!)

2. DIY Daredevil

 photo craft-room-art-quotes-02.jpg

The second type of people includes the ones who unleash their creative animal during festive seasons. Also known as the ‘DIY Daredevil’, they are forever armed with a hot glue gun!

How to spot such a specimen? Any gift you receive from them will be beautifully wrapped in the most intricate fashion. You will also find their house to be meticulously tidy, with a separate area for craft supplies. No matter what you do, DON’T TOUCH THEIR RIBBONS!

How to know if you’re one? You are incredibly deft with your hands; friends have often suggested you sell handmade cards for a living. Also, does your internet search history scream Martha Stewart?

Level Up This Christmas: Go one step ahead and craft your own Xmas ornaments this year, if you don’t do that already!

(Also see: 5 movies to watch this Christmas eve)

3. No way, Jose

Then there are people who aren’t bothered about any festival, let alone Christmas. Such occasions for them are just a capitalistic scheme to induce frivolous spending. These ‘No way, Jose’s cannot be made to participate in any form of social merrymaking.

How to spot such a specimen? They aren’t grumpy by nature, just averse to the idea of going all out to celebrate an occasion that doesn’t necessarily require such celebration. They would rather sit in the cozy comforts of their own house and spend some quality time with loved ones.

How to know if you’re one? ‘Subtle’ is how you would describe your party style. You probably think of yourself as an intellectual, and frown at society’s idea of what a ‘good time’ really is.

Level Up This Christmas: Since you’re already going to be at home, why not indulge in some private merrymaking in the form of curling up with a good book or watching a gripping movie while nursing a hot cuppa?

4.Grumpy ol’ Grinch

The last category is that of the all too popular ‘Grumpy ol’ Grinch’. They hate Christmas with a strange vengeance, listening to ‘Last Christmas’ makes them surly for the rest of the week.

How To Spot Such A Specimen? They’re hard to miss. Sulking at the very mention of Christmas, these people take a certain sadistic pleasure in telling children that Santa doesn’t exist.

How to know if you are one? You know it. The very title of this post is putting you off; it’s a surprise you’ve read it at all.

How to level up this Christmas: Shouldn’t it be ‘level down’ for you? Here are some anti- Christmas songs for you to help soothe your nerves.