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5 worst things about the winter season

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There are countless shades to the very famous Dilli ki sardi. While we have already mentioned the ‘best things’ about the same, the negative side had still remained unanswered. After all, with that gajar ka halwa, there also exists the zero level of productivity. With all that capacity to snuggle in a blanket, there exists the inability to wake up for a morning class.

Here is a list of all that makes us despise the winter season.

1. General Malaise


Noses seem to be affected the worst in winters. Either they remain perpetually runny or blocked solid, or even worse, when both nostrils decide to go separate ways. Add chapped lips and flaky scalps to the mix and you have the perfect reason for never wanting to step out of your bed. Winter brings us all down; it’s called the season of gloom for a reason.

2. Heating systems that give you a headache


What is it with public heating systems?  Instead of providing a welcoming and cozy environment, the Delhi Metro heaters can make you feel stuffy and extremely uncomfortable. Even otherwise, artificial heating in an enclosed area means stale and smelly air. It just gets worse when you step out from the humid furnace to face a blast of cold air on your face and go around with a head ache for the rest of the day. I obviously speak from experience.

3. Productivity Level = zilch


Short days, somber spirits. On most winter holidays, making it out of bed before 10 seems like a huge accomplishment in itself. At a time when dragging yourself from one couch to another is all the energy you can muster, getting anything done seems almost impossible. Before you know it, it’s already dark outside, and another day goes far from utilised.

4. The inability to wake up for early morning classes


8:45 class? NO. Anything that involves getting out of the blanket ever? NO.

Sigh. But life ain’t that fair buddy. Despite the morning chill,  society practices and early morning classes just don’t stop. Well, the most difficult task in the season is surely getting out of bed.

5. Too cold and no snow


So we’re braving temperatures as low as 5 degrees, we’re walking around in big, wooly, itchy sweaters, and we’re dealing with static electricity, but we still don’t get to enjoy the snow. Delhi winter is harsh, but not even half as fun as it could have been, had there been snow. Not only would that alleviate gloomy moods instantly, but maybe also helped cancel some morning classes. But what can I say, I’m just a dreamer.

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