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Zakir Husain Delhi College held its Orientation day for freshers' on 20th July, 2019 from 9:30 am
onwards. The program was held in the S.G.H.Auditorium in three slots for the students of B.A.
Programme, B.A. Honors and for the Science, Commerce courses. Students attended the event in
large numbers along with their parents.
Welcoming the new entrants, the Principal, Dr. Masroor Ahmed Beg appealed to the students to
imbibe the values enshrined in the constitution and be a responsible citizen. The convener of the
event, Dr. Ravi Ranjan provided necessary information regarding the college facilities, staff,
administration, cultural societies, rules and regulations. The oral presentation was equipped with a
virtual video tour of the college. Dr. Ranjan categorically stated that ‘Ragging and Smoking are
strictly prohibited in the college’ and the ‘Anti-Ragging squad’ is proactive in preventing any act of
Students were delighted to watch cultural performances by the Arts & Culture society of the
College. The distinguished guest of the first session, Vir Chakra, Lt. Colonel T.P. Tyagi asked the
students to apply reason and logic in their daily life, be guided by the spirit of communal harmony
and national integration. The chief guest of the second session, Ms Megha Bhatia, founder of an
NGO, OUR VOIX highlighted the work of her organization and encouraged the students to
contribute to the society. The program culminated with the national anthem. ID cards were
distributed to the students thereafter.zakir husain pic 2

Connecting Dreams Foundation Shri Ram College of Commerce is a student-based initiative aiming at creating a positive two-fold impact on the rural slums of India; solving one social issue by creating entrepreneurs.
CDF-SRCC is a branch of the umbrella organization – ‘Connecting Dreams Foundation’, which has been functional since 2014 in the college and has contributed in elevating numerous lives. CDF-SRCC has been ranked number 1 college chapter for the past 5 years out of the remaining 23 chapters.
The team of 60 members in the 5 years of its operation has initiated 6 projects and has successfully impacted lives of more than 2500 people and uplifted 9 areas.
It currently has 4 ongoing projects under its purview namely Aarogya, Anshumi, Arpan and Dream Library.
“The year started with 2 projects implemented and one in research phase.
We ended the year on a high note, having a total of 5 projects on ground. 2018-2019 has been a milestone in the journey of success for CDF-SRCC”, says Neeharika, a first year member about her experience in CDF-SRCC.

November 14, 2018 saw the implementation of Project Dream Library which is an initiative to setup libraries in schools for underprivileged students who do not have access to even the basic amenities such as books and stationery. The idea behind the project is to bring smiles across the faces of these children faces and make their childhood memorable.
3 libraries were established in the slums of Delhi-NCR transforming the lives of more than 500 students.

Devotion and faith in our country have been synonymous to the practice of burning incense sticks since time immemorial. One of CDF’s project, Project Arpan endeavors to provide and effective solution to this problem through the production of low smoke incense sticks. CDF-SRCC have been able to change the orthodox mindsets of people towards the smoke emitted by incense sticks by being sell 45,000 boxes of Arpan incense sticks in just 6 months since its inception.
Sanskar Saraf, a 1st year student at SRCC says, “2018-19 was a year full of ups and downs, failures and disappointments but all those efforts paid off when we saw smiles across the faces of the people who we have impacted.”
A great accomplishment for the team was the success of the crowdfunding campaign launched for Project Aarogya ,which in turn aims to provide good quality sanitary napkins at affordable prices to underprivileged women. Project Aarogya which was implemented in Shastri Park and has changed the lives of more than 430 slum women residing there. For the upcoming year, the team seeks to implement Aarogya in at least 4 more urban slums and move toward achieving their vision of ensuring proper menstrual hygiene for all the underprivileged women of Delhi-NCR.

As the new session rolls around, team CDF-SRCC is all set to welcome its juniors and create a revolutionary change in the mindsets of people.

Enactus Hindu represents a community of student, academic, and business leaders committed
to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives, starting from communities at the
grassroot level and working our way towards designing a better future for the nation as a
Our flagship project, Project Oorja, seeks to facilitate ownership of affordable solar LED lamps
among street vendors. By developing a low-cost solar lamp, the project empowers these street
vendors. This project also promotes the use of renewable sources of energy, imparting a
significant environmental impact. The solar lamps significantly reduce carbon dioxide
emissions by replacing the kerosene lamps that have numerous ramifications and are currently
prevalent in most markets.
April 2018 saw the inception of Project Soaprise which seeks to tackle three issues: waste
management, hygiene & sanitation and women empowerment. The project is run by a group of
women from village Karkar in Uttar Pradesh who work to recycle waste soaps that would
otherwise be added to landfills. In this journey, we trained these women and enabled them to
set up their own soap enterprise. Our toy soaps are engineered specifically to attract rural
children who lack basic hygiene. These soaps, have small toys placed inside so the children
wash their hands more often with the incentive of reaching the toy. Our second category of
soaps, the Loofah Soap, are sold are competitive prices to the general public. These are made
with a touch of essential oils which help in fighting bacteria, repelling mosquitoes as well as
moisturizing the skin.
In order to invite new associations, Enactus Hindu organized its first event-Enexus in 2018. The
event offered entrepreneurs an opportunity to come together and contest with teams across
Delhi, interact and learn from one another, and put their ideas into action.
To ensure continued engagement, Enactus Hindu visited Karkar village on Global Handwashing
Day to conduct the”Handwashing Heroes” campaign. As part of our campaign, we organized a
fun-filled interaction to promote healthy hand hygiene habits among the residents.
In an effort to educate more children about the importance of sanitation and hygiene, Enactus
Hindu,with warm-hearted jollity went to Karkar to celebrate the occasion of Children’s Day. We
encouraged the children to develop the habit of handwashing through interesting group
In February 2019, Enactus Hindu launched ‘ReNote’ in an effort to enable deprived students to
successfully reap the benefits of education. The campaign aimed at facilitating underprivileged
students by providing them with recycled notebooks to cater their needs and encourage
effectual learning.
After a successful first edition of Warmth For Paws in 2017, we launched Warmth For Paws 2.0
in 2018. Man’s best friend is often the silent sufferer of the biting winter cold and thus we
started this initiative to make their lives a little warmer, softer and more comfortable. We
collected dog sweaters and vests, children’s sweaters, and other pieces of warm clothing and
customized them to clothe stray dogs with donated woolens.
The journey of Enactus Hindu was embarked upon with one goal in mind-to empower
previously deprived communities so that we can eventually paint a brighter future for the nation
in its entirety. As we tread forward, we hope that we inch closer to this ultimate goal with every
community that we transform.

India is a country with a population of 133 crore. In this population, 39% constitutes children; out of which, 29% are children between the ages of 0 to 5 years.  Amidst this demography, one child is sexually abused every fifteen minutes! These numbers and facts are the lived experiences of children in the country.

Child sexual abuse can be defined as the act of someone using a child for their sexual gratification. Sexual abuse can happen with or without physical contact. Someone touching a child’s private parts with sexual intent, a child being exposed to someone’s genitals, forcing a child to have sexual intercourse, making a child watch something sexual online or offline, in person or virtually, all comes under this offence.

Any act of child sexual abuse is heinous and produces grave psychological, social and physical impact on the child. In many instances, the child is traumatized for months, years or even a lifetime.  Added to this, a child’s self-expression and confidence may be curbed, their behavior may exhibit extremes – either completely withdrawn from the social circle or displaying aggression and violence. In some instances, the children may themselves become a perpetrator of the same. The conventional ideas of ‘morality’ in society blame the child for having faced abuse, or simply brush it under the carpet. Hundreds of cases of child abuse are left unreported, due to these notions, thus leaving the perpetrator free.

With the mission to uproot and eradicate this menace from society, in April 2018, Parwarish Cares Foundation launched its powerful campaign- AAO BAAT KAREIN. The campaign has already reached more than 45,000 children in the age group of 3- 17 years, and 5000 caregivers (teachers, counselors, parents, social workers). It has been running across schools and organizations, covering 31 cities in its mission, through workshops on sexual literacy- body science, puberty, adolescence, and the awareness and action to eradicate sexual abuse.


Session in Progress
Session in Progress

Parwarish has taken this campaign to schools (both private and government) shelter homes, NGOs, slums, vocational centers, and public spaces. These include Smile Foundation, Cheshire Home, leading newspaper-Dainik Jagran,  Uboontu foundation, Om Foundation, Saksham Foundation, Jamghat, Bal Shiksha Kendra, Navjyoti Trust, Shri Ratanlal Foundation, Shine Foundation, Prayas, Max Vision Foundation, Bal Shiksha Kendra, Udayan Trust, Sharamjeevi, Shri Ratanlal Foundation, and many more.

Parwarish Cares Foundation
Parwarish Cares Foundation


In a new attempt, Parwarish has transformed the content of this session in the form of a Street Play that would be taken to more such spaces to spread awareness to more and more children.

With every session conducted by trained facilitators from the organization, the campaign empowers children to objectively look at and identify the prevalence of sexual abuse in the country and their own lives. The children also recognize a safe space with the Parwarish facilitators as they talk about their lived experiences of abuse of this form in one to one conversations. These sessions have also empowered children to practice ways to deal with any situation of sexual abuse – endowing them with the power of ‘NO’. Similarly, caregivers have expressed willingness to dialogue about sex, sexual health and the prevalence of sexual abuse with children to ensure they are well informed and there are safe spaces all around. Organizations and schools have also aligned themselves with the objective of sensitization of children, adolescents, and adults as a part of the mission to eradicate sexual abuse, beginning with the need to remove the stigma and taboo that comes with the idea of talking about sex and sexual abuse.

The Power of No
The Power of No

Join hands with us to create a safer country with empowered children. For more updates, you can visit or take a look at our facebook page.


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DU Beat: An Independent Student Newspaper

It’s the time of the year when the campus is glowing with the enthusiastic and anticipating faces of freshers who are all set to be welcomed in a new city.  From the hustle to get admitted in their dream college to the excitement of finding a new home, they’re all geared up.

While universities all over India focus on providing a world-class education to students, they are unable to fully cater to the demands for student hostels. Eliminating the petite population that gets enrolled in university hostels, more than 80,000 students go about seeking shelter with private establishments like PGs and Flats. And in no time you can find the same enthusiastic freshers lingering on the streets of campus to buy vegetables!  Their objective of education and career advancement takes a back seat as they recognize the necessity to satisfy their basic living needs like comfortable housing, food and nutrition, cleanliness, laundry, EPC support, entertainment and socialization.

Having faced similar challenges while in Delhi University, a group of students from Ramjas College is venturing the opportunity through their startup in the student housing sector -YourShell.

The company provides easy to book, better serviced, and affordable rental homes to students within the campus and thrives on building a co-operative and robust support system for handling student grievances.


YourShell will ensure all your housing needs are met.
YourShell will ensure all your housing needs are met.


Apart from providing fully furnished air-conditioned rooms adorned with carefully crafted decor, four-time meal plan, with regular milk, fruits and additional beverages, dedicated housekeeping, personalized caretaking and a robust redressal system, YourShell properties offer a whole new set of free services to their residents which include library, gaming zone, gym, prepaid electric meters, smart card entry system, online payment portal, career counseling sessions, internship guidance and rent credit facility.

Founded in January 2017 by Sunny Garg, Vishesh Khunger, Shaifali Jain, Gaurav Verma & Vartika Sharma, YourShell has been financially backed by the ‘Startup India Standup India’ scheme of Modi government since its incorporation and is now a government recognized startup. Within two years of its inception, YourShell has managed to grow into the largest student housing community of North Campus, University of Delhi. It currently operates 18 residences and is home to 650+ students. Providing residential services to both girls and boys, the range varies from INR 10,000 to 25,000 to provide a wider range of options to choose from.


YourShell provides comfortable rooms at affordable prices.
YourShell provides comfortable rooms at affordable prices.


The intent of this project is to revolutionize the conventional forms of student housing and to organize the disoriented accommodation sector in all major educational hubs of the country so that the zealous spirits of freshers never recede and they stick to the very idea of why they were here in the first place.


You can check out the official Instagram page of YourShell for more details: Click Here

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While getting a Delhi University college might be a big hassle, finding the right PG doesn’t have to be!


With its prime location in Vijay Nagar, and the proximity to the prestigious North Campus, Simran Girls’ PG becomes an obvious choice for girl students looking for a place to call home, away from home. For more than 12 years, the place has provided safe and secure accommodation to girl students, without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

Location: The PG is located in Vijay Nagar, making it the most convenient option for North Campus students. Rest assured; you won’t be late to the 8 a.m. lecture!


The PG is located in Vijay Nagar.
The PG is located in Vijay Nagar.


Facility Features: With a common area, a terrace garden, parking, indoor gaming zone, and prominent places surrounding it, Simran Girls’ PG gives a community experience to the college years. Students are also provided with a bed, a mattress, and clean drinking water at all times. The rooms are fully-furnished and well-ventilated, and have storage spaces to keep up with the big dreams that graduates-to-be carefully tend to.


With a comfortable common room, residents can mingle with each other after college hours.
With a comfortable common room, residents can mingle with each other after college hours.


Security Features: 24×7 CCTV monitoring, helpline services, and a round the clock guard on duty, Simran Girls’ PG ensures that the safety of the students residing with us. We also have facilities like on-call doctor and first-aid boxes.


A safe environment is provided to the students.


Meal Features: Three full meals, and evening tea/coffee is served keeping in mind the nutrition and hygiene of the food. Professional chefs are employed, and only good quality produce is used to prepare the food.


Residents can keep the food fresh in the refrigerators we provide.


Rent: Despite being centrally located, the rent is especially low, starting at INR 7,000. Living this close to Campus gets especially pricey, but that is another worry crossed out of your list.


With such a low rent, these rooms are a steal.
With such low rent, these rooms are a steal.


Housekeeping: We have professional housekeeping staff to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the place. The cleaning equipment is provided to the staff by the facility itself, and students don’t have to worry about getting their space tidied up.


room 3
While you worry about your education, we will worry about keeping your room tidy.


Besides this, the owners take special care to personally interact with the residents, and make sure their needs are met. Repairs, maintenance works, etc. are handled instantly to make the stay hassle-free.


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How rare and awesome is it when life gives you the best of both worlds?
Well joining the Rotaract club of Young Visionaries is exactly that. From finally being able to make your contribution in making the world a better place to experiencing soul-soothing friendships, being a part of this incredible organization/club is probably the most wholesome thing you’ll do in your college life and beyond.

You’ll get endless networking opportunities because Rotaract is a widespread phenomenon to say the least and you’ll learn so much hands in terms of collaborations, event management and what not. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills, take part in competitions and best of all- the joy of serving the society in the most enjoyable way possible.

So, what are you waiting for? People between the ages of 18-30 don’t hold yourself back. Join this revolution and become part of the club because it’s your time to shine bright and smile dazzlingly as you witness the change you want to see, as you step in to get on a higher pedestal

So gyrry up
Join us today
Register at:

For any further queries, contact
Rtr. Ekta Goel
President (2019-20)

Rtr. Sakshi Gupta
Secretary (2019-20)

Rtr. Pankaj Arora
Vice President (2019-20)

Rtr.Shresth gupta
Joint Secretary (2019-20)

The evening of 14th March marked the end of 8thnicia ‘19, the annual cultural festival of North East Students’ Cell, Kirori Mal College. The fest kicked off with a panel discussion in the morning in which Amarjit Sharma and Sandipan Talukdar discussed on the burning topic of “Citizenship (Amendment) Bill”.
The seminar was followed by a photo exhibition titled “Incident” by one of the Cell’s very own executive member, Hrishikesh Talukdar, which portrayed the lives of North-Eastern people in Delhi. All this happened while at the same time students munched on delicious North-Eastern cuisine and played various types of games. A quiz was also conducted before the main event, which witnessed great enthusiasm from the students who were present.
The awaited cultural session began at 3:00 PM with cultural performances, both in movement and melody from various colleges all across Delhi University representing an even wider range of ethnic cultures from North-East India. The fest concluded with a cultural ramp walk which displayed various cultural attires of different ethnic communities of the North-East.
Under the teamwork of the Executive Members, the cultural fest was marked with great success and grand acceptance. The vibrant cultures of the North-Eastern states displayed in the fest was truly indeed a celebration of life!

Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, organized its first edition of an independently organized TED event, TEDxJMC, on the 8th of March 2019. Technology, Entertainment, Design, TEDx redefines these definitions by organizing some of the most mind-boggling events across the world. TEDxJMC brought together 9 incredible speakers, 1 theme – “(un)spoken”, amazing interactive activities and wonderful performers. This wholesome experience ended with a bang!

This conference hosted incredible ideas ranging from mental health to music. A culmination of a kind, it broadened horizons and shifted paradigms through passionate talks by speakers who breathe for their work. The speaker line-up of TEDxJMC was Sanchana Krishnan, a Mental Health Activist; Ankit Srivastava, a digital marketer and growth strategist; Vimlendu Jha, an environmentalist; Lakshay Mohan and Aayush Mohan, Sitar and Sarod Maestros; Valerie Pinto, CEO of Weber Shandwick; Kanika Goyal, Renowned Fashion Designer; Neeha Nagpal, Lawyer; Shibani Bedi, an actor and writer and Eshaa Patel, Student at JMC. Each one of them, a pioneer coming from different fields, with a carefully crafted unique idea, they enthralled the audience with their thoughts.

Apart from these remarkable speakers, there are numerous other reasons which made this large confluence of ideas a big success like our brilliant performers, The ACE, The Danceworx and Delhi Indie Project, exquisite giveaways and hampers, delectable lunch, exciting goodies and a participation certificate for all the attendees.

TEDxJMC 2019 saw a day full of pristine energy, a brilliant crowd of attendees and ambiance full of awe, inspiration and innovation! From the speakers and performers to gift hampers, food and decor everything was just amazing. Months of hard work and preparations made this event a grand success and a great experience for all!

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Historica, the history society of Dyal Singh College (M) is proud to announce the commencement of its annual Summer Fest , “Spartacus”, accentuating ‘The INDIAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT’ on the 2nd & 3rd of April , 2019.

We are delighted to host our honorary chief guests and keynote speakers, Prof. Kapil Kumar , Director of Centre for Freedom Struggle and Diaspora Studies , IGNOU and Dr. Swapna Liddle , a profound historian and author of ‘Chandini Chowk and Connaught Place’ and the conveyer of Intact Delhi Chapter.

The plathora of events are mentioned below:

· Yuva Samvad ft. Prof. Kapil Kumar & Dr. Swapna Liddle

· Quiz (A smorgasbord of General Topics)

· Debate

· Cultural Events (Semi-classical and solo dance performances & Singing)

Sukhmanch Theatre (Stage Play)
Mehfil-e-Sukhan (Poetry)

Gaming Events (Treasure Hunt, PUBG, Musical Chairs)

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our media partners : DU Beat, DU Express & DU Updates.

We would like to thank our title sponsor as well , Nestle Nesplus India

and our Gaming Partners ; Kaaya Salon, The Specialist, The Urban House.