Enactus CVS launches Project Abyaan

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Enactus CVS understanding the need of the modern man to switch to natural cosmetic options rather than the chemically treated ones presents for the green consumer, Project Abyaan.

As one observes used vegetable oil and animal fat being poured down the sink or toilet or thrown in the bin, there are landfill sites and rubbish dumps going up in flames only due to this waste oil that drips away.

To debilitate this neglected issue, Enactus CVS came up with an idea, a thought now being brought to life under Abyaan in the form of Ayuda and Ayuda Skincare Plus; soaps of premium quality made to simultaneously tackle environmental pollution and create hygiene awareness amongst the people.
While Ayuda recycles used cooking oil procured from various vendors, Ayuda Skincare Plus makes use of underutilized goat milk acquired from communities of goat herders and treats skin problems such as dry skin, dead skin cells, and skin irritation.

With disposable cloth packaging making the model sustainable and eco-friendly,
Enactus CVS not only aims to mitigate the problems targeted but also to sustain an idea leading to change.

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