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Scribe: The Literary Society of Hindu College successfully organised its second annual Literature Festival Lafz, on 2nd March, 2020. Amid the quaint aesthetics of the theme, the audience members witnessed an array of activities, that amused and informed simultaneously. A comprehensive outline of the event follows:

Slam Out Loud is a non-profit that uses art forms like poetry, storytelling, theatre,
and visual arts to enable children from disadvantaged communities find their voice. Through the guidance of professional artists and the aid of e-learning resources,
Slam Out Loud helps children aged 10-17 build the creative confidence needed by them to
dream bigger and forge a bright future of their choice. Slam Out Loud currently reaches out to
50,000 children in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
Accompanied by their mentors, some children from the organisation recited mesmerising pieces during Lafz. Their poems dealt with poignant themes of family and pain, binding the audience in an appreciative silence of empathy and making the commencement of the event a colourful one.

The author of “Friends From College”, and “The Heat And Dust Project”, Devapriya Roy held a QnA session with the members of Scribe and other students assembled for Lafz. The QnA session was very interactive and entertaining, dealing with the theme of Love and Friendships in college spaces. Roy dissected the toxic and the organic in relationships, and held the audience with her insightful remarks.

Following Roy, was a performance by Rajesh Kumar from Jashn-E-Qalam. Jashn-E-Qalam brings out the art of storytelling to an audience full of listeners. Lafz witnessed a performance of their invaluable craft, and very evidently the entire audience was captivated and could be seen living the story which the storyteller made everyone envision. It felt like it was one step ahead of reading as the entire plot of the story unfolded in front of the eyes of an imaginative audience. By the end of the storytelling, everyone was visibly mesmerized and had seemingly entered the realm of the story.

This interactive performance was then followed by a poetry reading by the Delhi-based poet and teacher, Michael Creighton. Unlike other poets, who’d otherwise talk about architectural marvels like Humayun’s Tomb in their poems, Creighton describes in detail about potholes, dust and spicy food of New Delhi. The audience were surely intrigued and entranced as Creighton recited some of his poems from his book “New Delhi Love Songs.” Besides, he also read out poems by other popular Instagram poets, who just like Creighton, find beauty in small unnoticed things of New Delhi.

This poetic mood was then accentuated by the impactful and musical recitation of Naveen Chourey, a poet, actor, and writer. Naveen Chourey’s poetry made us see a whole new side of the universe, inasmuch as how art and science is so closely intertwined. We were honoured to have Mr. Chourey as our speaker and delighted to listen to his poetry, followed by Mr. Ankur Sharma’ s singing.

Lastly, the Poetry and Story Telling Competitions concluded the day with more than twenty poets and story tellers reciting self-composed pieces of art. Lafz’20 with the miscellaneous subjects for poetry and prose (short stories), was the embodiment of reading as well as writing making the event not sombre, but witnessing an avid curiosity.

MERAKI The Entrepreneurship cell of Maitreyi College had it’s First E-Summit Entrescope’20 on 7th February 2020.

The event was divided into 3 sections i.e Performance, Speaker Session and the Competitions.

For the Speaker Session which was called ENTRE-TALE some of the leading entrepreneurs like Aditya Arora, Ankur Warikoo, Shawrya Mehrotra, Guneet Virdi , Ishaan Arora and Murrad Beigh were invited to enlighten young minds.
Entretale was one of the most successful and informative event of ENTRESCOPE’20.

There were various competitions like Treasure Hunt, Business Plan, Brand Wars and Meme Making which witnessed participation from different colleges.
A huge participation was experienced in the same.

The event ended with the great and Energetic performances of Aabir Vyas- The Comedian, Manjeet Singh- The Poet and IGNIA- The Band.

Apart from this the college was beautifully decorated by the members of MERAKI. The creative team truly worked hard to make the event look attractive.
Also, There were many stalls ranging from food to merchandise.
There were about 300+ students from different colleges who attended the event.

In a nutshell it was a well planned and successful first E-Summit ENTRESCOPE organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of Maitreyi College, Delhi University.

Enactus CVS understanding the need of the modern man to switch to natural cosmetic options rather than the chemically treated ones presents for the green consumer, Project Abyaan.

As one observes used vegetable oil and animal fat being poured down the sink or toilet or thrown in the bin, there are landfill sites and rubbish dumps going up in flames only due to this waste oil that drips away.

To debilitate this neglected issue, Enactus CVS came up with an idea, a thought now being brought to life under Abyaan in the form of Ayuda and Ayuda Skincare Plus; soaps of premium quality made to simultaneously tackle environmental pollution and create hygiene awareness amongst the people.
While Ayuda recycles used cooking oil procured from various vendors, Ayuda Skincare Plus makes use of underutilized goat milk acquired from communities of goat herders and treats skin problems such as dry skin, dead skin cells, and skin irritation.

With disposable cloth packaging making the model sustainable and eco-friendly,
Enactus CVS not only aims to mitigate the problems targeted but also to sustain an idea leading to change.

#Werisebyliftingothers #weallwin #enactusindia #enactus

The following is the link to the video-




The English Literary Society of SGTB Khalsa College, DU hosted their annual
Literature Fest, Beyond Words on February 27 and 28, 2020. The theme was re-
membering childhoods.
The fest started with the fun filled event, Special Assembly : Standup Comedy
Competition, on Thursday, February 27, wherein twelve comics competed for
the grand prize of Rs. 5000 and assorted goodies and coupons. The event
garnered a lot of public spectators, filling up the Library Lawns with laughter
and joy.
February 28 brought along Literary Chaos, a two parter event with Thinker Bell
: Writing Competition as the first event of the day and Memory Squares : A
Game Event as the second. The events were a huge success, with many
participants putting their knowledge and skills to the test.
The fest was sponsored by Smaash, Twighop, Twister Cafe, DU Updates, DU
Express, DU Vibes, DU Beat,, Education Tree and Campus

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Enactus NSUT, the Social Entrepreneurship Society Of Netaji Subhas University of Technology
was Established in 2011 and has grown multifold since.
They’ve achieved following in the past years:
– Winners at Enactus Blue Dart Empowering Competition – 2017 for Project Umang,
received a grant of Rs. 40,000
– Winners at Mahindra Rise Special Grant Competition 2017, received a grant of
Rs.1,00,000 for Project Farm to Fork
– Winners at Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership 2013 for
Project Aakriti
– Won the KPMG Ethics Grant Competition’19 and received a grant of Rs 50,000 for
Project Sanjivani and Project Drinking Water
– Finalist at Enactus Unilever Special Competition 2013
The motto of the Society is “We believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial actions
for others, thereby creating a better world for us all.”
Enactus NSUT is a community of student leaders working progressively to make an impact in
the society not by the means of charity but by developing and implementing technical skills
combined with entrepreneurial knowledge.
They have been implementing the idea of entrepreneurship inculcated with social development
towards empowering the underprivileged and helping them become self-sustainable.
The thing that sets them apart from others is the fact that they implement theoretical ideas and
business models on the ground. Members have to work year-round to achieve results which
bring priceless smiles on the faces of countless beneficiaries.
They recently organized Aspire, the Annual Social Entrepreneurship Convention, aimed at being
a unique platform for catalyzing entrepreneurial temperament.
This Social Entrepreneurship Convention brings with it the most diverse roster of events which
aimed at developing business, analytical and entrepreneurial skills without compromising the
fun aspects of a college event.
The events include:-
Samadhan – The Social Case Event
Social B-Plan – The Social Business Plan Event
Rann Niti – The Strategy Event

Keep It Reel – The Informal Event
Yukti – The Policy Case Study
and many more.
The grand Entrepreneurship Convention concluded with an amazing Speaker Session where
Founders, CEOs and CFOs of budding startups came together to educate students from various
colleges about Social Entrepreneurship and the numerous problems which are faced by an
Entrepreneur. The lineup for the speaker session included noted social entrepreneurs like Joy
Sharma, Sahil Aggarwal, Shailesh Gupta and Sharad Sagar, all of whom did an excellent job at
inspiring all those who aspire to be Entrepreneurs some day.a





The Sociology Department of Kamala Nehru College is organising its annual cultural fest ‘Cynosure’ on the 26th of February, 2020. Their theme for this year is ‘Performing Arts: Creativity and Culture’. Through this theme, they aim to understand how enmeshed performing arts are in our culture and everyday life, and how expressing oneself through alternative means forms a major part of our history and present, carving out paths through which we interact in society.
Events for the day:
1. A performance and talk by Eshan Hilal – India’s most renowned professional male belly dancer
 2. A vocals and beat-boxing performance
 3. A Bharatnatayam performance
4. A Sarangi performance
5. An academic lecture by Dr. Urmimala Sarkar
Their competitions include:
1. A Slam poetry competition
2. A Group Dance Competition
3. An Online Photography competition
4. A Music Competition
Register here to attend the performances:
Check our their Instagram page to register for the competitions!
For all the adventurers out there
Ordinateur, the Computer Science Society, Hansraj College, brings to you Tech Hunt, treasure hunt but with a tech-twist, in its much awaited technical fest, CYNOSURE’20
Well we can’t send you sailing for adventure on the big blue wet-thing but we can certainly offer you some mind-boggling riddles that are guaranteed to spark your brain!
Afterall, as Mr. Jack Sparrow said,
Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate.
So come join us on –>
Date : 28 February, 2020
Time : 1 pm onwards
Venue : LP, Hansraj College
Registration fee : Rs. 50 per team (2-4 members)
Note -Each member has to register separately on the website.
Register here,
For more details, contact :
Akshat Jain – 9027176221
Jyoti – 9643699664
 cyno 5
“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”
– Joseph Joubert
Greetings Democrats!
Ordinateur , the Computer Science Society, Hansraj College, proudly announces, CODE-BATE,an English debate competition in its upcoming annual technical fest Cynosure’20, the perfect platform for tech-geeks to debate their opinions with enthusiastic opponents.
So why wait?
Let’s hash it out!
Best team – Rs 2000
Best speaker in favour – Rs 1000
Best speaker against – Rs 1000
Best Interjector – Rs 500
Exciting Goodies worth Rs 10K.
Date : 28 February, 2020
Time : 9:00am
Venue : Conference Room
Topic : (Motion will be released two days prior to the event.)
Only first 20 teams are allowed!
Note – A team of two members, one in favour other against the motion is allowed. Each team member has to register separately on the website.
Register here,
For more details, contact :
Akshat Jain : 9027176221
Jyoti Srivastav : 9643699664
 cyno 2
“And so wield the pen, and scribble down the code,
For here comes the moment, to take the battle to the road”
Greetings little coders and decipherers!
Too long have you spent your precious coding time on trivial projects and homeworks but NO MORE!
It’s time for something big, it’s time to test the mettle of your minds, it’s time for BATTLE! Ordinateur, the Computer Science Society, Hansraj College, brings to you, Cipher Swap, in its glorious tech-fest, CYNOSURE’20.
How much fun it’d be when one writes a code and the other has to complete it!
This is the ultimate dance of coders where the coordination between you and your partner matters just as much as your knowledge.
So get ready to slay!
 Date : 27th February 2020
 Time : 12 pm sharp
 Venue : CS LAB 3,4
Team of 2 members allowed.Each member has to register separately on the website
 Registration here,
For more details, contact
Akshat Jain : 9027176221
Jyoti Srivastav : 9643699664
 cyno 3
Are you confident in your programming skills?
Feel like you are the ultimate coder?
Well, wanna try something new?
How about switching off the displays?
Yes! You read that right.
Ordinateur, Computer Science society of Hansraj College brings to you BLIND CODING in its much awaited tech-fest, CYNOSURE’20, which will test your coding skills at the next level.
So have you written the correct statements and included all the needed header files? What about those pesky braces and semicolons?
You have to completely rely on your memory! No peeking at the code allowed!
So, what say? Are you able enough to write the code when you cannot see what you are actually writing?
If yes, then what are you waiting for? Hop in!
 Date : 27th February 2020
 Time : 10 am onwards
 Venue : CS lab 3
Register here
For more details, contact
Akshat Jain : 9027176221
Jyoti Srivastav : 9643699664
 cyno 1
Do you think you are The Hermoine Granger of this Tech World…?The nerdy one who has the answer to every question?
So here we are, Ordinateur, the Computer Science Society, Hansraj College, ready to check your knowledge in Quiz-O-Brainia. So pull up your socks and get ready to test your skills.
 Date : 27th February 2020
 Time : 2:30 pm sharp
 Venue : CS LAB 1
Note – Team of 2-4 members allowed.Each member has to register separately on the website
Well if you think yourself as Derek-o-Brein of Technology then definitely Quiz-O-Brainia should be a piece of cake for you!! Umm…. That’s for the rest of the event to tell
So, Cybernauts gear up but first register yourself on the given below link:
Register here :
Contact details :
Akshat Jain – 9027176221
Jyoti Srivastav – 9643699664

cyno 4

Let your delight constantly increase and raise your spirits high as the rigmarole is back in the city because it’s a frenzy until infinity. With the steadily increasing buzz , Comhub , the commerce society of Dyal Singh Evening College , is all set for the extravaganza as it holds its flag high .

To provide a gleaming start to your spring season , we have planned a total of 9 events where you won’t just be participating or winning , you’ll be feeling the consonance make an indelible imprint on your minds. Get set to live your life to the fullest as you enter this unique world of Comfiesta’20, where there is passion in the heart and vigor in the soul.

Buckle up to experience the breathtaking adventure as we await your incredible company for the carnival of commerce , Comfiesta. So, be on your marks and save the dates for the saga in your city on 25th and 26th of February.

See you there!

Register here:

Vibrations 2020 is back again to dazzle you with an evening filled with the most calming and comforting songs of a music sensation.

Jubin Nautiyal, a nominee for the Upcoming Male Vocalist Award for his song “Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata” is definitely going to touch our hearts with his melodious voice.

Let’s get lost in the alluring tune, count the moments, as VIBRATIONS’20 is not too far.

Mark the date, February 21, 2020, an evening sealed with the love and melody.

Because “tum hi aana” singer is actually arriving.

So come witness the live performance of the one and only Jubin Nautiyal at Shivaji College.

The 2-day extravaganza entrepreneurial fest of E-Cell, IIT Roorkee, E-Summit’20 has been ultimately concluded on Feb 2. The fest comprised of various events and workshops such as Ideastorm, Hackathons, Investor’s Vista, Startup Expo, B-Hack, etc. with total prize money of 10 lakhs and workshops such as Tech, AI, etc.

Around 1200 students that consisted of several schools and colleges across India participated in such events and workshops.
Ideastorm and Productathons (Hardware and Software) were the flagship events of E-Summit 20.
Ideastorm consisted of 3 rounds, in which the students had to pitch about a business idea. The best Ideas get mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, cash rewards worth 2.5 Lakhs and the impressive ones even have the opportunity to raise funding from the VCs.

Productathon is an intense development meet for creating product-driven technology for those who want to lead innovation and create modernized solutions with total prize money of around 3.5 Lakhs. Productathon is a design sprint-like event where enthusiasts across various domains collaborate to find a solution to the provided problem statement. In E-Summit 20, it was a 36-hour intense workload for students from different colleges to compete among themselves to develop a product according to the need of the provided problem statement.

E-Summit’20 has witnessed some of the extraordinary speakers, namely Mr. Karthik Reddy, Dr. Harish Hande, and various such speakers. Having over 65 successful collaborations, boosted the fest as compared to that in 2019.
We look forward to reaching the students in next year’s fest who failed to attend this year.


For more details, visit our website: