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4 types of personalities to spot this Christmas

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We’re too old to believe in Santa, but who said that’s all Christmas is about? The way we see it, there are 4 types of people around Christmas time, which one are you?

1. Too Jolly to Be True


The first would be the ‘Too Jolly to Be True’ category. These people deck their houses with lights like it’s Diwali and Beti ki Shaadi rolled into one.

How to spot such a specimen? Trust me, you’ll know one when you see one. They’re hard to miss with the Santa topis and almost revoltingly large smiles. These people send out Christmas party invites a month in advance and badger you with constant RSVP reminders.

How to know if you’re one? You have a party play list of Christmas songs that you practice singing every fortnight to ace the karaoke you’ve planned in June for your larger- than- life Christmas party.

Level Up This Christmas: You’re probably already at the top of your game. Join this community of like minded folks maybe?

An alternative to those who go all out on celebrations may be those who splurge on awesome gifts. Some helpful ideas here: (Check out all lüt videos for more cool gift ideas!)

2. DIY Daredevil

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The second type of people includes the ones who unleash their creative animal during festive seasons. Also known as the ‘DIY Daredevil’, they are forever armed with a hot glue gun!

How to spot such a specimen? Any gift you receive from them will be beautifully wrapped in the most intricate fashion. You will also find their house to be meticulously tidy, with a separate area for craft supplies. No matter what you do, DON’T TOUCH THEIR RIBBONS!

How to know if you’re one? You are incredibly deft with your hands; friends have often suggested you sell handmade cards for a living. Also, does your internet search history scream Martha Stewart?

Level Up This Christmas: Go one step ahead and craft your own Xmas ornaments this year, if you don’t do that already!

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3. No way, Jose

Then there are people who aren’t bothered about any festival, let alone Christmas. Such occasions for them are just a capitalistic scheme to induce frivolous spending. These ‘No way, Jose’s cannot be made to participate in any form of social merrymaking.

How to spot such a specimen? They aren’t grumpy by nature, just averse to the idea of going all out to celebrate an occasion that doesn’t necessarily require such celebration. They would rather sit in the cozy comforts of their own house and spend some quality time with loved ones.

How to know if you’re one? ‘Subtle’ is how you would describe your party style. You probably think of yourself as an intellectual, and frown at society’s idea of what a ‘good time’ really is.

Level Up This Christmas: Since you’re already going to be at home, why not indulge in some private merrymaking in the form of curling up with a good book or watching a gripping movie while nursing a hot cuppa?

4.Grumpy ol’ Grinch

The last category is that of the all too popular ‘Grumpy ol’ Grinch’. They hate Christmas with a strange vengeance, listening to ‘Last Christmas’ makes them surly for the rest of the week.

How To Spot Such A Specimen? They’re hard to miss. Sulking at the very mention of Christmas, these people take a certain sadistic pleasure in telling children that Santa doesn’t exist.

How to know if you are one? You know it. The very title of this post is putting you off; it’s a surprise you’ve read it at all.

How to level up this Christmas: Shouldn’t it be ‘level down’ for you? Here are some anti- Christmas songs for you to help soothe your nerves.

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