Women’s Development Cell Motilal Nehru College Succesfully Organised Their First Fest ‘Bebakh’

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WDC, MLNC organized their first ever fest on 2nd and 3rd of March, 2020, BEBAKH literally meaning Fearless . The fest was inaugurated with a guest lecture by Mallarika Sinha Roy, a renowned JNU Professor, on ‘Deconstruction Gender’.

BEBAKH revolved around three major themes- LGBTQIA+, Feminist’s History, and Body Positivity. The main agenda behind this was to celebrate ourselves for who we our. There was a wishing tree where we wrote our wishes and hoped they will come true. We had a confession as well where people wrote about their feeling leaving the fear of being judged behind.
Day 1 witnessed a session on deconstructing gender with Dr. Mallarika Sinha Roy where deep rooted issues revolving around the complex term gender was highlighted and helped to see things in a different and positive light. The session was followed by the Conventional Debate competition where strong arguments were showcased by our participants.
Day 2 was all filled with fun and zeal. Firstly we had our poster making competition where the artists expressed themselves through their art. This was followed by face painting where the students expressed themselves and their thoughts by painting quotes and symbols. Then we had our Pride parade, keeping all the prejudices aside we danced and sang to the beats of our heart with a little splash of Bollywood. Open Mic was our final presentation where people performed their poems and stand up gigs and the response was over whelming.

Being only one year old WDC, MLNC left no space for regrets in their fest BEBAKH. And everyone left with a smile on their face as they took a step closer towards understanding gender, breaking free from the straight jacket of patriarchy and acceptance for fellow humans with WDC, MLNC.

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