Holiday season sees a saturation of the cinematic market with an influx of wholesome but cringe-worthy holiday movies. Is it the audience that asks for it or is the industry too used to churning out “tidings of comfort and joy”? Read more to find out.

Be it “Rang Barse” or “Last Christmas”, festivals end up being not just a part of our real lives but also our reel lives. In the 20th century, cinema is not barred to only reflecting reality but rather moves beyond that ambit to build upon our lived realities and create an alternate world as believed by media studies scholar John Mundy. Every festive season is accompanied by an influx of new or repeated holiday cinema against a backdrop of the belief that this is the time when everything is right in the world. 

But can the cinema industry be completely blamed for this saturation of the market during the holidays? In the end, it is only catering to a society that was deeply embedded into the concept of religious festivities and now finds itself dependent upon a highly glamourous, minutely religious rendition of the same traditions. Rather than being restricted to religious beliefs, festivals have been gaining traction as events having aesthetic appeal and a more universal characteristic, the most all-consuming being Christmas.

…being a part of a family that doesn’t really celebrate (Christmas), the day often ends up being a bit disheartening. So, I have made it a tradition to find and watch that perfect Christmas movie every year because it helps bring that sense of joy, comfort, and “Christmas cheer” that I can’t find in my immediate vicinity.”, explains Hitanshi Jain, a first-year student at DCAC.

Psychologists have gone on to distinguish happiness into two types: hedonic and eudaimonic. The former is more transitory and refers to the sensations of pleasure and enjoyment, whereas the latter is a more resonating and long-lasting feeling, rising from experiences that carry a sense of meaning and purpose. Both of these kinds of happiness are considered important for the overall well-being of humans and this is what the cinematic industry has been tapping into: with its humour, traditions, decorations, and backdrops catering to the hedonic approach and the plotline of happiness over misery catering to the eudaimonic.

Most Christmas movies are created around the same storyline: family issues, conflicts, chaos, and negative emotions; all of them getting wrapped up with a happy ending where everyone finds joy and hope occupies the center stage. This craze has not only been fueled by the audience but also by the production companies itself with entities like MarVista Entertainment investing 50% of its development funds on holiday movies alone. When exploring the science of the why behind this, we come upon Christopher Deacy’s statement in his 2016 book “Christmas as Religion” about how Christmas movies act as a “barometer of how we might want to live and how we might see and measure ourselves”, tapping into the feeling of belongingness, familiarity, or the idea of “home”. In the opinion of Penne Restad in her book ‘Christmas in America’, she describes how many movies like ‘Holiday Inn’ (1942) were created from the perspective of providing another line of thought and emotions to the war-stricken atmosphere in America, showcasing a world which “has no dark side”. This notion has extended over the last century into every holiday cinema experience, promoting emotional wealth over materialist or consumerist tendencies and glorifying the essential happiness of humankind while disregarding the misery surrounding it.

The essence of these movies is that they don’t make you feel that you are alone during the holiday season and that you belong somewhere, to someone or to something.”, says Srivarsha Bhukya, a first-year student at LSR.

Each holiday movie ends up being this blank canvas that we know will end up in only the most beautiful colours, barring any possibility of messes, chaos, or disappointment. In a very Dr. Suess accent— these movies make us see that the flawed mirror still reflects that golden light, that the teared-up gift wrappers contained happiness inside, and that everything considered, it’s a wonderful life.


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Manasvi Kadian

[email protected] 

Christmas is a festival of love and miracles. Old traditions say that Santa Claus comes once a year on this day to fulfil your wishes. This year, the world needs his miracles more than ever.


Dear Santa,

‘Tis finally the season.

Every year as a child I used to anxiously wait for Christmas to come, for it was the day you came to make my wishes come true; to finally gift me the toys I had wanted all summer. But then I grew up and was told you weren’t real. Somewhere along the way I, too, stopped believing in miracles.


However, this Christmas, I’m counting on your arrival once again. I write this letter to you, in hope that there really is an old man on reindeers who comes once a year to make our wishes come true. And while I’m too big to play with toys now, I still have a couple of wishes I need to be fulfilled. The world as we know has way too many troubles.


It’s every day that I wake up with the realization that this world- my world- is dying. Climate change is here and it’s one of the scariest things in this world right now. The only thing scarier is our nonchalance regarding it: The ones in power have never cared less. There’s one part of the world burning, and the other part drowning in hurricanes. The remaining is being destroyed by humans ourselves.


It is us who have been at the forefront of this destruction. In our privilege and comfort, we often forget our responsibilities- our responsibility to care. There are far too many old men in power and barely any young voices out there. There are far too many women still fighting for their basic right to live in dignity and barely any changes. There are far too many people with too much money and barely any with a conscience.


Santa, I’d say I hope you being Christian doesn’t affect your chances of coming to India: a country whose leaders are trying their best to change it to a Hindu Rashtra. But then I know, you’re not one to discriminate. India needs its miracles, and it needs them soon. This past year we have had avoidable border conflicts, a state arbitrarily ripped of its power and authoritarian bills passed in the parliament. That’s not counting how low we’ve fallen in all indices. That’s not counting how terribly its people- its women- were treated. We faced leaders attempting to divide the country on religion, on caste, on gender. Regardless, I’d like to believe we stood strong.


It’s not just India I suppose, which has had its struggles intensified. The world is swamped with Trumps and Modis: men with a solitary goal of exploiting the earth and its people. But I suppose the world is also swamped with Greta Thunbergs, doing their own little bit.


Yet, every day I read the news to find new horrors. It really is at times like these when I can’t help but feel helpless. When I can’t help but wonder whether the little steps that we take are enough. When I can’t help but hope for a genie, or perhaps an old man with reindeers.


Every day, I look back at the world I was living in as a little kid. I’m sure the world right now needs more miracles than it needed back then. And who’s better than you?


With love,


P.S. if you perhaps have some extra space in your sack, I’d like a life-sized teddy bear too!


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Satviki Sanjay

[email protected]

Living in Delhi may not be the most archetypal when it comes to celebrating Christmas. But, do not fret because we have multiple solutions to make this Christmas more jolly for you!

The jolly holiday of Christmas in Delhi often appears rather gloomy in the absence of snow, pine trees, or even the basic festive environment. But, that’s not all that Christmas is about. Delhi may not be the ideal place for Christmas, but it also not all disappointing.

Here are some ways in which you can enjoy Christmas to your heart’s content:

  1. Visit a Church

With Christmas around the corner, chapels and cathedrals across are lit up in the zeal of the festive mood. One can spend a nice, warm day at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Vatican Embassy Chapel, or the Cathedral church of Redemption and enjoy the choirs, feast, prayers, and the decorations having a jolly good time with the perfect Christmas vibe. Make sure you don’t miss the midnight masses celebrating the birth of Christ!

Image Credits: India Today
  1. Christmas Markets

Christmas also fills the streets of Delhi with countless markets, posing a hotspot to wisely invest your money on various quirky items or maybe just delicious food! Set your shopaholic souls free and don’t let a dime go worthless. Swiss German Christkindle Market, Delhi Haat, Select CityWalk Christmas Carnival and even the Sadar Bazaar are some of the best Christmas markets in the city and must not be missed.


Image Credits:
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  1. Sit in a Cafe

Delhi is home to some of the most delightful, cozy cafes. If you’d rather spend Christmas in a calm and solitary environment, grab yourself a large cup of hot chocolate, pick up your favourite book and snuggle in a corner of a cute, little cafe and maybe even build your own holiday aesthetics. Diggin in Green Park, Rose Cafe in Saidulajab and Coffee Bond in Uday Park Market are some of the most alluring cafes in the city. Blue Tokai along with Bahri Sons bookstore in Saket is the perfect refuge for absolutely any day! And if nothing, just grab a grande pumpkin latte in one of those gorgeous Christmas cups from Starbucks.

Image Credits:
Image Credits: Aditi Gutgutia
  1. Christmas Movies Marathons

Honestly, you don’t even need to leave your home, or even your room to enjoy Christmas to your heart’s content. Just get yourself a big bowl of popcorn, grab your coziest blanket and your laptop and its charger and binge watch the countless, hilarious, heart-warming Christmas movies till your eyes turn sore. Some of my personal favourites include- Home Alone, A Christmas Carol, The Nightmare before  Christmas, Arthur Christmas and The Grinch. If you want to watch terrible, cheesy movies, don’t feel guilty, for it’s Christmas time and you can watch all of Vanessa Hudgens on Netflix and not worry about being judged.

Image Credits:
Image Credits:
  1. Club Hopping

Not everyone can find solace in quiet evenings as suggested above. To those of you, I recommend club hopping. Sticking to one club, after a while, starts losing its appeal and thrill. Moving from one club to another with your gang on Christmas Eve has a kick to itself, just dancing away to your favourite tunes (and maybe even getting entirely wasted *smirk smirk*). Connaught Place, Hauz Khas and Cyber Hub are some of the prime locations with multiple sensational clubs located in close proximity.

  1. Social Work

Christmas is a time of merry making with presents and cakes. But it is also a time of forgiveness and generosity. Make this Christmas truly christmassy, not just for yourself but also for those in need by putting forward your helping your helping hand. Reach out to animal shelters, orphanages or under-privileged schools and offer your services. Be the Santa Claus of the needy. Donate books, clothes and presents and let the jingle bells ring for those deprived of the joy.

Feature Image Credits: Times of India

Aditi Gutgutia

[email protected]

Christmas is finally here, and we can all hear the Christmas carols being played or sung in cafés and restaurants. The churches have lit up with Christmas trees, and the decorations can be seen everywhere. Christmas followed by New Year comes with its own joy of celebration with family and friends.

The joy of celebration comes with the joy of gifting your near and dear ones. If you are a bibliophile you value your books more than the world, but some book(s) from your prized collection can bring a smile to that younger cousin who looks up to you for book advice.

If your gang is meeting at somebody’s house, you can have a potluck party. It can be more interesting and delicious if all of you make the dishes yourselves and team them up with some chips and drinks. If somebody in your family has been working really hard at the office and does not get much time for themselves, gift him/her a plant. These days small plants which don’t require much or any sunlight are available in the market at reasonable prices. It will help the person add a green corner to their room. You can even gift that old wall art piece lying in your house or an old diary you have never used.
If you value experiences more than material things, you can gift a ticket to some concert or play or take that person out on lunch to a fancy restaurant which is sure to strengthen your bond further. You can even gift your mother a massage or your father a haircut at that new salon.

If you do not want to spend a couple hundred bucks on any fancy gift, simply take a cake (baked by own self if possible) and enjoy an evening of games and laughter with your family. Winters are a hard time for the underprivileged, and you can make their winters a little cozy by donating some old sweaters, socks, or even shoes that you have grown out of.

This year is coming to an end, and we all wish to end it on a happy note. This is a time of merriment and joy amid family and friends so let us enjoy it to the fullest by bringing smiles to many faces.


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Prachi Mehra

[email protected]

‘Tis the season to be jolly, folks! Christmas time is back in Delhi, and it truly feels like the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is signified by the carols, the Christmas trees, Santa Claus and warm hearts all over the world. But most significantly, Christmas is known for its rum cakes, mulled wines, and hot chocolate and, grand feasts of celebration. So for all you people celebrating Christmas in Delhi this year, here are 5 places where you can get your Christmas spirit going with edible indulgence.

1. The Grand Christmas Brunch, India Habitat Centre (IHC)

Every year, IHC is decked up with lights, Christmas trees, Mistletoe and a vast array of food delights in their Christmas Brunch. Non-members are open to the option of the Christmas Brunch in the All American Diner and members have the option of attending a brunch at their poolside Deck. Spoil yourself with pancakes, waffles, lamb, turkey, chicken and fish along with a variety of cuisines, drinks (Mulled Wine is divine) and desserts. All of this comes with live entertainment! IHC may be a little heavy on your pocket, but it is truly a satisfying experience.

2. A Simple Christmas Meal, Cafe Turtle

A cute and cosy option is at Cafe Turtle, with their three-course Christmas Meal. Indulge in a heart warming Pumpkin Soup, and the warmth of the Carrot Cake, perfectly complemented by the earthiness of the maple cream cheese frosting. Homely Christmas on a plate!

3. Baked Goodness, Wenger’s

When in doubt, go with Wenger’s! One of Delhi’s oldest bakeries, it is known for whipping out divine Christmas goodies at reasonable prices! Treat yourself to delicious Plum Cakes, Rum Cakes, Christmas Cakes, pastries and savouries and then end it with a warm cuppa from the Wenger’s Deli or cool milkshake from the original Keventer’s at Connaught Place.

4. All American Christmas, TGIF

TGIF prepares a set turkey meal, complete with American comfort food like mashed potatoes and Mac n’Cheese. Along with the meal, you can get 2 soft drinks or a glass of red/white wine. The meal is priced reasonably and is a good option to head to with friends for a fulfilling Christmas brunch while rocking out to Bon Jovi and Elvis Presley.

5. An Unconventional Christmas meal, Mamagoto

Christmas may be signified for spreading the holiday cheer with traditional dishes like roasted chicken and plum cakes. But for those of you who want to switch things up a bit, head to Mamagoto who launched their Winter Menu recently which boasts of delicious Asian fare. The menu includes plenty of spicy and tantalizing flavours, guaranteed to warm you up during these holidays.

Knock yourself out with these tantalizing options and spread some holiday cheer. Here’s wishing you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Joyee Bhattacharya 

[email protected]

The human mind tends to associate certain sounds with certain emotions. While visiting a shopping mall or dining at a restaurant, I would often listen to a few selection of songs that would play in the locales, especially during the time of Christmas. I still cherish these songs and associate them with this festive celebration. I am sure some of you would relate to these songs too-

1.) Wham/ George Michael – Last Christmas

George Michael and Wham are still probably on playlists of people who like 80s music. Apart from being a chartbuster track, you won’t find a single mall not playing this in Christmas week. It is a romantic song but you will learn to associate it with Christmas.

2.) Mariah Carey – All I Want For You Is Christmas

A classic by one of the most soulful singers of all time, Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you is very upbeat and melodic and can get you going. It’s another chartbuster.

3.) Andy Williams – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

A classic song that has seen many renditions throughout the decades.  The song features in an array of movies and can be heard in shopping malls and restaurants.

4.) Michael Buble – Christmas

A modern rendition of the traditional gospel carol by Michael Buble, this song has been the most played version all across the world. It is another groove-y track that can make you dance.



5.) Kenny G – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Probably the most respectable instrumental version of this song. It follows a contemporary jazz feel which can make you flutter on the waltz. Kenny G is a saxophone player who has received many distinguished awards for his music.


These songs remind me of Christmas, and I hear them being played all around during the Christmas time. I hope some of these strike an accord with you guys too.

Image Credits: http://www.gatherandfeast.com/


While Christmas brings back those childhood memories of decorating the tree, hanging stockings for Santa and unwrapping gifts on the morning of 25th, a warm childhood memory also associates to the saga of movies that air throughout the day. Almost all of us have seen them, time and again, always ending up teary-eyed or cheerful at the happy endings. Christmas movies, for people like me, are even today a reminiscence of those memories. So here is  a list of some of them, if you have not heard of them, this Christmas make sure you see them.

  1. Home Alone franchise

Directed by three different directors over the years, including Chris Columbus, the franchise is about young boys (a boy in each movie) saving their family, their homes, their selves from robbers. No matter how serious this sounds, the franchise is for sure a packet of ultimate fun, comedy, a little pity and undoubtedly a happy end. This movie gave Macaulay Culkin fame, making him the most favourite child actors.

Image source: businessinsider.com

2. Fred Claus 1 & 2

Fred,Santa’s older brother is very much alive and not aging, all thanks to Nicholas’ good deeds. However, over the years, the sibling rivalry has turned deeper. While Nicholas is the modern-day Santa, running a factory in the North Pole, Fred is working meagerly in Chicago. The story is about how the two brothers are made to meet again, and what happens after that.

Image source: gutenfilm.wordpress.com

3. A Christmas Carol(2009)

An animated film, with the voice of Jim Carrey as the lead Scrooge, A Christmas Carol is the film adaptation of the novella by Charles Dickens. The movie celebrates the Christmas spirit, transforming an old, snobby and depressed man into a humble, helping and happy man. This transformation happens when this man is visited by three ghosts of Past, Present and Future, giving him a life-check!

Image source: guim.co.uk


4. The Polar Express

Based on the book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg, the book explores the adventures of a boy on a train to the North Pole. Starring Tom Hanks, this too is an animated film, not as the kid. Giving a chance to correct mistakes, the movie preaches forgiveness and satisfaction and faith, with only children allowed on the train.

Image source: fanpop.com

5. Elf

How do elves come into existence? Well, one of Santa’s elves finds out who his biological father is and runs away to New York City. The modern-day city is full of cynical people, how will an Elf survive there? Rather, to survive he carries with him cheer and celebrations, spreading it throughout NYC, heralding Christmas celebrations once again.

Image source: thefederalist.com


6. Jingle All The Way

Starring ‘The Terminator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is an old movie as you will notice looking at Arnold. The story is quite fun, actually. Two fathers are competing with each other to get a toy for their respective sons. Fun is infused, when the toy is completely sold out, and there is just one left. What great lengths do they both take, is what the movie encompasses.

Image source: digitalshortbread.com

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

A classic Tim Burton movie, the story revolves around Jack Skellington, a skeleton of Halloween town bored with only Halloween’s dark celebrations. He stumbles across a portal to Christmas town, and mesmerized with the beauty of the holiday, declares that this year Halloween town will host Christmas, with all the other residents against the idea. What happens when a skeleton takes the charge of Santa Claus? And it is a musical!

Image source: pinterest.com

8. Santa Claus: The Movie

A 1985 generated classic, the movie is an attempt in exploring Santa Claus’ origins and how he functions throughout the year for a one-day deal. A sweet, but enjoyable movie, the problem hits Santa’s workshop when one of his elves tries to administer the workings and functions of Santa’s workshop himself, spoiling almost everything.

Image source: retroland.com

9. Santa Clause franchise

Starring Tim Allen as Santa Claus, the first movie begins with a divorced father accidentally killing a man in a Santa suit, and thereby being transported to North Pole. The Chief Elf explains to him that he must now take over the position of Santa. The following two movies are just accounts of his exploits, a Mrs. Santa Claus, and Jack Frost threatening to take over the North pole.

Image Source: hellogiggles.com

10. The Grinch

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas, stars Jim Carrey as the titular character. In the town of Whoville, the Grinch is an adopted, different-looking green boy. He resents Christmas and the residents of his town. His hatred goes further ahead in dangerous ploys and harmful and insulting practical jokes. How will he ruin Christmas again and will he ever learn is the plot.


Image source: fanpop.com

11. Jack Frost (1998)

There is also a recent animated Jack Frost film ‘Rise of the Guardians’, but this one starring Michael Keaton is the story of a father coming back to fulfill his promise to his son after death. Michael Keaton dies in a car crash and after a few years comes to visit his son in the snowman his son has built. They spend a lot of time together, but as Summers arrive, the snowman starts melting. The son tries his best to keep him alive but ultimately has to let him go to the afterlife.

Image source: glogster.com

12. The Nativity Story

This is one movie you must watch if you don’t know the story behind Jesus or Christmas. It can be the non-fun and laughter type movie, so watch this first, and then watch the other Christmas cheer movies.

Image source: reeldramaqueen.wordpress.com

It is time to retreat to my Christmas tree and treats. Ho! Ho! Ho! Jingle all the way!


Merry Christmas!


Ayesha Sareen

[email protected]

When people think about winters, they associate it with various things like the chilly mornings and the chilly nights, warm fuzzy blankets, hot chocolate, chunky sweaters. But for me, Christmas always takes precedence.

It becomes hard for people to accept how I, out of all people, can anticipate this festival’s arrival with such eagerness when I am not even a Christian. Frankly, I myself am not very certain as to what particularly attributed to my excitement regarding this festival. It could be the fact that over the period of 14 years of my schooling, I was always a part of a Christian school where nobody discriminated on the basis of religion and everyone indulged themselves equally in the Christmas celebrations or that I have close Christian friends who do not hesitate to wish me on Diwali and I them on Christmas. Thus, Christmas has always been special to me. It revokes memories of me, as a student in school, enjoying a play depicting Christ’s birth and the arrival of the three kings at Bethlehem, who were guided by the star overhead. I am also extremely fond of the carol-singing where melodious choirs are seen singing carols with such enthusiasm that you can’t help yourself but join in. Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer, Silent Night, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, Jingle bell rock, Santa Claus coming to town are few of the many joyful Christmas songs and carols that captures the essence of the festival and takes me back to the special Christmas assemblies at school or carol-singing competitions between various houses.

Even the depiction of Christmas in media is nothing less than captivating. Famous movies such as Home Alone or any other sitcom that you might be following would in some episode show an enormous Christmas tree with pretty lights and myriad decorations, stockings, mistletoes, a perfect fireplace which makes you all the more tempted to celebrate this festival. So, the question is, can we not recreate the same magic here or is being a Christian really necessary to enjoy this beautiful festival? I do not think so and neither should you. So, go on, engage yourself in the festivities. Read about the story of Jesus Christ’s birth, visit a nearby Church, listen to carols online, hunt down a Christmas carnival happening around your place and attend it with friends and family, witness the exhilarating Christmas decorations and treat yourself with mouth-watering delicacies. All in all, soak up the Christmas frenzy because, “’Tis the season to be jolly!”

Nishita Agarwal
[email protected]

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of the year again when the city is brimming with the fragrance of plum cakes and glittering with beautifully decorated fir trees. Christmas, the most awaited festivals of winters, is right around the corner and the festivities have already started in Delhi. The time has come for you to have loads of fun this Christmas. So here we bring you a list of the most happening events, carnivals and parties in town.



  • Dastkar Winter Mela


With a wide variety of mountain produce from Afghanistan, Altai Republic, Bolivia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Tajikistan, and the Indian Himalayan Region.

When: 17 – 27 December

Where: Nature Bazaar, Andheria Mor, Chhattarpur

Timings: 11am – 7pm

Contact: +91 8130900079

dastkar winter mela 1


  • Christmas Carnival by Delhi Belly


Two days festival with interactive activities like book fairs, art & craft, photography, food festival.

When: 24 December-25 December

Where: Crystal Banquets, Jagdish Chandra Arora Marg, Nirman Vihar, New Delhi

Timings: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Contact No: +91 9958753750

Christmas Carnival by Delhi Belly


  • Christmas Carnival by Eventia


Featuring various events like Art Mela, Cupcake Festival by Make A Difference and Bead making.

Date: 24th and 25th December, 2015

Time: 12:00 PM (noon) to 11:00 PM

Venue: Imly, F-20, Hog Market, Rajendra Place, New Delhi

For more information follow facebook page at


Christmas Carnival by Eventia


  • Food Festival


Experience the culture and food of Rajasthan in Delhi itself.

When: 25th December-27th December

Timings: 11am-11pm

Where: Dilli Haat Pitampura, Guru Gobind Singh College Road, New Delhi, India

Food festival 2


  • Christmas Carnival


Where: Sector 32, Wave City Center

When: 23rd December-27th December

Timings: 11 AM – 9 PM

Christmas Carnival in Wave City Centre Point 5


  • X-MAS Carnival by Happiness Always


When: 25th December

Where: DLF Club 5, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Haryana

Timings: 11am to 8pm

Point 6



  • Santa Comes To Town


Cookies, Hot Chocolate and Santa! What more?

When: 25th December

Where: Community Centre, DLF Phase-2, Gurgaon

Timings: 12pm-9pm

santa comes to town


  • Street Christmas Carol at Lodhi Garden


Christmas Street Singing in the middle of the city for a good cause!

When: 24th December

Where: Lodhi Garden, Delhi

Timings: 3pm to 5pm

For more information follow facebook page at


point 8


  • SeekSherpa Delhi Food Tour Bus


Journey to taste some of Delhi’s tastiest foods in less than 3 hours!

When: 24th December

Where: It starts from Hauz Khas Village Metro Station at 12pm

Price: Rs 999 per person.

For more information follow facebook page at


point 9 food tour bus


  • Christmas Carnival by Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura


A carnival organized by the school every year includes a baby show, talent hunt, a parade, a jam session and many more events along with food, rides and games.

When: 24th December- 25th December

Timings: 11am-8pm

Entry: Rs. 50 per person.

point 10



  • Secret Santa 2015 at Moonshine Café & Bar HKV


When: 25th December

Where: Moonshine Cafe & Bar, 30, Second Floor, Hauz Khas Village

Timings: 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

For more information follow facebook page at



  • Jingle Bells with Hardy Sandhu at Levels, HKV


When: 24th December

Where: Levels, Hauz Khas Village

Timings: 5pm

For more information follow facebook page at



  • Christmas Tornado, F-Bar, New Delhi


When: 25th December  

Where: F-Bar,N-49 Connaught Place, New Delhi

Timings: 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Entry: Rs. 700 per person

For more information follow facebook page at



  • Christmas Eve, The Flying Saucer Café


When: 24th December

Where: The Flying Saucer Café, Nehru Place, Delhi

Timings: 9 pm

Special attractions: Akhil Sachdeva and his band Nasha

For more information follow facebook page at



  • Christmas Extravaganza, Kitty Su


When: 24th Decmber

Where: Kitty Su, The Lalit, New Delhi

Timings: 9pm

For more information visit www.kittysu.com


  • Christmas Eve at The MANSION, Garden Of Five Senses


When: 24th December

Where: The Mansion, Saidulajab, Garden Of Five Senses, Saket, New Delhi

Timings: 8pm

Entry: Free entry before 10 pm.


  • Christmas Eve, Red & White, New Friends Colony


When: 24th December

Where: Club BW Delhi Hotel Suryaa, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Timings: 9pm

Contact: 8826698561


  • Reggae Rajahs Beach Party, Hauz Khas Village


When: 25th December

Where: Raasta 30-A, First Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Timings: 9pm


  • Christmas Eve at Hard Rock Café, Gurgaon


When: 24th December


Timings: 9 pm

Entry: Free Entry


  • Jingle Jam-V by Inferno


When: 25 December-31 December

Where: The Grand Royal, 5th Floor, NOIDA (adjacent Radisson Mbd Hotel), Noida

Timings: 1pm to 5pm

Male Entry: Rs. 700

Couple Entry: Rs 1200

For more information follow facebook page at



  • Christmas at Lord Of The Drinks, Connaught Place


When: 25th December

Where: Lord Of The Drinks, G Block, Outer circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Timings: 9 pm

For more information follow facebook page at



Hope you have a great Christmas!

Tamanna Goel

[email protected]

We’re too old to believe in Santa, but who said that’s all Christmas is about? The way we see it, there are 4 types of people around Christmas time, which one are you?

1. Too Jolly to Be True


The first would be the ‘Too Jolly to Be True’ category. These people deck their houses with lights like it’s Diwali and Beti ki Shaadi rolled into one.

How to spot such a specimen? Trust me, you’ll know one when you see one. They’re hard to miss with the Santa topis and almost revoltingly large smiles. These people send out Christmas party invites a month in advance and badger you with constant RSVP reminders.

How to know if you’re one? You have a party play list of Christmas songs that you practice singing every fortnight to ace the karaoke you’ve planned in June for your larger- than- life Christmas party.

Level Up This Christmas: You’re probably already at the top of your game. Join this community of like minded folks maybe?

An alternative to those who go all out on celebrations may be those who splurge on awesome gifts. Some helpful ideas here: (Check out all lüt videos for more cool gift ideas!)

2. DIY Daredevil

 photo craft-room-art-quotes-02.jpg

The second type of people includes the ones who unleash their creative animal during festive seasons. Also known as the ‘DIY Daredevil’, they are forever armed with a hot glue gun!

How to spot such a specimen? Any gift you receive from them will be beautifully wrapped in the most intricate fashion. You will also find their house to be meticulously tidy, with a separate area for craft supplies. No matter what you do, DON’T TOUCH THEIR RIBBONS!

How to know if you’re one? You are incredibly deft with your hands; friends have often suggested you sell handmade cards for a living. Also, does your internet search history scream Martha Stewart?

Level Up This Christmas: Go one step ahead and craft your own Xmas ornaments this year, if you don’t do that already!

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3. No way, Jose

Then there are people who aren’t bothered about any festival, let alone Christmas. Such occasions for them are just a capitalistic scheme to induce frivolous spending. These ‘No way, Jose’s cannot be made to participate in any form of social merrymaking.

How to spot such a specimen? They aren’t grumpy by nature, just averse to the idea of going all out to celebrate an occasion that doesn’t necessarily require such celebration. They would rather sit in the cozy comforts of their own house and spend some quality time with loved ones.

How to know if you’re one? ‘Subtle’ is how you would describe your party style. You probably think of yourself as an intellectual, and frown at society’s idea of what a ‘good time’ really is.

Level Up This Christmas: Since you’re already going to be at home, why not indulge in some private merrymaking in the form of curling up with a good book or watching a gripping movie while nursing a hot cuppa?

4.Grumpy ol’ Grinch

The last category is that of the all too popular ‘Grumpy ol’ Grinch’. They hate Christmas with a strange vengeance, listening to ‘Last Christmas’ makes them surly for the rest of the week.

How To Spot Such A Specimen? They’re hard to miss. Sulking at the very mention of Christmas, these people take a certain sadistic pleasure in telling children that Santa doesn’t exist.

How to know if you are one? You know it. The very title of this post is putting you off; it’s a surprise you’ve read it at all.

How to level up this Christmas: Shouldn’t it be ‘level down’ for you? Here are some anti- Christmas songs for you to help soothe your nerves.