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Hindu Economics department conducts annual fest

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L’economiste, the annual festival of The Deparment of Economics, Hindu College, kicked off on the 3rd of February with the inauguration by Dr. Praduman Kumar, the Principal of Hindu College.

The first event of L’economiste was the Paper presentation. A team from LSR won the 1st prize, presenting on the topic “M-Paisa”.
The event “The Bluechips – the Stock Challenge” imitated the stock trading of the real world, to reward the best young investors who made maximum profits. After the prelims round of business and finance quiz, 23 teams were shortlisted from about 50 participants. In the next two rounds of stock trading, the participants were given a list of company shares, their prices and relevant news pertaining to company performance. Priyansh Jain and Rahul Mantri of Hansraj College received the 1st prize.

Policy auction, a new of its kind, was a 2 day event. 8 teams were selected from a total of 32 teams from the first round of Eco & Finance Quiz. The second round was Pictionary, whereby the 8 teams were allotted budget according the correct answers given by them. 5 teams went into the finals whereby they were allotted virtual countries. Then they had to analyse a case study, formulate policies and auction them. Rhea and Atul from SRCC bagged the 1st prize.


Eco-say had 12 participants from the first round (Pictionary round) being selected for the second round, whereby they had to venture far and wide to relate economics to everyday life things and institutions. The last round was a rapid fire quiz with an activity. Akansha of SRCC received the first prize.

The second day of the fest saw the event “Fifa Manager”. The 1st elimination round was a quiz round. 11 teams were selected for the finals. Details of various football players and virtual money were given to the teams. They had to make a team of 6 football players via bidding. Samiul and Shashak of Hindu College bagged the top position.

The star event of L’economiste was the Ranjan Roy Memorial Debate. It was a parliamentary form of debate. Some of the premier debators of the country faced off against each other on a variety of motions. Aashay Sahay and Prasun (both ex-RVCE) defeated Saad Uzzamann and Shobhit Nanda (both ex-Ramjas, now Law Faculty) opposing the motions “This house believes that maximum wage should be imposed”. It was a day-long event on the 4th February.

The events ended with the “Scavenger Hunt” with around 50 teams running helter-skelter to find several objects. The fest formally ended with the guest lecture on “Land Acquisition” by Ms. Manika Bora

Image Credits: Madhurima Kundu

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