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Aries:Convince your friends for a Thursday show at PVR as a birthday treat. Anything fancier will be unwise and repercussions will be felt in the coming weeks.

Taurus: You’ll reap what you’ve been sowing all these years with your punk and carefree attitude. *police siren*

Gemini: Refrain from downloading TV episodes via Torrents, your internet connection could be subject to a surprise inspection.

Cancer: State of affairs looks fine for you in my crystal ball. Don’t do anything different from what you did last week. In fact, wear the same clothes.

Leo: A good week for Teleshopping! Dial them up and order whatever you like in their commercials. Except for the presenters, I mean. They don’t usually deliver them (yes, I speak from experience).

Virgo: Your love life could either hit a bump or take a leap depending strictly upon your footwear this week. Make good choices.

Libra: Hari mirch ke pakode khaye.  Shanti aur samriddhi aayegi. Prerna bhi milegi.

Scorpio: Your parents are going to find out something about you this week. What is it going to be though? Girl? Guy? Grass?

Sagittarius: Feel like you don’t have enough friends? Time to start watching a classic TV series like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Nothing attracts more than knowing what happened in the latest episode.

Capricorn: Is that..what.. why can’t I see your future clearly? Please go have a bath.

Aquarius: Wear your best brands. Cameras are going to engulf you.

Pisces: Keep your excuses ready, someone is going to ask you to transfer Rs.10 to their phone.

Aries: With exams getting closer, you will soon realize that there are almost 5 unknown topics you weren’t aware even existed in the syllabus. This is likely to happen around the midnight before the exam.

Taurus: Your shoelaces are likely to get stuck in the escalator. Beware in malls and Metro stations.

Gemini: You are going to find out that your crush has a crush on you. Enjoy this week.

Cancer: The most beautiful/handsome professor of your college is going to send you a love letter.

Leo:Keep your phone away from your parents. They might discover something you don’t want them to see.

Virgo: Child. You are special. And this time, you are going to top the university. Also, you are stupid enough to believe this, aren’t you?

Libra: If you are planning to cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend, then please do it after exams. Something bad is likely on the cards.

Scorpio:Avoid having a shower during the exam season. You will score better marks.

Sagittarius: You will receive a letter from one of the PM candidates whose trolls you have been posting on Facebook all this election season, to join their party.

Capricorn: Sunny Leone will WhatsApp you in near future.

Aquarius: You are lucky this week. You are going to get free movie tickets; a date; a car from your parents and a slap if you believe all this.

Pisces: You just need to sleep and sleep more to pass this semester. You will fare well.

Hello old friend,

The elections just went by in your city and the turnout didn’t climb up by much this time either and you have shown solidarity to our cause by taking a stand. Please don’t feel guilty for not voting, no matter how much the media and activists says so. You have taken a stand and you have chosen to support us and there is no way we are going to let you down, individually. Collectively, we aren’t responsible for our actions and hence, you will have to watch out for yourself.

The mess of democracy to elect clean candidates and those who actually work takes out all the fun and lechery from the political process and it is only because of people like you that it still survives. You had the chance to vote but you didn’t. You felt lazy at the right time and you made sure to make the most of your holiday rather than sweating it out in queues to vote for a candidate that won’t care about making money as much as we do.

You also had your name in electoral rolls as well as your Voter’s ID card, but not going to vote is a definite sign of belief in our cause and furthering our agenda to loot money out of the country and make sure that no reason survives in the long run. Your love for watching movies and TV shows is not hidden from anybody and your apathy towards the political systems has just made it easier for us to get through without much intervention. Fourth season of Game of Thrones is underway and the government expects you to vote? Blasphemous, isn’t it?

I hope you are enjoying your shows as much as we are enjoying partying off the taxpayer’s money. I hope you continue to ignore reports of scams and scandals in the newspaper which the media makes up, because if the country is meant to survive, it will. How much change can a vote bring, anyway? I thank you for staying out of the mess and lending your voice to civil disobedience.

Perhaps you don’t like any candidate and you believe all are thieves and debauchers. Hence you didn’t go, which is a perfectly good reason because voting NOTA is wasting your time, energy and money.

It has been too much work for me getting this letter typed from one of my literate sycophants and I must get back to some harassments and kidnapping to feel better. I hope you will stand in the cause of anarchy in the future as well. Thank you for not giving the right candidates a chance and we made sure people voted for us on your blank vote which was going to go waste, anyway. You can thank us later since we have a little less time to pay heed to your words and wishes.

Thanking you from the bottom of the alcohol bottle I am sending along,

Your good old corrupt politician


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Mayank Jain
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March 31st, 2014 would certainly be a ‘red letter day’ in the history of American sitcoms. While one legen-wait for it-dary show went off air forever and  its famous characters bid their adieus to their fans, another show that might be the new ‘apple of all eyes’ in the years to come kick started its journey. The much talked about show ‘Friends with Better Lives’ premiered just after the series finale of ‘How I Met Your Mother  which had left some fans heartbroken, dissatisfied and wanting for more. The much talked about show is written by the writers of famous American show ‘Friends’ and is being successfully promoted on the established brand value of same.

The Positives

FWBL revolves around six friends, thirty something of age, all at different stages of life, each of whom thinks that the other has it better. Talking about the leads, Bobby and Andi– the happily married couple and parents of a toddler, Will – a divorcee, Kate – a single career oriented woman who has not found the right match yet and the ‘just engaged’ couple – Jules and Lowell.

The pilot episode is woven around characters of Bobby, Will and Kate played by Entourage fame Kevin Connolly, James Van Der Beek and Zoe Lister Jones, known for their amazing comic timing as they never miss a beat to entertain and tickle the audiences. Being on spot with his dialogue delivery, Kevin Connolly has delivered an excellent performance. The pilot belongs to Zoe Lister Jones who plays Kate, the single unlucky with dating woman, who is the highlight of the episode and might be the person around whom this show could revolve.

The Neutrals

The show yet again revolves around three men and three women, and so far looks like it talks about their personal relations, ups& downs. From the comic perspective the show looks promising, but the storyline looks like ‘old wine in new bottle.’ There isn’t a catchy theme song introduced yet, that can be the USP of the show like ‘I’ll be there for you’ for Friends & the HIMYM theme tune.

The Negatives

Sitcoms do not usually garner much of positive response in their pilots because of the sheer disability of the people to understand and recognize the characters and their relations. FWBL needs to have more character development in the next few episodes for audiences to be able to relate to and care for. The show can overcome the familiar story line challenge and  and could become something special if the group solidifies,strengthens into a strong dynamic where viewers begin to identify with the characters and relate them to people in real life.

The Overall View

Watch the show as an independent comedy, not drawing comparisons from any of the classics and you will certainly not be disappointed. Another reason to watch it would be the amazing star cast The channel CBS has not been quite successful with their new shows but FWBL with some excellent writing and by not going for the obvious jokes and gags, could be the next big thing.

The Official Trailer of ‘Friends with better lives’

Guest post by Abhinn Khanna
Abhinn Khanna is a fourth semester Commerce student at Delhi college of Arts & Commerce and an avid TV series and movies buff.

DSCN2268   The first event of the day was Game ff Codes which was based on C++ Coding. The event was conducted in two rounds. The first round included 15 teams from colleges like G.B. Pant, DTU, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Ramanujan College battling it out to proceed to the final round. In this round the participants had to answer a series of multiple choice questions in a 30 minute time span. The top six teams made it through to the final round where they were given one hour to create two C ++ Codes. The fastest team, which turned out to be Yashbir and Prashant from G.B. Pant, was declared the winner. The second event of the day was the IT Debate, which was conducted in the auditorium. There were two rounds in this event as well. The first round was more of an extempore where participants were given 1:30 minutes to speak on the topic given to them and a grace of 30 seconds to sum up their conclusion. The participants were given the freedom to choose their stance on the topic. However, in the second round this was not the case. It was followed in a turncoat format, that is, each participant had to speak both for and against the motion. A total of 5 minutes was given to each participant. The winner of this event was Deepu from Deshbandhu College who spoke on the topic “Social Networking Sites are a threat to society” and the second prize went to Lashika from Ramanujan College. A few other events were taking place together in three different locations. LAN Gaming included Counter Strike where 6 teams of 5 members from DTU, Maharaja Agrasen, JIMS, Deshbandhu and Ramanujan were battling it out for the first position. Each match was of 5 rounds and the winning team needed 3 to win. The winners were Sohail, Amay, Pawan,Prince and Sparsh from Maharaja Agrasen College while the second prize went to Sameer, Abhijeet and Harshvardhan from Ramanujan College. Another popular gaming event was Flappy Bird. The rules were simple. Each participant was to be given two chances and the summation of points scored in these two chances would ultimately decide the winner. FIFA too had a good amount of registrations coming in from different colleges. A knockout system was followed and out of 10 participants, 3 were sent to the final round which was held on Day 2. rubik's cube (3) Another attraction was the Rubix Cube event. There were about 12 participants from colleges like G.B. Pant, Ramanujan, Maharaja Agrasen, SRCC and Deshbandhu. There were two rounds. The first round demanded the participants to complete one colour within 3 minutes. Then a pattern was given to the participants who had to complete the pattern in 2 and half minutes. In the final round, the participants had to complete the whole Rubix Cube and the fastest one to do so was Vishal Bhatt from G.B. Pant who won the first prize. Finally the treasure hunt was conducted in the Archery Field, for which about 14 teams signed up. The rules stated that in order to search for a clue, a team had to complete a dare. This dare – clue cycle went on about five times. These clues were pieces to a puzzle which formed an IT device which was to be identified by the team who collected the clues. Clues were made in sets of five and the name of the teams was mentioned on the envelope. Accordingly, the teams had to find the clues in their name. The results for this event were also declared the next day. To sum up Day 1, the fest was well organized, and except for some minor time constraints, it exceeded all expectations, as this was the first batch of B.Tech Computer Science students in Ramanujan College. techno hunt Day 2 kicked off with a presentation by AISEC IIT Delhi, which focused on their Global Entrepreneurs Program. Immediately after that, the IT Quiz began, with a total of 7 teams participating. The Quiz consisted of three rounds, which tested the teams’ knowledge of technology, IT brands and the internet. It ended with an exciting final round in which the teams formed questions for each other! Tushar and Dipojjal from MSIT came first while Renu from DTU came in second, after performing admirably during all three rounds. Following that, Bug Off, a programming event took place with 10 participants who had to fix 5 errors in the C++ codes in 45 minutes. Manish and Prashant from G.B. Pant took home the first and second prize respectively. The next event lined up for the day was Brainteasers, which was held in the auditorium. The 13 participants were tested through word puzzles, Sudoku and a tagline detecting round. While Renu from DTU came second, Digvijay was announced the winner. codethon(finals) The afternoon session saw a seminar being organised for the students with Dr. S.K Matto as the Chief Guest. He spoke at length about Alan Turing, the Father of Computer Science after whom the event Turington had been named. He also spoke about the importance of a holistic education system and went on to commend the organisers and the participants for their effort. Webiesta, a web designing competition followed the seminar. The participants had to crack a Login Page, to reach the Target Page, which then had to be designed. Manish from G.B. Pant, who’d also won Bug Off, came first, followed by Keshav from Ramanujan College. The LAN Gaming results from the two days were also announced. For the FIFA event, Naman from Deshbandhu College emerged victorious while Vandit came second. For Need for Speed, Tarun (BCIIT) and Ambesh (Amity University) were declared first and second respectively. Ishaan Sengupta  Priyanka Banerjee Image credits: Pawan Pandey]]>

The Finance and Investment Cell of College of Vocational Studies successfully organised the preliminary rounds for their annual management festival, Bizkrieg 2014 on the 3rd and 4th of April. The final rounds are scheduled to held at Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute in North Campus on Monday, the 7th of April.

The event saw participation of roughly 300 students, from whom 150 have qualified for the finals to be held on Monday. The list of students who have qualified can be accessed here.


This year, Bizkrieg’14 has been themed The Alternate History, ‘inspired by the idea to alter history and build the future on it’. Apart from the campus prelims, students were facilitated with the option of online prelims in the form of a Google Form.


The events, named after related fictional personalities, are The Schindler – the best manager event, The Belfort – the best marketer event, The Gekko – the mock stock event and The Sheldon – the business quiz. Mehak Kathpalia from the FIC of CVS says, “With participation from all across Delhi University in the four events, we are obliged by the trust they restored in us. We at FIC, CVS strive to create experiences.” Cash prizes of Rs.40,000 are to be won in the final rounds.

Conceived and organised by the North East Cell of Hindu College, NEtym is an annual North-East festival where the culture of North-East India is shared with people from the entire country. Started with the endeavour to create a platform where geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers would dissolve into one great rhapsody, Netym certainly has come a long way since 2012.

This year the fest kicked off with an inauguration ceremony graced by the Chief Guest General J.J.Singh. The General, through his encouraging words to those present, stressed upon national integration and also talked about the warm reception he’d always received from locals while visiting the North-Eastern states and that that we should strive to reciprocate the affection.

The North-East magazine of Hindu College, “The Voices 2014”, was unveiled by the dignitaries, followed by a prize distribution ceremony where the football tournament’s winners, Yo Mama from St. Stephen’s College, and the runners-up, Lamdil Team, were given recognition for their performance on the field. An online photography contest which was organized to keep social media websites abuzz with talk of the fest was a success. Entries from all over the country were received and the best ones were given category-wise awards.

What was seen next was a gala event showcasing the beautiful and rich culture of North East India. Dance performances from various states kept the tradition alive while events like beat boxing by Underground Music League and other music performances ranging from acoustic to rap, by equally enthusiastic students, embodied modernity. The fashion show was one event which encompassed tradition and modernity both and was a fitting final flourish to the indoor events for the day.

The students who attended Netym 2014 saw some energetic band performances in the evening. Three bands, Minutes of Decay, BK&INA and Guru Rewben played pieces that had the audience swinging to their beats.

The fest received a heartening response from students of various backgrounds and cultures. The undercurrent of the whole fest was national integration and the organisers, along with the authorities of Hindu College were elated to see everyone taking an active interest in the fest. It was great to see that somewhere during the day, people from various states appreciated those from cultures different from their own.

With the Lok Sabha polls just around the corner, Young Indians rganization, a part of the Confederation of Indian Industries, organised an interactive session on “The Power of Vote” at Lady Shri Ram College on 4th April. The session was organized to get students engaged in a meaningful discourse with the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi; Vijay Dev. He addressed the students on various issues about the electoral process. Yashodhara Bajoria, Char Young Indians (Delhi Chapter) was also present at the session.


In his keynote address, Mr. Dev spoke about the various issues that the Election Commission has to face to ensure a good voter turnout. He also discussed many women oriented issues that prevented women to vote in many areas. The IAS Officer also talked about the importance of informed and ethical voting. “The youth has to make it clear to the political parties that their votes are not for sale”, he said. He urged the students, which comprised many first time voters, to exercise their basic democratic right. “There has to be momentum, a wave of voters that exercise their right. This responsibility lies with the youth”, he said.


The address was followed by a question and answer session where the students posed various questions to the speaker. One of the most important questions that were raised was about the problems that outstation students faced as they could not exercise their voting right in another state. There were questions regarding the option of NOTA as well. “Most of the first year students are first time voters and they need to be informed about the electoral process. We require answers to many questions about voting that keep arising in our minds. This interaction with the Chief Electoral Officer is important as we are not just the youth but also women who own half the sky of democracy”, said Sabika Abbas, the President of the  Student’s Union,LSR.

In her vote of thanks to the Officer, Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath thanked Mr. Dev for taking out time to visit LSR, despite his busy schedule, to address the queries of young voters.


Azra Qaisar
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Image credits: Sahiba Chawdhary

th March 2014. Mrs. Leela Nandan (IAS), resident commissioner of U.P. was the chief guest for the event and Prof. J.M. Khurana served as the guest of honour. In her keynote address, Mrs. Nandan discussed the importance of institutions such as NCWEB while Prof. Khurana highlighted the academic benchmarks achieved by NCWEB. 10149355_817627291598036_1093474953_nDuring the course of the event, NCWEB also acknowledged the academic excellence of students who brought laurels to the institution. The event also included a music and dance performance followed by a street play by the students. Other standout performances included a Bharatanatyam dance by a girl who survived polio during her childhood and Poetry recital by another student who was differently abled. Both the performances got a huge cheer from the crowd. Sincere efforts by Dr. Anju Gupta, Director, NCWEB and other staff members contributed in the success of the event.]]>