Vani Vivek


Basking in the warmth of a cold sun,
Revelling in the respite from gritty summer days.
The cozy conversations, the solitudinous revelations,
Are what winters will be remembered for. Now, and always.

The winter season, you either love it or you despise it with all your might.

In order to justify both sides of this cold coin, we bring to you 5 best things about winters with the 5 worst ones to follow shortly!

Pigging out – 3 words: Gajar ka halwa

But even if you’re the oddball who doesn’t appreciate this mouth watering Indian favourite, winter has something in store for everyone. Plum cakes, rum and raisin chocolates, a delightful array of achaars, sarson ka saag, cashew, dates and walnut based dishes and so on. Not to forget the hot beverages and the satisfying soups. Gluttonous behaviour is excusable as the temperature dips.  Eating more and gaining weight in winters is a given, which leads us to the next point.


The weight gain is easily camouflaged. Layers and layers of thick winter apparel not only help keep you warm, but also comfortably hide all excessive fat. Even otherwise, winter fashion is so much better. Read fluffy earmuffs, warm mittens, cozy beanies and chunky socks. On the one hand, throwing on a thick jacket over your nightshirt is a perfectly acceptable college get-up. On the other hand, this season is the time to experiment with various textures to maximize your fashion quotient.

Crisp Air and Foggy Thrills

Bear with me on this one. Blowing into the cold air, pretending to be smoking is one of my earliest winter memories. Waking up to find your house in the middle of absolutely nowhere, surrounded by a dense fog almost feels like you’re floating on clouds. (People living in high- rises will understand) And as hazardous as driving in the bleak visibility conditions is, it does turn out to be quite a thrilling affair.


Excusable Sloth

It’s the time of the year when you won’t be judged for lounging in your pajamas all day long. When the pleasure you derive from curling up with a good book or movie and a steaming cup of coffee will be the highlight of your day. When making up your mind to bathe takes seemingly forever and the actual bathing process involves less cleansing, more standing under running hot water, mentally motivating yourself to finally step out.


The Fact that it isn’t Summer

Flushed cheeks and a stone cold nose every timeyou venture outside your house certainly beat sunburns and excessive sweating.  The few months of winter that we get are a more than welcome break from the chubhti, jalti garmi we face for the majority of the year. Rubbing your hands together with a friend’s to warm them paints a cuter picture than fighting over the AC vent in the car, no?









Did your dream job as a child involve donning a mad scientist-y attire and blissfully mixing seemingly potent bubbly solutions in test tubes?  Are you now a bored and over- worked science student who fancies himself/ herself as a bit of an artist at heart? Don’t let the lackluster reality of a dull college lab break your dreams. Explore a career where your scientific background supports your creative ability, like molecular gastronomy, chocolatiering, and many more.

One such career option is that of a perfumer. If you’re a person who can, in just a whiff, identify fragrances ranging from a popular Davidoff perfume to a rudimentary essential oil scent, then your strong olfactory senses and a creative disposition coupled with the knowledge of chemistry can make you the perfect perfumer.

A perfumer, in simple terms, is person who combines various scents and designs new ones. The job is like that of an alchemist and painter combined, you work with existing materials to come up with something truly unique. As exciting as this sounds, the science/ art of devising new scents requires immense patience, and the knack for understanding and correctly deciphering the briefs provided by customers. One person’s ‘fresh’ may be another person’s ‘fruity’. Getting the right blend could take hundreds of tries. Creating a new perfume has also been compared to making music. Anybody can pound on a piano, but it takes practice and passion to know which notes to put together to form a beautiful symphony.

For entry into the field, a degree in chemistry or cosmetic science is most relevant, and a specialized course in being a perfumer follows. Apprenticeship is one of the most important steps in learning the tricks of the trade in this case. Aggressive interning is a sensible way to form a career as a perfumer. Perfumers find employment at all levels of the production chain, From laboratories to big organizations that develop scents for consumer products like shampoos, lotions etc or small businesses which deal with customers directly.


12 regenerations, 2 hearts, millions of Whovians.

Not only the world’s longest running, but also the most successful sci-fi show, Doctor Who, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with a special episode called ‘The Day of the Doctor’ to be aired on the 23rd of November. For those of you who are not familiar with the phenomenon that Doctor Who is, (side note: 1,05,00,00,000 Google results compared to a measly 28,10,00,000 for HIMYM) it is a BBC TV show chronicling the adventures of a time-travelling Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in his police booth-resembling TARDIS. Trust him, ‘it’s bigger on the inside.’

This humanoid alien, armed with wit, charm, and a sonic screw driver, is the last surviving member of his race. On his journeys through space and time, the Doctor’s companions help keep him safe and sane. From the sassy Englishwoman Donna to the witty robotic dog K-9, each companion has added an extra element to the show in their own way. As the self appointed protector of mankind, the Doctor has come across some pretty interesting adversaries. The Daleks (EXTERMINATE!) and the Cybermen are some familiar names on the Doctor Who villain circuit. Then there is Silence, an enemy so chilling, one practically quivers at the very name, and my personal favourite, the Weeping Angels. ‘Whatever you do, do not blink.’

Started in 1963, Doctor Who has become a full- blown cult in its own right today. It has been the recipient of 128 awards with 230 nominations, including the BAFTAs, People’s Choice Awards, SFX awards and Scream awards among many others. Subtle references to Doctor Who can be found in many popular TV shows like The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, Leverage, CSI: New York and even Rugrats. If you’re not a huge telly fan, they also have novels as magical as the real thing. One episode or chapter and you’re hooked. It is impossible to dislike this eccentric alien. He is, after all, a madman with a box.

“Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”