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In’fest’ed with the Fest Bug: A fresher’s perspective

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(Picture this in black & white and slow- mo) You’re grudgingly dragging yourself to an early morning class, the world around you is a scene of despondence and despair as your classmates are unwillingly following suit, when suddenly (shift to colourful mode and normal speed) something on the notice board catches your sleep deprived eye. You move in closer, inspect the poster announcing a college fest and with a thankful tear in your eye you mutter, “It is time!” (Cue hallelujah- type music, confetti optional).


Theatrics aside, fest time has to be the most exciting time of the year, especially (but not only) for freshers. Plucked from the maddening board examination pressure and jolted into the prickly thorns of the FYUP, it is finally time to revel in that glory of DU which we had painted rosy pictures of in our heads. The anticipation for a great month and a half ahead is already evident. The definite dates are up, the Facebook event pages have been created, and I’m sure that in the secret garden of our hearts, the outfits have also been, or are in the process of being, decided.

But let my overly- evident thrill not take away from the venting space my laments against the four year programme that it deserves. Foundation course teachers have decided to finish off with a majority of the presentations and projects before the fests arrive, resulting in a mad rush to get everything done. Scuttling from the World Wide Web to the library and back again, the coming month has turned way more hectic than what we bargained for. Staying up All Night to Get Lucky has taken a whole new meaning with us, burning the midnight oil hoping against hope to meet the onslaught of deadlines. On the plus side, we do get one extra fest season.


So here’s to looking forward to a great fest season that surpasses expectations. Wait, let me rephrase that, optimism and expectations will only get you so far. So here’s to looking forward to a fest season which isn’t a complete dud, or at least, to a few flattering profile picture- worthy photos!

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