Department fests 2014


The annual fest of the Journalism Department of Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, Scoop 2014 started off with ‘Heads-Up’ with Sheila Dixit and M.J Akbar for a panel discussion on ‘Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Is the traditional political landscape changing in India?’.

After the interactive session, Scoop 2014 kicked off its numerous events which are to be held over two days at the college campus.

The events on Day 1 unfolded as follows:

General Quiz

Popular Quiz Master Aniket Mishra hosted the general quiz at Scoop where around 40 teams participated and cross college teams were allowed. The winning team consisted of students from St. Stephens and Jamia Millia Islamia. The runner up was a team from the host college itself.


The ad-mad event also saw a large number of participations across colleges and universities. A team from Delhi College of Arts & Commerce emerged victorious and took home cash prize worth Rs. 4000 and a travel voucher by Roads Less Travelled.

The events on Day 2 unfolded as follows:

Football Bidding

Football fans participated in the Football Bidding competition where 8 teams were shortlisted on the basis of a general football quiz among 24 teams. These teams were given an amount of imaginary 150 million dollars to buy their team among a plethora of international football players and sit for the auction. Abhinav Paliwal and Rishabh Singh Chauhan from Delhi Technological University won the First prize and Second prize was won by a team from DCAC. The winners won cash prizes worth Rs. 4000 and a complimentary dinner at Hilton Hotel.

Street Play

DCAC saw students from various colleges flocking the campus to participate in Street Play Competition. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce’s act ‘Chidiya ki Kahani’ walked away with the First prize followed by P.G.D.AV’s ‘Jhukna Toh Humne Seekha Hi Nahi’ amongst the 10 acts shortlisted for the main event. The winners took home cash prize worth Rs. 10,000.

Photography Competition Results

The two day fest by Journalism Department concluded with the announcement of winners of Aks-Online Photography Competition with about 30 participants from various universities. The First prize went to Koyna Tomar from LSR and Second prize was bagged by Pratyoosh Kashyap from Kirori Mal College. The theme of the competition was Taboo/ Expressions. The judges were Omar Khan, a photojournalist for News X and a freelance photographer covering F1 racing at the Buddh international Circuit and Saumya Khandelwale, a freelance photographer.

Image courtesy: Aman Kumar and Namit Datta 

The inaugural ceremony of Scoop- 2014, the annual fest of DCAC’s Journalism Department was graced up by the presence of ex-Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and senior journalist M.J. Akbar. The distinguished personalities were on campus to be a part of the panel discussion ‘Heads Up’ about Lok sabha elections 2014. The event that lasted for an hour saw the three time Delhi CM answer the questions asked by fellow guest as well as the audience, and simultaneously taking a dig at the Kejriwal government, and at times, even at the UPA – II.

On being questioned about the blow Congress faced on the Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections 2013, she attributed it to the eventual desire of people to usher change for sake of the change. “There was a sense of fatigue in minds of Delhites. People were misled by tall promises, which we couldn’t counter due to loss of public faith and several internal party reasons.” said, Ms. Dikshit. Replying to this, Mr. Akbar commented that democracy is not merely the right to vote, but right to change government, and if public doesn’t do it for long, it forgets how to. He also suggested to not to look in large of the crowd, but small of the eye.” A government survives till the eyes of public repose faith in them, when those eyes go blank, cold and questioning, the good days are over, even Jawaharlal Nehru didn’t survive the elections fourth time”, he added.


On being questioned about corruption charges against her government, she snubbed all the allegations on the pretext of clean chits granted to her by concerned investigating committees. Also, she stressed more on the corruption of idea, than money, which has supposedly become the new disease political system ails with, where in the public was induced by the bait of free water, pakka houses and guaranteed jobs.

Answering back on the shelved Janlokpal bill, and weak governance at centre, she said held the Central government complacent, and indecisive and guilty for not articulating what it wanted. According to her, “The need of the hour is a stable and capable government that creates a congenial atmosphere to hold debates to inject fresh ideas in system and push pending bills forward.”

Along with discussions, mostly political, the event also had several light moments. M.J. Akbar underlined importance of majority governments against coalitions comparing the iconic characters of Ramayana, where in the hero had one face, and the villain was ten faced. On being interrogated on tax payer’s money spent on advertisements , Ms. Dikshit alleged all parties including BJP to be doing the same, “…maybe you like Mr.Modi’s face more than mine” she jokingly added.


The Journalism department is also celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The event also marked the launch of their department news paper – ‘The Critique’ by the chief guests. The discussion was a cue to the two-day fest in the college, holding numerous events like quiz, football bidding and ad mad.

Click here for our liveblog from the session this morning.

Image Credit: Sachin Kumar, DCAC

L’economiste, the annual festival of The Deparment of Economics, Hindu College, kicked off on the 3rd of February with the inauguration by Dr. Praduman Kumar, the Principal of Hindu College.

The first event of L’economiste was the Paper presentation. A team from LSR won the 1st prize, presenting on the topic “M-Paisa”.
The event “The Bluechips – the Stock Challenge” imitated the stock trading of the real world, to reward the best young investors who made maximum profits. After the prelims round of business and finance quiz, 23 teams were shortlisted from about 50 participants. In the next two rounds of stock trading, the participants were given a list of company shares, their prices and relevant news pertaining to company performance. Priyansh Jain and Rahul Mantri of Hansraj College received the 1st prize.

Policy auction, a new of its kind, was a 2 day event. 8 teams were selected from a total of 32 teams from the first round of Eco & Finance Quiz. The second round was Pictionary, whereby the 8 teams were allotted budget according the correct answers given by them. 5 teams went into the finals whereby they were allotted virtual countries. Then they had to analyse a case study, formulate policies and auction them. Rhea and Atul from SRCC bagged the 1st prize.


Eco-say had 12 participants from the first round (Pictionary round) being selected for the second round, whereby they had to venture far and wide to relate economics to everyday life things and institutions. The last round was a rapid fire quiz with an activity. Akansha of SRCC received the first prize.

The second day of the fest saw the event “Fifa Manager”. The 1st elimination round was a quiz round. 11 teams were selected for the finals. Details of various football players and virtual money were given to the teams. They had to make a team of 6 football players via bidding. Samiul and Shashak of Hindu College bagged the top position.

The star event of L’economiste was the Ranjan Roy Memorial Debate. It was a parliamentary form of debate. Some of the premier debators of the country faced off against each other on a variety of motions. Aashay Sahay and Prasun (both ex-RVCE) defeated Saad Uzzamann and Shobhit Nanda (both ex-Ramjas, now Law Faculty) opposing the motions “This house believes that maximum wage should be imposed”. It was a day-long event on the 4th February.

The events ended with the “Scavenger Hunt” with around 50 teams running helter-skelter to find several objects. The fest formally ended with the guest lecture on “Land Acquisition” by Ms. Manika Bora

Image Credits: Madhurima Kundu

Mark It Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) held its annual marketing fest- Excelsior 2.0 on January 30 and 31, 2014. The event started with five rounds of prelims being held in different colleges of the university. The top 150 participants were pitted against in three grueling competitions (Best Manager, Best Marketer and Best Entrepreneur) at Patel Chest, North Campus. Each of the three competitions had two different rounds of selection- a written test and a group discussion, followed by multiple tasks on the two main days.

Best Marketer, Excelsior’s flagship competition, tested the contestants managerial acumen from crisis management to stress interviews.

Best Marketer challenged the potential future marketing honchos to come up with multiple marketing strategies and ideas through various rounds including group discussions and case studies.

Best Entrepreneur tested the strategic entrepreneurial skills through B-Plan developments and numerous other tasks.
In addition to the stress interview and crisis management rounds, an Ad-Mad competition was held which was open to all and gave away cash prizes amounting to Rs. 5,000. The highlight of the event was a special auction held at the end of Day 1. Managers and Entrepreneurs were divided into teams of two on random basis and were ask to bid for 90 American cities. Each team had a total of 20,000 dollars and was required to make a combination of cities from resource pools, recreational centers and commercial districts. Students who qualified on the first day were then given an overnight task.

After two extremely trying days, the winners walked away with cash prizes worth Rs. 60,000. The winners emerged as follows:
Milind Vaish, SSCBS- The Global Duce (Best Manager)
Shreshth Narula, SSCBS- The Global Tycoon (Best Entrepreneur)
Parul Duggal- the Global Chandler (Best Marketer)

A proud winner, Milind had the following to say, “I am delighted that I was adjudged the best manager. The tasks were brilliantly conceptualized and all the participants were very talented.”

The physics department of Hindu College organized their annual fest Quarks ’14 on 30th and 31st of January.

The first day commenced with an inauguration with Dr. Govind as the Chief Guest from NPL and the release of the Physics department magazine – Quarks ’14. The rest of the day saw gully cricket and treasure hunt as the entertaining events and the finale of the stage play competition which was sponsored by the prestigious Barry John Acting Studio with Mr. Brian Herwood and Ms. Niharika judging the competition. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies emerged as the best team in the stage play competition. Nirmal Kothari from Hansraj College was judged the best male performer and Gurleen Kaur Sidana from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies as the best female performer. Sidharth Pandey from Hindu College leading a team called Treasure Hunt Specialists emerged victorious in the treasure hunt.

Parallel to this, the department also organized a C++ debugging event as well as Hindu’s first ever robotics event, Droid Wars. Droid Wars which was essentially a workshop was a joint initiative with Tryst ’14 IIT Delhi where the finals for the robotics competition will be held later this year.

The second day began with a paper presentation by a guest lecturer and saw the continuation of Droid Wars. As the day progressed there was a street play as well as western dance competition. The traditional western dance competition saw a bunch of different teams from which Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce (GGSCC) emerged victorious. Winners for the street play competition who were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 15,000 were also GGSCC while Khalsa College came in second and Guru Tegh Bahadur Institue of Technology came in third. The day came to an end with a ceremony of prize distribution to all the winners.

Econvista, the National Students Symposium of the Economics department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women concluded last week on 25th January, Saturday. The Symposium was subtitled India at the Crossroads, and took place on the 24th and the 25th of January, with some fantastic guest lectures taking place as a prelude to the same. These included lectures by eminent personalities like Isher Judge Alhuwalia (Chairperson, ICRIER) Ashok Gulati (Chairperson, Commission of Agriculture Costs and Prices) and Smita Mitra (UN Women). Dr. Isher Judge Alhuwalia was also the Chief Guest of the event. The theme that the symposium followed this year was Political Economy in the wake of the coming National general election and to reflect how economics is invariably linked with politics.

The flagship events of Econvista this year were the Eco Trials, Dr. Saroj Gupta Memorial Paper Presentation, The Economist, The Policy Dilemma, Eco Journalism, Eco-Know-me and Eco Matters. The interaticve, informal events were called Thinkonomics, Economystery and The Animated Economy. The prestigious Dr. Saroj Gupta Memorial Paper Presentation was won by Sambodhi Sarkar of St. Stephens College for his paper titled “The real estate sector in India: Curbing black money flows and increasing tax revenues”. The second position was bagged by the team from IIT Kanpur and the third position went to the LSR team.

Possibly the most distinctive feature of Econvista, however, was the record response that the event received. Says Charvi Kain, the President of the Department of Economics, LSR, ‘’ This year, we have seven outstation contingents participating in Econvista, making it a truly remarkable national event.’’

The Hindi Sahitya Sabha, the oldest society of Shri Ram College of Commerce is organizing its annual national fest “Spandan 2014” from 27th to 30th January’14.

The fest embarks its history by collaborating with the National Archives of India to organize an exhibition of manuscripts. It also brings in attraction for participants with competition prizes up to Rs. 6 lakhs.

The event will begin with an inauguration ceremony followed by events: an extempore ‘Gagar Me Saagar’ and ‘Khajane ki Khoj’, a treasure hunt to find out how spontaneous and reflexive one can act.

Day 2 will consist of ‘Kahaani Buno’, a story telling competition, ‘Samuhik Paricharcha”, a group discussion and a poetry writing competition titled, “Kalam Se Pratiyogita”.

Akshay Singhania, President Hindi Sahitya Sabha says, “We have themed our events to explore the talent of youth by giving them the opportunity to put forward their ideas and expressions.”

The events scheduled for day 3 are “Vaad Vivad Pratiyogita”, a conventional debate competition and a team competition of “Antakshri”.

On the last day, 30th January’14 the society will unleash one of the most awaited events “Kavi Hun Main” providing a platform for unrecognized poets to exhibit their talent. The fest will conclude with the prize distribution ceremony for the winners and participants of the various competitions.

Event Schedule:

Day 1

10 a.m. : Inauguration Ceremony
12 p.m. : An Extempore -“Gagar Me Saagar”
3 p.m. : Treasure Hunt “Khajane Ki Khoj”

Day 2

10 a.m. : “Kahaani Buno” – Story Telling Competition
12 p.m. : “Samuhik Paricharcha” – Group Discussion
3 p.m. : “Kalam Se Pratiyogita” – Poetry Writing Competition

Day 3

“Vaad Vivad Pratiyogita” – Debate

Day 4

“Kavi Hun Main”

Simulation, the annual Statistics department fest of Sri Venkateshwara College, gave a welcoming break to the students from the mundane classroom lectures and the biting chill of the stubborn Delhi weather. Held on 23-24 January, this year’s Simulation saw quite a buzz with multiple events spanning the two days.


The fest was officially inaugurated on the 23rd of January by T.R Mohanty, the deputy director general of the Central Statistical Organisation at 11 AM. After a brief address by the chief guest, a special Career launcher session was held. In the latter half of the day, students participated in a Treasure hunt that had them run in and out of the campus. For those preferring to sit and solve classic newspaper puzzles instead of running about in the cold, a Sudoku competition was held parallel to the treasure hunting competition. Abhinav from Ram Lal Anand emerged as the winner in the same. Half an hour later, a Quiz competition was held alongside a trailer making competition. Adding more fun to the event schedule, the day ended with the game of dumb charades.


The fest extended to the next day, the 24th of January. Math lovers found their palates satisfactorily catered to as the second day began with a competitive event called Human Calculator. Participants were expected to solve a series of long and complicated mathematical problems without the use of external aids. A fun session of Antakshari later helped cool off the steaming brain cells. Vritti Palli and Arpit from Statistics(H) IIIrd Year at  SVC won the competition.

This was followed by a three legged Obstacle Race, where tripping and blaming your own partner is a must (12:25 PM), Ad Mad, an event where budding salesmen attempted to win the favour judges for their products and Beg, borrow or Steal, a conspicuous event that, I believe, is threateningly close to receiving a lawsuit by a popular reality show.

All said and done, Simulation has been a surprisingly fun chain of events generating much anticipation for the next year to come.

The National Science Fest will be organised by St. Stephen’s College on 24th, 25th and 26th January 2014. The event is being headed by the Students’ Union Society of the college, in collaboration with the Computer Science Society, Chemistry Society, Electronics Society, Photography Society, Environment Society, Debating Society and Quiz Club. The fest aims at offering a mix of competitive and academic activities. These range from a paper presentation to a treasure hunt.

Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar, Senior Secretary for NSF, says, “This year we present yet another edition of the Stephanian scientific extravaganza with many more electrifying events and a lot more enthusiasm to make this event memorable.”

First day brings an interdisciplinary triathlon of events with Debugging Electronicz, Paper Presentations and a Science Quiz. This trail of events continues to the second day with CYSAE (Competition for Young Scientists and Enthusiasts) and the Scientifik Exhibition.

Amal Jahan, General Secretary says, “We are expecting an overwhelming response given the trend that has been set for the past few years. Enormous energy and effort has been invested in planning NSF’14 to make it an interesting and exciting affair.”

The fest promises to pose ultimate challenges for the electronics enthusiasts with events like, “Debugging Electronicz” followed by the NSF talks where revered veterans like Dr. Prasanta Panigrahi and Dr. Patrick Dasgupta will talk about interesting topics such as Black Hole evaporation and Quantum Dots. The new twist to this year’s NSF is for the explorers with a scientific bent of mind with events like the Treasure Hunt.

For those consummate in rhetoric, Day 3 schedules the NSF Debate, with the motion “Whether parents should be allowed to choose the genetic composition of their kids!”

NSF ’14 is expected to conclude with the ‘Scientifik Exhibition’ wherein participants will be presenting posters and models on the topic “Innovative Practices for Conservation of Natural Resources”, which will be judged for the top spot by Dr. Kinkini Dasgupta, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

List of Events:

Day 1: 24th January, 2014

  •  Opening Ceremony
  • NSF Talks
  1. “Black hole evaporation and information loss problem” by Dr. Patrick Dasgupta
  2. “The Fascinating World of Chemistry” by Dr. Subho Mozumdar
  • NSF Science Quiz
  • Debugging Electronicz
  • Paper Presentation

Day 2: 25th January, 2014

  • CYSAE (Competition for Young Scientists and Enthusiasts)
  • Scientifik Exhibition
  • NSF Talks
  1. “Small Waves are Making Big Waves: Wavelets in Action” by Dr. Prasanta Panigrahi
  2. “From Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Dots” by Dr. Sameer Sapra
  • Absurd Theory
  • Kapture Photography and Digital Imaging Event

Day 3: 26th January, 2014

  • NSF Debate
  • Treasure Hunt

For more information, you can visit www.nsf2014.wordpress.com or write to [email protected]

Note: DU Beat is the official media partner for NSF 2014.