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Post-exam fun: What now?

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‘Post-exam Plan’ is currently the most fascinating thought swirling in the minds of almost everyone studying for the next exam that they are completely unprepared for. Why wouldn’t it be, when all that has been done for the past couple of weeks is nothing but distancing ourselves from our favorite telly shows, books and impromptu hangout plans?

Adding to the impatience, here are some ‘Post-exam Plan’ ideas; so that your Winter Break isn’t just spent sleeping for ten hours a day (that wouldn’t hurt,though!):

1. Go on a Solo Trip
The best part about going on a solo trip is that it is far more fun than it sounds. Or even if it doesn’t sound all that fun to some, try and ditch your friends or family for once and head out of home with absolutely no shopping/eating/partying plans. Carry some cash, an internet enabled phone, a power bank and the drive to explore. Hit the road that goes to a part of the city you’ve heard a lot about, but haven’t ever visited; or the famous lake/monument you’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time, and spend some amazing moments of solitutde with yourself and your city!

2. Be a Part of a Marathon or Cyclothon
Now that you don’t need to pull off an all-nighter every other day, try waking up a little early and put on your sports shoes for a healthy jogging/cycling outing! Call up your friends, ask them to call theirs and make a big squad so that you can have fun and give a healthy start to the day while running/ cycling for a social cause!

3. Arrange a Bonfire Party!
Lazying around all day is pretty much what we’re going to do this Winter Break, so why not leave the covers behind and arrange some good music and food for a bonfire party with friends or family,and what better an occasion than the eve after the last exam to spend some time playing music and games around a bonfire!
(And trust me, it’d be better than the usual ‘Post=exam party’!)

4. Connect with the real world!
Our generation can’t thank its phones and laptops enough for helping it pass time so well, especially during holidays. But it’s time that we explore fun in the real world beyond those screens that are capable of keeping us glued to them for hours.

These were some possible ideas for the never materialized ‘Post-exam Plan’. But hey! Do not forget to study well for the next exam while fantasizing about the post exam fun!
Good Luck!

Priyal Mahtta
[email protected]

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