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It is just startling how the sculptures that water, sky and rocks form, are all at their best in Kashmir. Rightly so, the cliche reigns:

Agar firdous Bar ru ye zamee ast.
Hami ast o hami ast o hami  ast.” 

If Paradise exists on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.

However, Kashmir being beautiful is the only fact that non-Kashmiris have gotten correct. Many people have a lot of misconceptions about Kashmir and Kashmiri people. Here are a few of the myths that need to be debunked:

Winter is Going

No, Kashmir is not always cold. Broadly speaking, Kashmir has four seasons. Spring in April is the Aslan to our Narnia winters. The colours are so mesmerising that through our eyes they seem to enrich and refresh the very spirit of our being. But spring bids an adieu soon.

Not only do we have summers, we have severe summers. The sun is lethal. However, Kashmir manages to look its best around this time. If snow isn’t your only lure, plan a trip around the time of spring and summer.
Autumn is sheer poetry on the fading green. The exclusive Chinar leaves burn in red and brown, leaving one wondering about the chiseled experiences of our lives.

Kashmir is not a Slope, it’s a Valley

Time and again people have placed Kashmiri houses on the tangents of an equilateral triangle. Those angles would make the city fall.  It’s true, Kashmir has a lot of mountains, but Kashmir is a valley amidst the mountains. A valley is very similar to a cup. It is a long depression surrounded by hills or mountains. In case of Kashmir, the mountains are the majestic Himalayas.

Kashmiris are not Conservative

How very far do you live from India?
You probably don’t live too far. So, it won’t take much time for most of us to recall the trend of being ‘conservative’. I don’t think any of us has really witnessed such a demise of being conservative that it will make it deserve some nostalgia. Very similarly, Kashmiri society is in a process of transition. In fact, Kashmiri society is to some extent very accommodative in letting people be themselves. However, I do not mean to make my words a panegyric. It is true that like in most of the small towns or cities of India the options offered are not as wide as those offered in metropolitan cities.

Not all Women wear Burqas

One of the most absurd stereotypes that I came across was related to Hijab and Burqas. People believe Kashmiri women to be in love with the black cloak or often make very lame claims that women in Kashmir are forced to wear it.
Kashmir being a Muslim dominated state, does have a plenty of women autonomously, decisively and proudly wearing Hijabs and Burqas. It has not been forced on them. A large number of women in Kashmir don’t wear Burqas and Hijabs and do so without much difficultly. In fact, the trend of wearing Islamic clothes is relatively recent. We see stylish mothers and aunts who don’t wear Hijabs, along with beautiful daughters who do and vice versa. This blend is quiet liberating.

Kashmir can be as safe as your Neighbourhood

The most saddening fact is that a lot of people would love to go to Kashmir but are scared to do so.
Streets in Kashmir are not filled with cross fire combats or a bomb blast every now and then. In fact, Srinagar, that is to say your Dal Lake dream place, has been very safe over a couple of years. Even before that, you would very rarely find yourself caught in some trouble. Scenes are very similar to those in Delhi or elsewhere- only prettier.

Not everything is normal in Kashmir

Yes the streets are normal, the beauty is exhilarating but Kashmiris are not living like most of the Indians or Americans or Pakistanis. Kashmir is still fighting its battle for an identity. The innocent Kashmiris have been caught up in, what has been termed by UN, AMNESTY international and various other popular voices, as a circle of Human Rights violation. Kashmiris are not violent people, they are victims. They don’t like throwing stones at random people. Kashmiris throw stones as a reaction. It is for the sane and just voices to decide what instigated or continues to instigate them.


Picture Credits: Towfiq Ahmad


                             Sharafat Ali/ParadiseKashmir

Tooba Towfiq

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Everyone who thought the traumatic impact of DU’s sky high cut-offs was an experience they wouldn’t have to endure for a second time in life, think again! Delhi University announced earlier this week that students will have to clear cut-offs which will be released at the beginning of every semester in order to pass over to the next one. If a student fails to meet the cut-off of his own college, he will have to either migrate to a college where he has made the list or repeat the semester again the next year.

Although it may seem complicated, the procedure is actually pretty straightforward. Each college will release a cut-off list for each of its courses and continue to lower it until its seats have been filled. However a representative of the DU administration said that colleges have to ensure that cutoffs are not significantly lower than those released at the time of the undergraduate admissions as this may tarnish DU’s reputation of having the highest cut-offs on the planet. “We are well aware of the fact that marks in college on average do not rise as much as they do in the the class 12  boards so we have run the necessary statistical tests and think students will be satisfied with the prospective lists we release,” said a senior member of the cut-off releasing committee. When asked to give an example of what students can expect, he stated that B. Com Honours students can expect the cut-offs to be in the 94-95 range whereas for BA Honours it will be lower at around 90-91 per cent. According to him cut-offs below that would simply not be “the DU way“.

Whereas the purpose of this new system is not yet clear, the official statement released was that this will help further motivate students to study more and take semester examinations a little more seriously than they currently do. Whether or not this will succeed, only time will tell.

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Shraman Ghosh
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Brunel University is one of the top universities in London to study.  Aman Juneja, an alumnus of the university shares his insights on how to seek admission in foreign universities and his experience in Brunel.

Q. Tell us something about your educational background.

I studied Commerce in classes 11 and 12. After this, I pursued BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) from Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management Studies and Research, where I specialized in International Business. I worked with my father in his firm for a year, and then went to Brunel University and pursued MSc in International Business.

Q. How did you go about applying to the university? Did you get selected for admission in other universities as well?

I started exploring universities in Australia and New Zealand, and then decided to apply to a couple of universities in UK. That is when I contacted Study Overseas Global, and then helped me out with my applications. They guided me about the examinations that I had to give, the documents that I needed. Other than Brunel, I got selected in universities like The University of Southhampton and The University of Birmingham.

Q. What was the process followed by Brunel?

I appeared for IELTS and Pearson Test of English, and scored well in both of them. After this I submitted the documents that were required, along with a couple of Letters of Recommendation to Brunel University. After screening these documents and taking into account my scores, I was selected for their MSc (International Business) program.  Study Overseas Global guided me throughout the process.

Q. How do you think education from a foreign institution is different from that of an institution in India?

I think that foreign universities focus more on practical knowledge and hands on learning, something that is not so common in Indian universities. For every assignment, I needed to research extensively, talk to my professors, read a plethora of credible research papers, and then submit my answers. I felt that this way of learning made me grasp what I was studying. Rote-learning was never encouraged at Brunel.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

I want to get into Indian Revenue Services, and I will be taking the UPSC examination. I feel that what I learnt about International Business will complement the field and give me a lot of advantage. Studying abroad also made me appreciate the importance of practical knowledge and taught me management in the true sense of the word, and these are attributes that will greatly help me in this arena too.

Study Overseas Global is organising an education fair on 20th November 2015. Entry for the same is free for all the students. Click here to register now!
This interview originally appeared in University Express and has been republished with permission from Study Overseas Global.

Living in Delhi, everyone is habituated to at least two things- the scorching summers and almost frosty winters! Bidding goodbye to the summers and welcoming the cover-me-up winters is definitely the most awaited time of the year for every girl. Why? Well, it’s just another time of the year to play dress up. And DU girls sure know how to play dress up and make a statement. There sure is something about the winter wardrobe. But apart from this, there are 5 things, every DU girl has an obsession for during the winter season. Here’s what they are:

1. Lusting For Leather!

Irrespective of the seasons, the DU-ites have an irresistible lust for leather. Whether in the form of accessories or attires, you will find students in awe of rugged leather. If you have friends in DU, your ears might be tired of hearing, ‘yaar, iss bar sardiyo me leather jacket lena hai!’. Yes, their winter bucket list always has a leather jacket. And, why not! It’s the most warm material for the weather here. You can be warm and still manage to be the diva of your college! We suggest that you go in for a tan brown or a ruby instead of the usual blacks and browns?


2. Let Your Boots Be The Hero!

Believe it or not, boots give a stiff competition to a girl’s favourite pair of heels. Some DU girls don’t even wait for the winds to be as chilly to get their seasonal heroes out. The loyalty that even their boyfriends won’t get. Mind you! They are not the kind who would opt to play it safe in black boots. In fact, they love showing off their unique boots with the most daring details.


3. Because They Love To Hug Their Wools!

And finally, the woolens won’t suffocate anymore. It’s about time we bring them out and give them a good rub. While sweaters and mufflers are common among the girls, the centre of attraction is always that one favorite woolen beanie you put on! Don’t forget to check out the latest trends in woolen wear before you go on your next winter shopping spree!


4. Lazy As They Are, The Baggy Hoodies Are Here To Stay!

Our rigid perceptions about guys being the laziest creatures on this planet were boggled by a handful of DU girls when they told us one reason they love winters is because they wouldn’t have work on their looks too much and still look stylish! The front shelf of their closet will always be occupied with the most baggy hoodies that they can pull of amazingly with denims and give a kick start to their day at college. You know what? Make hoodies your best friend for letting you enjoy some extra sleep time in the morning!


5. Secret crush? It’s the Winter Blush!

Are you also one of those who waits for December just to get this glowy skin tone with just the perfect pink blush on your cheeks? Well, if you are, the wait is about to get over. Keep your blush ons back in your kits and get ready for the natural one! You can always play a lot with your eyes in this make up friendly weather, but, all thanks to it, you are definitely not going to waste too much time on doing your face. And, just for the record, if you do have some secret crush for real, isn’t ‘Winter blush’ the perfect con?


Show us the winter collection that’s brimming out from your trunks! Download the Wooplr app and start Wooping!

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We’re all soon about to take our college exams and this time should be ideally dedicated to studies. Yes, I said ideally and yes, I know this isn’t the reality. But to nail these exams (or even pass them, quite frankly) there are some habits which are getting the better of us and need to abandoned before our exams start.

1. Binge- watching

It’s the most common and the most time consuming addiction of our generation. We have numerous seasons of one sitcom and want to complete all of them in one go. So, I think the first and the foremost habit that we need to let go of, is this. Let’s pledge to not start any new series or watch any new movie even if they may sound as interesting as How to Get Away with Murder’s season 2. (I think I’m getting off the point here)

2. WhatsApp

We tell ourselves that we’re only going online to ask one question from a friend and soon one hour has passed, that question is unanswered because your friend also had no clue about it and you’re sharing the links of funny videos or sending each other 9GAG memes. Try and control this habit. You have a pile of books still untouched and wasted time will only make you regret later.

3. Switching between Instagram/ Snapchat or any other Social networking platform

The constant habit of checking your phone every five minutes to see the latest pictures posted on Instagram by celebrities or checking Twitter for their tweets is futile. Also, snapchatting your friend about how much you need to study won’t really help either. Your attention gets divided and you’re more concerned about getting a reply than to complete the chapter.

4. Fantasising about the places to visit after exams

It’s the most common habit of us all. We go on Zomato, make a group on WhatsApp and start sharing the possible options of all the cafes that we can try after exams end. The only problem here is that, syllabus isn’t complete, exams are near and this planning may as well cost you both, time and marks.

5. Procrastination

Everyone is familiar with this habit. This habit is the reason behind the shift of your plan from completing five chapters in five days to completing all of them in 5 hours. Try this semester to not procrastinate. It sends all of us in a panic at the last minute making us unsure even about the syllabus we had completed earlier.


Nishita Agarwal

[email protected]

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Every year, the festival of Diwali gets further lavish, popular and grandiose. It’s a festival felt by all, the celebrators or not, alike. With diwali comes all its paraphernalia of gifts, crackers, sweets, diyas and cards.  Complementing these, also come the passed down presents, anti cracker campaigns, sugar free diets and Chinese lights.  Every Diwali is about gaining some and losing some, be it weight or money. So what were the lessons learnt from Diwali this year?


Make in India?

Fairy lights, lasers, scented candles and electric diyas are all gifts from China to India for Diwali. Earthen and clay diyas are struggling to make their presence amidst the bling and impact of Chinese products in the market. With each year the losses incurred by the potters are greater than the previous, hitting a low of selling one diya for less than 1 rupee. While many receive a Diwali bonus, the livelihood of potters solely dependent on the sales of their diyas seems bleak with each passing year.



8 states across India experienced deteriorated quality of air reaching to ‘severe’ levels, a point that not only critically affects asthmatics and people with respiratory disorders but also healthy persons. After repeated campaigns, social media outreach and awareness programs, the city lived up to its mark of being the most polluted and 20 times more on the day of the festival. Not to forget the impact of the firecrackers on the health of pets. Their keen senses make them more perceiving to the noise and fire.  There are reports that claim the level of particulate matter in air to be less compared to 2014 Diwali but there is a long way to go in bringing about an apparent difference in both health and air quality.


Recycle, Reuse, Not Reduce

Two out of the three ecological R`s are well followed during Diwali in gift giving. Under that glossy gift-wrapping, you know there is an induction cooker that nobody uses, but that’s all right because its not here to stay. Happiness must be extended and so should all the things you don’t need. It’s not uncommon to see

the heap of gifts lying on the backseat of cars. The Diwali bonanzas and super deals are Indian equivalents of the black Friday sale. It’s the best time to buy a pen drive or a washing machine. With the frenzy of festival, more is less!


It is important that we understand the implications of our actions. Every year it becomes the same story of stress on environment and health, pollution and mindless consumerism. A little conscious effort would go a long way in making Diwali what it truly is.  


Shefali Bharati

[email protected]

This Diwali was very significant for a lot of non Hindus. India has been fighting not a new but a strong wave of intolerance. Communalism has become the evil of the day. However, I will not give the standard definition by saying that people are harming each other in the name of religion, rather people are being made to harm each other. In fact, some people are being mislead into harming others. The problem is not so much about intolerance growing but about intolerance being made to grow. Nevertheless,this Diwali, some non Hindus celebrated the festival to show and encourage the spirit of tolerance and acceptance.

I am a Muslim and I celebrated Diwali the best way I could. It started with a phone call from my father, who said, ” Happy Diwali” to me. Only this and it  made me realise that I need to be together with those around me. I immediately went to my friends room who happens to be a Hindu and offered lighting a Dia with her. I was joined in by a Christian friend too.A beautiful co incidence that happened was that I had a scarf covering my head, my Christian friend was wearing a stole with a Cross on it and my Hindu friend had put on a Bindi. Upon realising this blissful coincidence, we clicked a picture wearing the symbols of our respective faiths ,and  along with it we braved a Diwali Dia.

We were immediately joined in by some other students who were Buddhists who also lighted a Diya. This was followed by a lot of other instances where people irrespective of their faiths heartily celebrated Diwali. From lights, to Dia’s and to feasts, people from different religions donned the attires of tolerance.

Similarly, I have witnessed Hindus celebrating Eid and Christmas. In fact, in the holy month of Ramdhan this year, when muslims fast for 30 days ; a group of non Muslims also observed a fast for a day to show their love and support.

Such attitude of tolerance, love and acceptance is the need of the hour. While a Bindi didn’t make me feel any less of a Muslim, but it surely made my friend feel that I am a better one. I agree symbols and festivals stand for a lot more and our religions might differ on those beliefs. However, it is so much more empowering to celebrate with our loved ones and still hold on to our respective faiths.

We are all different because of what we believe in. However, we can all be together in letting each other believe. The only thing that matters is that we all stay together. Religion asks us to trace our origins back to the creator. Let’s not miss the the fact that the creation is from a single root. While we might differ on who our creator is, we cannot debate that we are all from a single one. We share the same source. The elements of our being are similar.

In our lives plagued by the politics of terror and Oppression, it is essential that together we enjoy one day of celebration. While religion is being used to divide people, let us use religion to unite people. If people fire bullets in the name of religion, let us pledge to face them together.

The article is a personal account of a writer of DU Beat

Tooba Towfiq
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Exam season has started and the preparation for the oh-so-dreaded exams is more or less about to begin. (If you’ve already begun with it, I’m going to go ahead and call you a traitor!) Now, amid this mind-numbing preparation period, everyone takes breaks to rejuvenate themselves. And, if you are one of those who turn to music to do the deed, here’s a list of five rock bands that you must try to revamp both, your mood and your playlist!

1. Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is an American rock band formed in 2001. If you imagined rock bands just to be a couple of people, head-banging on ear-piercing music with incomprehensible lyrics, holding bulky guitars, this band may change your perception. The title of their song ‘Where did the party go?’ seems to perfectly reflect the thought of every student swamped with internals and assignments at the moment and may as well turn out to be an interesting listen. Also, their top tracks like light ‘em up, alone together, Uma Thurman and Centuries should not be missed.

Fall out boy
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2. Imagine dragons

You may have heard about them through their much acclaimed single “Demons” and the powerful video that accompanied it. Many put this band in the alternative rock genre but they once said in an interview that, “We don’t want to be a cliché band. We don’t want to restrict ourselves to one genre. We don’t want people to remember us from the genre. We want to let people call our songs as Imagine Dragons’ type songs. So in pursuit of that, we push the boundaries of every genre and try to mix them.” Amazing lyrics, great music, inspiring music videos, this band will provide you with all.

Imagine dragons
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 3. Panic! at the Disco (P!ATD)

 This is an American rock band from Las Vegas, formed in 2004. They’re fresh and have a modern appeal. Their songs are so catchy; you’ll end up humming them for weeks. Few of their tracks that you can try are Ballad of Mona Lisa, New perspective and This is Gospel (both the original and acoustic version)

Image credits:


 4. Arctic Monkeys

Along with a unique name, this band is famous for their quirky music with lyrics that’ll connect with you in a second. They’re also pretty famous for their ever-so-hot lead vocalist Alex Turner whose voice contains the perfect amount of snotty English accent, which becomes all the more tempting when lazily delivered. Their fifth album ‘AM’ is absolutely the most incredible album of their career comprising of tracks with fascinating titles such as ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re high?’ And ‘Snap out of it’.

arctic monkeys
Image credits:


 5. The Fray

The Fray is an American pop-rock band from Denver, Colorado, formed in 2002. Their songs are ideal for when you’re sitting alone in a peaceful room at night, looking to go on a ride of self-reflection and intense emotions. Their most famous tracks are How to save a life, You found me, Look after you.

The Fray
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Nishita Agarwal

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Enamored with love and luxuries, a delightful journey to the best cities across the globe was explored at Oasis’2015, the 45th annual cultural festival of BITS (Birla Institute of Science and Technology), Pilani, at the Pilani campus from 28th October to 1st November, 2015. With their central theme being ‘Around the world in 96 hours’ this voyage was toured by myriads.

The festivities began with a grand inauguration ceremony, where a symbolic ribbon cutting tradition was held, graced by the presence of the Director, Prof A.K. Sarkar and the Deputy Director, Prof S.C. Sivasubramanian to set the pace for an enchanting experience that lay ahead. A variety of remarkable stage performances by all the cultural societies of BITS along with a colorful panorama of fireworks display lit the spark for the coming transcendence of the world tour. The ceremony was followed by the sublime performance of an Israeli band, which included NirMotzeri accompanied by Yonatan Sharon on percussion instruments and Yanush Hurwitz on the accordion, which left the audience mesmerized by their soulful and hauntingly beautiful music.

Day one, thus, began with a beautiful battle of vocal wars in the solo singing competition of Andholika, and a dance extravaganza in Razzmatazz. The preceding events included the Oasis’ 2-on-2 Parliamentary Debate, a photography Exposure to make the world visible to the naked eyes and an Apt to Act to unleash one’s theatre maniac through spontaneous enacting of on-the-spot given situations in the most creative way.

Organized by Pepsi MTV Indies, the English Professional act featured an exuberant combination of Skrat and Dualist Enquiry. Skrat, is a three piece alternative rock band from Chennai known for their tight and electrifying performances, comprising of band members Sriram T.T, the vocalist and the lead guitarist, Satish Narayanan, the bassist and Tapass Naresh, the drummer. Followed by this performance was the act of Dualist Enquiry, a solo electronic project of Sahej Bakshi, a Delhi-based music composer who, is also known to have worked with electronic dance artists such as David Guetta and Fatboy Slim.

The campus was filled with the loudest cheers when it was time for the Street Dance competition to be held. An exciting Treasure Hunt was also organized with a goal to unearth a proverbial treasure chest by travelling the ‘world’ around us. The day ended with a spectacular display of mesmerizing musical performances in the classical group singing competition of Tarang.

Day Two of Oasis comprised of the event of Beg, Borrow, Steal for all the street smart students, which was met with most enthusiasm. The list of items was a unique blend of objects that were easy to find like a selfie stick or a dongle, and yet, some crazy stuff that were impossible to attain such as socks with golden snitches or Yaoi painting. The team ADP which showed unique creativeness by making a Hawaiian guitar out of thermocol, was the one that eventually won. The following events of the day included vocals workshop for singers, movie quiz for movie buffs, Metamorphosis which served to be a heaven for budding film directors, a Spell Bee and The Golden Gravity Show which showcased stunning aerial acrobatics by a Swiss Trapeze Artist. Preceding these events were delightfully melodic contests for all music lovers such as Swaranjali, displaying the depths of Indian Classical Music and Pitch Perfect exhibiting the extent of one’s vocal prowess through a capella. A bounty of knowledge was received through Skiller, the World Beatbox Champion 2012 from Bulagria and so was the true meaning of love and life through the movie screening of ‘Amelie’, a fanciful comedy of Switzerland. Dance Duels, a solo dance competition was also held which raved great reviews for all its performances.



Day Three included exciting events like Triathlon, a mind-boggling test of wits and strengths, Tandav, a classical dance competition and a writer’s paradise in The Oasis Reading Session for all closet poets. The much awaited night of supreme pleasure and elevated spirit levels had finally arrived with the amazing acts of Sunburn’s Zenith and Shaan and Russian Hard Rock Sofa’s electrifying performance which left the crowd grooving on both feet in no time and longing for more and more with each passing moment. Mr. and Ms. Oasis, a contest for the hunt of the most talented and charismatic male and female personality of Oasis made everyone stay up all night in the cold just to hear the final results. In the midst of the decisions being made by the judges, the audience was also rewarded with a visual treat of Sonya Nakti, a belly-dancing-fire-spouting performer who, surprisingly, enthralled high amount of cheers from the tired audience even at three in the morning.

The Last day of Oasis was celebrated at the N2O Comedy Show with Biswa, Utsav Chakraborty and Daniel Fernandes who made the crowd roar with laughter till the point they could laugh no more, making everyone forget their worries. In the end, the beautiful Lantern festival made the sky gleam brightly from the farthest distance, with smiles spreading from one face to another thereby creating a perfect end to a perfect festival.

Therefore, it can be said with certainty that there were beautiful memories made for every person to take home during this extraordinary Oasis of ninety six hours.

List of Winners for the above mentioned competitions:-

  1. AND MS. OASIS:-

Kushal and Ashmita

Western Andholika-
1st -Male: Paritosh Pande from Vivekananda Insitute of Professional Studies, IP University.
1st– Female: Shradha Kapoor from Pearl Academy of Fashion

Eastern Andholika-
1st– Male: Lakshya Sachdeva from Vivekananda Insitute of Professional Studies, IP University
1st– Female: Harleen Kaur from Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce

1st– Priyanka from Lady Shri Ram College for Women
2nd – Shonan from Lady Shri Ram College for Women

1st– Miranda House: Aishwariya Kukrety, Anukriti Singh and Emily Ralte
2nd– Lady Shri Ram College for Women: Satwiki Adla, Anna, Faith and Bhavya

1st– Prabhat Chaturvedi from Shri Venkateswara College
2nd– Kushal Jasoria from BITS Pilani

1st– Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce: Rahul Bansal, Shubhankar Jain, Ekyum Singh, Harshit Kumar, Harleen Kaur, Harjinder Singh and Sidhanth Gupta
2nd– Sri Venkateswara College: Zaran Hashmi and Vibhor Sumon

1st– Sri Venkateswara College: Ananda, Sahir and Tanvika
2nd– Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College: Abhitanshu, Abhilash and Sanyam

1st– Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology: Sarthak Malhotra, Suyash, Rajat, Mudhit and Dharamjay
2nd– St. Stephens’ College: Nirbhay Nitya Nanda and Rajiv Savio Herald

1st– College of Vocational Studies: Abheet, Puneet, Vikas, Gaurav, Divyanshu, Chetan, Raghav, Animesh, Rishabh, Yash and Aman
2nd– BITS Pilani: Vishal, Prabhatt, Kapil, Tanveesh, Prabhakar, Samarth, Palash, Srinivasan, Sourabh, Riddhi, Hitesh, Akarsh and Naman


Shagun Marwah

[email protected]

Image Credits: Chirag Sharma for DU Beat

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies is back with the ninth edition of its annual flagship event, Prodigy. Prodigy is a management oriented event organized for school students which aims to tap their managerial potential and provide them corporate exposure. The underlying motive of the event is in sync with the motive of the college of spotting and developing business talent of the youth in the country. This year, it is being organized at VP Chest Auditorium, North Campus on Friday, November 6, 2015.

The all-India prelim of Prodigy witnessed enthusiastic participation from schools all over India from over 15 cities including Delhi and NCR, Amritsar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Hisar, Jaipur and Dehradun.

The event has three rounds, the first round being the online prelims, where the students are required to submit a solution to the case study provided to them. This case study, based on the concept of Rural Marketing, encouraged students to use their creative side while exposing them to a new concept of management. A total of 55 schools have qualified from the online prelims round for the Prodigy Mains to be held at November 6, where another two rounds will be conducted. From the team contingent of 4 members, two students go into Acumen: the Brainstorming Quiz, which tests the logical ability of the students, and the other two go for Bull’s Eye: The Stock Simulation, which is a simulation of the real world stock market. The students are given a virtual amount of cash to be invested after analysing the market and the rumours. On the basis of the cumulative scores of both the rounds, the team as one contingent will qualify for the grand finale, the Corporate Simulation.

The Corporate Simulation is a theme-based round which is designed from the ground up and promises to give the students an insight into the dynamic business world, where they are required to adapt to the ever-changing external environment, and gain an edge over the competitors with exceptional strategies. The event aims to provide students a learning experience beyond what is taught in books, and gives them a sneak peek into what awaits them in the real world, while giving them unforgettable memories and experiences.

Apart from the main event, Prodigy ’15 and Fabindia are also conducting an online event, FabItUp 2015, which is open to all school students, which starts from November 3.

The goal behind Prodigy is to challenge the students, inspire them to take chances, and apply their theoretical knowledge to the practical world, and seeks to motivate them to fulfill their corporate aspirations.

Guest Post by Prerna Bhatia