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The Sociology Department of Kamala Nehru College is organising its annual cultural fest ‘Cynosure’ on the 26th of February, 2020. Their theme for this year is ‘Performing Arts: Creativity and Culture’. Through this theme, they aim to understand how enmeshed performing arts are in our culture and everyday life, and how expressing oneself through alternative means forms a major part of our history and present, carving out paths through which we interact in society.
Events for the day:
1. A performance and talk by Eshan Hilal – India’s most renowned professional male belly dancer
 2. A vocals and beat-boxing performance
 3. A Bharatnatayam performance
4. A Sarangi performance
5. An academic lecture by Dr. Urmimala Sarkar
Their competitions include:
1. A Slam poetry competition
2. A Group Dance Competition
3. An Online Photography competition
4. A Music Competition
Register here to attend the performances:
Check our their Instagram page to register for the competitions!