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Over the past one month, DU Beat has endeavored to highlight the glorious achievements of the students, societies, professors and entrepreneurs of University of Delhi through various year end series like the individual college round ups, sports highlights, off campus college achievements, various society features, placements highlights and so on. Year around too, we at DUB have tried our best to bring to our avid readers, the stories that underline the relevance of DU on the map of India, be it through the coverage on FYUP strikes and subsequent roll back ,DU being ranked number one in India according to QS World University Rankings or celebrating the achievements of mountaineer Saachi Soni, the young Sarpanch of Lilawali, Rajasthan- Vasundhara Chaudhary, best selling author Satyarth Nayak and University gold medalist in shooting Aayushi Gupta However, having talked about achievements and glorifying highlights, it is imperative to look on the other side of the coin, which is not as rosy. The same University that tops rankings for ’employee reputation’ has professors with alleged naxalite associations. The University that allows admission to no one but the cream, puts up an already seen, already solved question paper in a course as prestigious as the B. Com (Honors). Keeping all of this in mind, here’s a timeline showing all what dark moments took place at University of Delhi in the year 2014 ans 2015, which should never be repeated in the history of DU.   We hope that the University of Delhi and associated concerned officials will take the right steps to ensure prevention of any such incidents in the upcoming year at Delhi University.]]>

Allied Subjects for Commerce Students (Semester – IV) i.e. Macro Economic Theory and Policy/ Indian Economy previously scheduled for May 15th, 2015 shall now be held on May 18th, 2015. ( For further details, visit here.) The allied course originally scheduled for 15th May was just a day before the main Commerce course exam ‘Business Economics’ which continues to be held on May 16th, 2015. b com   Further, all exams of students from courses such as B.A. (Honors), B.Sc (Honors), B.Sc (Programme), B.Sc (Maths) and B.Sc (Honors) Mathematical Sciences scheduled for May 9th, 2015 shall now be held on May 27th, 2015. ( For further details, visit here.) BSC The date-sheet for students of BA (honors) – III has also been changed with the English Literature Paper being postponed from May 18th to May 30th, 2015. (for further details, visit here.) BA  

Updated on May 4:

Delhi University has posted a clarification dated 28th of April saying that only the examinations for semester VI of B. A. (Hons), B. Sc. (Prog), B. Sc. (Hons), B. Sc. (Hons) Mathematics and B. Sc. Mathematical Sciences have been rescheduled from May 9 to 27, 2015. Find the document here: The time of commencement of exams and examination centers remain the same.]]>

Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost believable fake news! 

Sometimes loved, sometimes hated, but definitely the column that can’t be ignored. That won’t be saying much, when it comes to Bazingas. Every Monday at DU Beat, we’ve tried to come out with unique and fresh ideas for ‘our almost believable fake news’ column’! Not only have we thoroughly enjoyed the pranks and reactions, but our Bazinga experts were also invited to SRCC this year, to judge a fake news room competition at their Literary Festival, establishing our expertise in the areas of satire, puns and humor.

On the occasion of April Fool’s Day today, we bring to you the top 10 most famous Bazingas of the year.

So go through the celebration of Bazingas, and stay tuned for the fresh ones, every week!



In sharp retaliation to the protesting students at Lady Shri Ram College in the wake of a steep rise in food prices, the DU high command yesterday issued a notice to the college authorities.The notice was in regard to call their cafeteria a canteen like the rest of the university does and not a café.  A similar notice was also issued to St. Stephen’s College, it being the only other Delhi University college with a ‘café’.


The real reason for Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation as Delhi’s Chief Minister back In February 2014 has finally been unearthed. He was reportedly all set to become the new Vice Chancellor of Delhi University. Kejriwal wanted to target the youth and wanted to bring about change in the nation. He had discovered the perfect way to do so by directly associating with the students and grooming them to make India a better nation. Among the reforms, Kejriwal plans introduce a two year  post graduate course called Master of Dharna Management. Apart from this he will add Muffler Designing as a mandatory subject for under graduates of all courses as a recreational activity.


If rumors are to be believed, a leading production house, Pharma Productions, has been inspired by the Delhi University – FYUP controversy and is aiming to en-cash on it, by making a movie on the same theme.The teams for research have been made and are already in function and is evaluating locations like North Campus (DU), Connaught Place, Hauz Khas Village and Satya Niketan. While the major DU officials’ characters shall be played by veteran Bollywood actors, the male and female leads and other side roles shall be played by the DU students, auditions for which are currently going on!


Under pressure from men’s rights activists (or boys who’ve accidentally sought admission in girls’ colleges only to embarrass themselves), Delhi University has issued notices to Miranda House and Lady Sri Ram College for Women (LSR) directing them to become co-educational institutes. The deadline for ratification of the order is before the next academic year. The change is being seen as the biggest since the FYUP mess. While most are happy, few feel their freedom and peace is being put at stake. “BOYS BOYS BOYS.” was all we could collect from a girl of the former view. 


Although the Four Year Undergraduate Programme has been rolled back from the University of Delhi, the students of the only FYUP batch are finding it hard to trust the Indian education system. The students having accepted being the ‘guinea pigs’ of DU, have warned the University of any further exploitation citing support from animal rights activists. If DU further torments the FYUP students, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, shall be invoked.


While DU’s VC witnessed empty classrooms in an inspection, he decided to join the students for the freshers party in a cafe at Saket. The students in the café panicked and hid their hookahs and beer bottles in a hurry. Some coal from the hookahs fell on a few people’s feet, creating a more panicky situation. The VC  asked the DJ to play 4 Bottle Vodka (some argue that they heard him sob and sing “4 Saal Ka Course Tha”) and grooved to the beats.


It’s that time of the semester again when students wipe the dust over their books (in some cases, buy books) and prepare to prepare for finals. The ritual, however, it all set to become a little easier this semester onwards as leads from DU’s latest Executive Council meeting suggest that limited assistance, in the form of lifelines, will be provided to all exam-takers.


With February’s arrival, love has started to fill the air. Going with the festive cheer, DU Beat proudly announces the launch of its new column titled: ‘DUB Ne Bana Di Jodi’. As clear from the name itself, the column will be all about match making among DU Beat’s avid readers.The weekly column would involve the declaration of a theme on which the interested candidates would be required to send in their views along with personal information, dating preferences (we’re LGBT friendly!) and a photo, the same one that happens to be on their Adhaar cards.


In a most welcome move, the Students’ Welfare Department of the University of Delhi has decided to grant air travel allowance to outstation students living more than 300 km away from Delhi. The cherry on the deal being that they are willing to grant allowances for as many as four round trips to home and back in one academic year, starting this winter vacation!


Under the ‘DU Vivaah Dhan Yojana’ (DVDY), colleges like ?SRCC, Hindu and Lady Shri Ram would be used for lavish weddings with star studded stages whereas smaller ones like ?DCAC would be used as baraat ghars and bhandar ghars to facilitate stay and storage? to use the DU infrastructure and campus in holidays. 

Tiding against tough times in the post FYUP era of piled useless laptops, incomplete laboratory and campus constructions and over employed teaching staff, the University of Delhi has taken an amazing decision to increase its cash inflows. Going by what is being currently planned; all the University land and infrastructure would be set up for being rented as marriage halls, banquets and lawns when the classes aren’t taking place under the ‘DU Vivaah Dhan  Yojana’ (DVDY).

“The DU infrastructure is mostly unused for around 4 months a year, the upkeep and maintenance of which is costly. Further, the opportunity cost is high and hence we’ve come forward with this unique idea to optimise the return from DU investment.”, said Mr. Shaadi Lal, Economics Professor at DU and part time event manager.

The colleges would be divided on the basis of infrastructure and facilities. While Hindu College, LSR and SRCC’s campuses would be used for lavish weddings with star studded stages and flying drones to cover the wedding, the other ones like Hans Raj, Kirori Mal College and Gargi would be used for the conventional weddings. Small campus colleges like DCAC would be used as baraat ghars for the guests to stay and bhandar ghars to store the paraphernalia in off season.

Numerous college canteens would be invited to bid tenders for catering at marriages. Music, dance and fashion societies would be invited to perform their specialisations and decoration and other arrangements would be taken care of by the excess administrative staff.

Starting with marriage related services, DU also plans to expand itself to organising wedding Sangeet (Department of Music),  helping the couples with marriage registration formalities (Department of Law) and providing suggestions on places to visit (Department of Geology).

“It’s a noble cause we’re a part of, hence the money charged is nominal, merely Rs. 4.75 lacs for big venues and Rs. 2.75 lacs for small colleges plus Service Tax with special discount to our own students” said, Ms. Rasma Lai, Marketing and Promotions Head, DVDY.

Although the University has long term grants and funds, yet the renting out scheme seems to be an amazing way to make good the liquidity crunch the University currently faces!

Disclaimer: As believable as we may sound at Bazinga, we’re just kidding! Happy April fool’s Day!

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In our everyday lives, we are all busy men and women. We wake up and tune into the rut. We shower, eat, take the metro, plug in our earphones, reach college or workplace, devote all our time, energy and efforts to our job, come home, eat and sleep to only start the same routine again. The moribund city life has pretty much made us all into mechanically operated bodies devoid of emotion, reason and ability to pay heed to our conscience.

So consumed by the idea of being ‘busy’, we forget to prioritise things and people. We don’t even feel guilty of it, because we always have ‘work’ to work as an excuse for almost all the wrongs we end up doing; for all the plans that don’t materialise, for all the words we don’t say, for all the feelings that we ignore, for all the hurt that we cause, we always end up telling ourselves, “I was busy! I couldn’t have helped it.

We take good time to realise it, but the real happiness in life doesn’t come from work or money alone. It comes from small things. Not the dramatic ones like waking up to the morning sun or sleeping under a star-full sky, but real small gestures like thanking your mother who has your clothes ironed and meal ready early morning while you’re in hurry to leave, or perhaps, thanking the auto-wala who drops you to your stop instead of paying him quietly and appreciating the person who cleans up your office desk before you arrive. It goes on to offering a stranger your seat in a metro, messaging a simple “Hey!” to a friend who has always had your back or simply spending some time with your own self, listening to your favourite song and unwinding while watching your favourite TV show.

If you wait to work today and be happy tomorrow, the tomorrow might never come. Leave on for the future, what you’re ready to die with it being unaccomplished, and being happy isn’t certainly one of those.Don’t let anyone walk away with or hold the key to your happiness. Instead of trying hard enough to be with someone who makes you happy, try to be someone who makes you happy.

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Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost-believable fake news!

In a most welcome move, the Students’ Welfare Department of the University of Delhi has decided to grant air travel allowance to outstation students living more than 300 km away from Delhi. The cherry on the deal being that they are willing to grant allowances for as many as four round trips to home and back in one academic year, starting this winter vacation!

The procedure for this is simple, all one needs to do is procure the ‘allowance form’ from individual colleges’ Students’ Welfare Offices as soon as the dates for the holidays are announced, fill it up and attach a receipt of the flight ticket and an address proof. The student shall then receive a full reimbursement of the amount within the next five days, either in cash or through a DD.

The form makes students agree to certain ground rules as well- the address proof is tallied with the ticket so as to avoid cases wherein students may take undue advantage and fly to vacation spots like Goa. Another rule is that only economy class tickets will be paid for and if the student wished to upgrade the ticket to a business class seat, the balance will not be paid for by the University.

This formula works well with most outstation students but some are still left in the lurch, those whose hometowns fall within the 300 km radius (towns with airports like Agra and Jaipur) and those who fly international. For the former category, the Office has argued that the students will not be saving any time since airport travel requires early check-in and other formalities which amount to the travel time taken by road or rail. For students traveling abroad, the university is planning to give up to two round-trip grants a year.

For those of us who have already booked out tickets (or are home already), keep the ticket receipts safe and produce them to your Students’ Welfare Office as soon as the vacation finishes.

“This is a wonderful step taken by DU, I have been spending an insane amount on my tickets home and especially so with sudden changes in the exam schedule like the one which happened due to the Delhi elections last year. I don’t have to be on tenterhooks to grab the earliest discounts and special offers anymore. This is great!”, a final year undergraduate student said.

Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost-believable fake news!


Delhi College of Arts and Commerce organized their annual cultural festival Ambrosia on February 16th and 17th, 2015. The festival was inaugurated by Shri Somnath Bharti, AAP MLA, Delhi. The inaugural ceremony was followed by the conduct of events scheduled for Day 1 of the festival which included Scavenger cum Treasure Hunt organized by Comania, the Commerce Society and Rokda, the Finance and Investment Cell of DCAC. Team of  Jyoti Kawatra, Mani Khurana and Prateek malhotra tied with the team of Yash Aggarwal ,Chakshani Goyal ,Subhash and Jairaj from DCAC to collectively claim the treasure.

Among other events lined up for Day 1 was – Gym Freaks: a weight lifting contest followed by the Panache: the fashion show event in the college main grounds. The first prize in Panache was bagged by Galore, the fashion society of Maitreyi college. The second spot was awarded to Stylus, the fashion society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce.

Ambrosia Day 1 ended with a performance of famous Russian jockey, DJ Iriana cut short due to time constraints. However, DJ Iriana returned for performance on Day 2 of the festival playing EDM for about 50 minutes ending the session with the famous ‘Chaar bottle vodka’.


Day 2 of Ambrosia 2015 opened with a lecture delivery by Mr. Deepak Chaurasia, journalist and co founder of Aaj Tak. This was followed by Drift Up: the street dance competition and Hoof: the solo dance competition. Nukkad Leela: the street play competition was organized in the college’s foyer. ARSD’s  ‘Adhoore hokar bhi poore hai’ was awarded to be the best play in the competition.

The highlight of the day was the short 7 minutes star appearance of Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the star cast of the upcoming Bollywood flick – Badlapur. Varun Dhawan praised the crowd and danced to the tunes of the famous numbers of his movie namely, Jeena Jeena and Aaj mera jee karda with Yami Gautam. Nawazuddin Siddiqui talked about the release date of his movie and asked for a shout out from people who were going to watch the movie.

This was followed by the completion of scheduled events and EDM Night with DJ Iriana. “With the right  lights, beats and energy, the DJ Night was real fun and memorable. The Varun Dhawan part was small, but all and all, the fest was a nice experience.” said Abhinn Khanna, student,DCAC.


Shri Ram College of Commerce kick started its annual national management festival ‘SRCC Business Conclave 2015′ today, February 11th, 2015.  The three day management festival shall culminate on February 13th, 2015. Day 1 at the festival comprised of guest lectures, panel discussions and innovative events all scheduled one after. The opening guest lecture was conducted by Shri Pawan Girdhari Agrawal, CEO, Mumbai Dabbawalas’ CEO and international motivational speaker.

Dressed in the traditional Dabbawala attire, white kurta pajama and cap, Sh. Pawan Agrawal (M.Com, B.Ed, LLB) also  holds a doctorate in ‘Study of Logistics ans Supply Chain Management’ and has delivered over 1000 lectures in colleges and corporate houses both in India as well as abroad.

Talking about the relevance of Dabbawalas in Mumbai, Agrawal pointed out the lengthy commutation period between home and workplace and overcrowded trains to be the reasons why people generally tend to travel hands free. Moreover, as the dabbawalas charge reasonable sums, availing their facility brings home cooked food to people at work at economical price.

  A proud CEO threw light on the accuracy and punctuality of the Mumbai dabbawalas, recipient of the international honorary ‘Six Sigma’ certificate citing passion, commitment, consistency, 100% accuracy and execution, time management to be their driving forces. Interestingly,  in 125 years of operation, the dabbawalas have never had a law suit/police case filed against them, neither have the workers ever gone on a work strike. Drawing a parallel, Agrawal said, “if unqualified dabbawalas with no amenities can be consistently good at their work, the educated students with technological advancements can easily become masters in their fields.”

When questioned upon how has the association managed to maintain such quality standards over the years, Agrawal says,” We select members on basis of references from team members for quality control. The dabbawalas don’t complain over overcrowded luggage compartment of local trains or heavy weights. They know they can’t change the railways’ system but can change theirs.”

Talking about the youth’s emphasis on placements and pay packages instead of education, Girdhari says, “Pay scales automatically rise when you contribute your best to the organization. It is hard for companies to find loyal associates these days. Continuous good service helps win trust. So much, that people trust the Mumbai dabbawalas with sending spectacles, mobiles and salaries in tiffins, back home.”

The session ended with interactive session with audience followed by memento presentation to the chief guest and distribution of unique dabbawala caps and mini tiffins to audience and organizing committee members by Shri. Agrawal.

This guest lecture session was followed by a political discussion with distinguished panelists including BJP’s MP Meenakshi Lekhi, Congress’ MP Digvijaya Singh and AAP founder member Anand Kumar.

Business Conclave Day – II includes session with Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad (Communication and IT Minister) at 10:00 AM followed by a session with Smt. Smriti Z. Irani (Union Minister of HRD).

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Vasundhara Chaudhary, a III year Psychology Honors student from Gargi college was elected as the Sarpanch of her ancestral village Lilawali, Hanumangarh district, Rajasthan, albeit unopposed. This achievement is indeed extra-ordinary and inspiring.

We got into an exclusive conversation with Vasundhara, curiously questioning her about how does she feel, what all does she plan to do in life, and for people of Lilawali and so on. Here are the extracts of our interview with her:


Q1: What’s your association with the village Lilawali and it’s people?

Lilawali is my ancestral village, I was born there, I lived there for 5 years until my father decided to move to Delhi for my  better schooling and education. Even then, I’ve visited Lilawali almost every summer vacation and have seen what much difference existed in the lifestyle of both places. The liberty of city life was mere theoretical for the people living in rural India.

Q2: Rural India is still considered synonymous to gender bias, stereotypes and people with orthodox mentality. Does your election as the Sarpanch of Lilawali indicate a social change, an awakening?

I won’t call it an awakening because that’ll be saying a lot. Yes, the people are changing, they are opening up to new ideas, yet the change isn’t here entirely. There’s still illiteracy, bias against women and lack of knowledge prevalent in rural India.

Q3:  Assuming charge of your responsibility, what all do you intend to do for the people of Lilawali?

My first priority would be the safety and security of women. I’ll work to make women self dependent and self reliant by making efforts to bring up the education and employment avenues in the village. I’ll make efforts to bring up the literacy rate from the current 40% to 90% in my tenure.

Q4: What do you believe will be the major obstacles you’ll have to tackle? How do you plan on facing them?

 I think it’ll be hard enough to convince people on something they aren’t aware of. Also, the fight won’t only be against men, but women as well, for they’ve lived with their beliefs for a long time now. I’ll try taking baby steps, for change isn’t immediate but gradual. Rushing through the things could go against me, people might not accept strong steps and turn defiant. So, I’ll try taking it easy and slow.

Q5: You are currently in the final year, Psychology Honors from Gargi College, University of Delhi. What are your future plans career-wise?

I want to do my Masters from the University of Delhi in gender studies or psychology, followed by a Ph.D.

Q6: How do you plan to manage your time juggling between studies, career and responsibility at Lilawali?

The head Sarpanch won’t be required physically on daily basis.  I’ve got a dedicated team working with me. I’ll visit once every fortnight to ensure that everything is being done as directed and to the best of abilities of the team and welfare of the people.

Q7: Do you aim to enter into active politics in a few years down the line?

 No, not really but I’d continue working for bringing about a change for good in the society.

Q8: Being of your age, this is an extra-ordinary achievement, how do your parents and family react?

My family is happy and supportive for they know I’ve always wanted to work for the society. My grandfather has been the village Sarpanch twice before becoming an MLA and a Rajya Sabha (1978) and my father has been a Zila Parishad member in 1996, so they understand. My peers react weird at times, but that’s fine.

Q9: Is there anything that you would like to say to or advise your peers/ juniors across the country?

I’d just say that everyone should be confident enough to stand up for what they feel needs to be changed. Take a stand to improve things and work hard to bring about the change, it isn’t anything extra-ordinary.

We thank Vasundhara for speaking to us and wish her all the very best for her future ventures!

dfffffffr Check out your datesheet here: Erstwhile FYUP batch, click here. Regular 3 year batch (Class of 2012 and 2014), click, here. Also, the date for the EVS exam for the students admitted in the batch of 2014-15 is scheduled to be conducted on May 22nd, 2015. This date sheet is meant for those students  who could not appear in Semester-I Exams November- December-2014 for this paper in particular.]]>