How to stay confident and hopeful in the exam preparation frenzy

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All our existential crisis falls upon us during exams, we tend to procrastinate more than we should and after that, we tend to over burden ourselves. The key to sail through the exam period smoothly is to not overwhelm yourself with too many tactics. Here we bring to you 3 simple ways to deal with exam tension!

Pick your Poison

No, it does not mean what you think it means. However, the fact is that our body must be replenished with fluids at regular intervals. Drinking water is a necessity which goes without saying, but everyone has one other liquid substance they survive on, especially during exams. My personal favourite has always been Bournvita, and many others swear by coffee, hot chocolate or chai. Avoiding cold drinks and carbonated beverages is always a wise idea, but in case you do crave a Fanta now and then, mix it up with something healthier and tastier, like mix fruit juices, milkshakes or smoothies. If you dose up on coffee heavily, do remember that an overdose of caffeine in our body is also not the best option in terms of health. Stay healthy and hydrated!

Get to work; put that phone down for a bit! –

Flipping through our phones during study hours as a break is not much of an issue, however there is an issue with us calling up our friends to get a quick update on ‘Kitna karliya?’ ‘Kaunse chapters nahi kare?’ ‘Yaar, I’m toh pakka se getting a back this time!’ Honestly, this is the worst way to ruin your confidence when you prepare for exams. Stop caring about what others are doing. Once you focus on yourself and prepare according to your abilities, aceing the exams will be a much easier task for you.

Breathe and have faith in yourself –

You might be studying six, four or even two hours a day. But, you should always have faith in your capabilities. Try to manage your time by making your daily routine a mix of serious studying and short breaks. You must also learn how to put the books down for a while, go to the balcony with a cup of chai and breathe the fresh air.Don’t compare yourself with other students in your class; they have a different skill set than you do, cultivate yours instead of eyeing theirs! Don’t look at your enormous syllabus and lose hope on your capabilities, choose what you want to do and work on it. Don’t let your thoughts overwhelm you; let them empower you to do your best.

Keep your chin up, drink water, study well and ace this semester!


Joyee Bhattacharya

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