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National Service Scheme (NSS), Delhi Technological University organized Kartavya, a first of its kind social e-fest! Thousands of applicants participated in a diverse set of events ranging from poetry, debate, photography and case studies to quizzes and art!
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The event aimed at raising social awareness and provided a platform for everyone to showcase their talents from the comfort of their homes. The quality of participation witnessed has been extraordinary.
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We support this initiative by NSS DTU wholeheartedly and hope that everyone continues to put in efforts towards maintaining social distancing.

Riya Tikoo
A Delhi based musician, Riya says she didn’t find music but, was found by music instead. And, we have not heard a more beautiful thing recently.

Every time she steps on stage, she owns it and feels more empowered than ever. With her music, she has never left an opportunity to make people feel those emotions that they otherwise can’t. Riya believes music really helped her discover her own identity.

You will definitely get hooked to her voice if you even hear her sing just once. Don’t miss out on that chance and and watch Riya Tikoo live at Lockdown Blues. 9 PM on Wednesday, 8th April, 2020. See you!

Shrey Gupta
Being a guitarist for almost 11 years now has brought in him the confidence and determination that every artist craves for.
With the way he plays, he doesn’t need to worry about how the guitar looks!

Shrey is a 19 years old musician specialising in percussive finger-style guitar. Being recently involved in song-writing, he has released his own single ‘Kya Karu Tere Bina’ on all major streaming platforms, which we are certain of becoming your next song on loop.

So, dont miss this chance to see Shrey go live at Lockdown Blues. 8:30 PM on Wednesday, 8th April, 2020. See you!

Hanita Bhambri
Described by Vogue as one of the 10 female musicians to know in 2019 and touted by Rolling Stone Magazine as the “angsty-soulful pop artist to look out for”, Hanita Bhambri has crafted a remarkable debut EP – Nothing For Our Own

Hanita’s music catches the nature of sadness and makes it more beautiful than it appears. It’s inviting, it’s contemplative! She continues to make headway towards global recognition in her field as she has garnered million plus views.

Don’t miss the chance to catch this star, LIVE at Lockdown Blues. 8:00 PM on Wednesday, 8th April, 2020! See you!

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Being lockdown for almost a month has made us believe that no talent is greater than the other. An artist needs encouragement and visibility throughout and we realised it’s important that we support everyone together to celebrate the Quarantine phase with some beautiful content makers.

In our humble contribution to the #ArtistSupportsArtist movement, we present to you our first ever Instagram Live Concert Series: Lockdown Blues.

Stay tuned for more information and some amazing artists coming your way!

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The fourth day of March holds a special place in the hearts of all Kirorians. It marked the day
of the biggest annual celebration of culture and togetherness in Kirori Mal College, called
8thnicia. When the clock struck 1100 hours, the Canteen Lawn was filled with enthusiastic
faces who had come to witness and be a part of this grand celebration.
The fest featured wonderful works of arts, from digital art to painting to photography, all
done by the students of the Cell. The hungry stomachs of the audience were filled by the food
stalls, which were run by the students and the food partners. A plethora of cultural souvenirs
were put up for those who wanted to take back with them a piece of the northeast. Placards
and posters were also put up to help the visiting students get a better knowledge of the
complex northeast region.
The main event began at 1500 hours, which showcased the rich cultural heritage of the
northeast in the form of movements and music. Taking the stage to welcome the audience
was the Vice-President, Lobsang Phuntso who hosted the event. The welcome address was
delivered by the General Secretary, Imliwabang L Jamir, after which the cultural programme
The aesthetically decorated stage witnessed a bucket-full of performances ranging from folk
songs, to traditional forms of dances by various cultural dance troupes from different colleges
and by the Cell’s own students as well. As is a norm for all the Cell’s events, mother nature
gave the Cell a major scare yet again when she sent her rain down on the event, which
fortunately receded after a few minutes. The event concluded with the vote of thanks being
delivered by the President, Calvin Ginminlien Zou, who gave a heart-warming speech and
reminded all that we are one.

WDC, MLNC organized their first ever fest on 2nd and 3rd of March, 2020, BEBAKH literally meaning Fearless . The fest was inaugurated with a guest lecture by Mallarika Sinha Roy, a renowned JNU Professor, on ‘Deconstruction Gender’.

BEBAKH revolved around three major themes- LGBTQIA+, Feminist’s History, and Body Positivity. The main agenda behind this was to celebrate ourselves for who we our. There was a wishing tree where we wrote our wishes and hoped they will come true. We had a confession as well where people wrote about their feeling leaving the fear of being judged behind.
Day 1 witnessed a session on deconstructing gender with Dr. Mallarika Sinha Roy where deep rooted issues revolving around the complex term gender was highlighted and helped to see things in a different and positive light. The session was followed by the Conventional Debate competition where strong arguments were showcased by our participants.
Day 2 was all filled with fun and zeal. Firstly we had our poster making competition where the artists expressed themselves through their art. This was followed by face painting where the students expressed themselves and their thoughts by painting quotes and symbols. Then we had our Pride parade, keeping all the prejudices aside we danced and sang to the beats of our heart with a little splash of Bollywood. Open Mic was our final presentation where people performed their poems and stand up gigs and the response was over whelming.

Being only one year old WDC, MLNC left no space for regrets in their fest BEBAKH. And everyone left with a smile on their face as they took a step closer towards understanding gender, breaking free from the straight jacket of patriarchy and acceptance for fellow humans with WDC, MLNC.

The second day of the event of Comfluencia’20, involved various competitions involving participants to brace up their skills and put their knowledge to use.
It tested participants on various parameters including their creative thinking ability, Decision making, Technical Know How, Problem solving ability, etc.

The events included -:

1. Crimen Organizado –
It’s the era of mafia and now that you’ve entered the race with the intention to build up your bank account, it’s up to you to decide on that one hot rod out of the several, which will run the enterprise for you. The Mafia which ends up earning the most, will be the ultimate winner.
2. Innovation O Fiasco
Bored of the usual case study competitions?
Here we present you an exciting twist!
A conglomeration of innovation, synergy and strategy, get a chance to fill in the shoes of a top level manager, to disentangle the real world challenges thrown at you, and showcase your innovative and analytical skills.
3. Bazaar e Siyasat
Bored of conventional mockstocks ?
If you can manage money to take your party to the throne, then this event is for you. Come experience this thrilling political simulation where your financial acumen will be tested along with your grit to win.
Sports event for Basketball and Futsal were also organised with many fillers to keep students entertained. (1)

Achievers United – It was a conference wherein Achievers from diverse industries were invited to share their success stories with the students.
Honourable, Shri Nitin Gadhkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India was the Chief Guest for the event. Other eminent personalities included Stand Up Comedian Rahul Dua, Punjabi Pop artist Jugraj Sandhu, Dance Trio Cherry Bomb, Food Blogger Zingyzest and many others which left students mesmerised.
Students were able to clear their doubt from age old careers queries to unconventional ones from the speakers. They enjoyed the opportunity to interact with them and got to know insights from them.

Comfluencia’20 turned out to be a unprecedented success with attendees from various universities and fields

Scribe: The Literary Society of Hindu College successfully organised its second annual Literature Festival Lafz, on 2nd March, 2020. Amid the quaint aesthetics of the theme, the audience members witnessed an array of activities, that amused and informed simultaneously. A comprehensive outline of the event follows:

Slam Out Loud is a non-profit that uses art forms like poetry, storytelling, theatre,
and visual arts to enable children from disadvantaged communities find their voice. Through the guidance of professional artists and the aid of e-learning resources,
Slam Out Loud helps children aged 10-17 build the creative confidence needed by them to
dream bigger and forge a bright future of their choice. Slam Out Loud currently reaches out to
50,000 children in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
Accompanied by their mentors, some children from the organisation recited mesmerising pieces during Lafz. Their poems dealt with poignant themes of family and pain, binding the audience in an appreciative silence of empathy and making the commencement of the event a colourful one.

The author of “Friends From College”, and “The Heat And Dust Project”, Devapriya Roy held a QnA session with the members of Scribe and other students assembled for Lafz. The QnA session was very interactive and entertaining, dealing with the theme of Love and Friendships in college spaces. Roy dissected the toxic and the organic in relationships, and held the audience with her insightful remarks.

Following Roy, was a performance by Rajesh Kumar from Jashn-E-Qalam. Jashn-E-Qalam brings out the art of storytelling to an audience full of listeners. Lafz witnessed a performance of their invaluable craft, and very evidently the entire audience was captivated and could be seen living the story which the storyteller made everyone envision. It felt like it was one step ahead of reading as the entire plot of the story unfolded in front of the eyes of an imaginative audience. By the end of the storytelling, everyone was visibly mesmerized and had seemingly entered the realm of the story.

This interactive performance was then followed by a poetry reading by the Delhi-based poet and teacher, Michael Creighton. Unlike other poets, who’d otherwise talk about architectural marvels like Humayun’s Tomb in their poems, Creighton describes in detail about potholes, dust and spicy food of New Delhi. The audience were surely intrigued and entranced as Creighton recited some of his poems from his book “New Delhi Love Songs.” Besides, he also read out poems by other popular Instagram poets, who just like Creighton, find beauty in small unnoticed things of New Delhi.

This poetic mood was then accentuated by the impactful and musical recitation of Naveen Chourey, a poet, actor, and writer. Naveen Chourey’s poetry made us see a whole new side of the universe, inasmuch as how art and science is so closely intertwined. We were honoured to have Mr. Chourey as our speaker and delighted to listen to his poetry, followed by Mr. Ankur Sharma’ s singing.

Lastly, the Poetry and Story Telling Competitions concluded the day with more than twenty poets and story tellers reciting self-composed pieces of art. Lafz’20 with the miscellaneous subjects for poetry and prose (short stories), was the embodiment of reading as well as writing making the event not sombre, but witnessing an avid curiosity.

MERAKI The Entrepreneurship cell of Maitreyi College had it’s First E-Summit Entrescope’20 on 7th February 2020.

The event was divided into 3 sections i.e Performance, Speaker Session and the Competitions.

For the Speaker Session which was called ENTRE-TALE some of the leading entrepreneurs like Aditya Arora, Ankur Warikoo, Shawrya Mehrotra, Guneet Virdi , Ishaan Arora and Murrad Beigh were invited to enlighten young minds.
Entretale was one of the most successful and informative event of ENTRESCOPE’20.

There were various competitions like Treasure Hunt, Business Plan, Brand Wars and Meme Making which witnessed participation from different colleges.
A huge participation was experienced in the same.

The event ended with the great and Energetic performances of Aabir Vyas- The Comedian, Manjeet Singh- The Poet and IGNIA- The Band.

Apart from this the college was beautifully decorated by the members of MERAKI. The creative team truly worked hard to make the event look attractive.
Also, There were many stalls ranging from food to merchandise.
There were about 300+ students from different colleges who attended the event.

In a nutshell it was a well planned and successful first E-Summit ENTRESCOPE organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of Maitreyi College, Delhi University.

Enactus CVS understanding the need of the modern man to switch to natural cosmetic options rather than the chemically treated ones presents for the green consumer, Project Abyaan.

As one observes used vegetable oil and animal fat being poured down the sink or toilet or thrown in the bin, there are landfill sites and rubbish dumps going up in flames only due to this waste oil that drips away.

To debilitate this neglected issue, Enactus CVS came up with an idea, a thought now being brought to life under Abyaan in the form of Ayuda and Ayuda Skincare Plus; soaps of premium quality made to simultaneously tackle environmental pollution and create hygiene awareness amongst the people.
While Ayuda recycles used cooking oil procured from various vendors, Ayuda Skincare Plus makes use of underutilized goat milk acquired from communities of goat herders and treats skin problems such as dry skin, dead skin cells, and skin irritation.

With disposable cloth packaging making the model sustainable and eco-friendly,
Enactus CVS not only aims to mitigate the problems targeted but also to sustain an idea leading to change.

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