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Gifting Ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is finally here, and we can all hear the Christmas carols being played or sung in cafés and restaurants. The churches have lit up with Christmas trees, and the decorations can be seen everywhere. Christmas followed by New Year comes with its own joy of celebration with family and friends.

The joy of celebration comes with the joy of gifting your near and dear ones. If you are a bibliophile you value your books more than the world, but some book(s) from your prized collection can bring a smile to that younger cousin who looks up to you for book advice.

If your gang is meeting at somebody’s house, you can have a potluck party. It can be more interesting and delicious if all of you make the dishes yourselves and team them up with some chips and drinks. If somebody in your family has been working really hard at the office and does not get much time for themselves, gift him/her a plant. These days small plants which don’t require much or any sunlight are available in the market at reasonable prices. It will help the person add a green corner to their room. You can even gift that old wall art piece lying in your house or an old diary you have never used.
If you value experiences more than material things, you can gift a ticket to some concert or play or take that person out on lunch to a fancy restaurant which is sure to strengthen your bond further. You can even gift your mother a massage or your father a haircut at that new salon.

If you do not want to spend a couple hundred bucks on any fancy gift, simply take a cake (baked by own self if possible) and enjoy an evening of games and laughter with your family. Winters are a hard time for the underprivileged, and you can make their winters a little cozy by donating some old sweaters, socks, or even shoes that you have grown out of.

This year is coming to an end, and we all wish to end it on a happy note. This is a time of merriment and joy amid family and friends so let us enjoy it to the fullest by bringing smiles to many faces.


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Prachi Mehra

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