Comfluencia’20 turned out to be a unprecedented success with attendees from various universities and fields

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The second day of the event of Comfluencia’20, involved various competitions involving participants to brace up their skills and put their knowledge to use.
It tested participants on various parameters including their creative thinking ability, Decision making, Technical Know How, Problem solving ability, etc.

The events included -:

1. Crimen Organizado –
It’s the era of mafia and now that you’ve entered the race with the intention to build up your bank account, it’s up to you to decide on that one hot rod out of the several, which will run the enterprise for you. The Mafia which ends up earning the most, will be the ultimate winner.
2. Innovation O Fiasco
Bored of the usual case study competitions?
Here we present you an exciting twist!
A conglomeration of innovation, synergy and strategy, get a chance to fill in the shoes of a top level manager, to disentangle the real world challenges thrown at you, and showcase your innovative and analytical skills.
3. Bazaar e Siyasat
Bored of conventional mockstocks ?
If you can manage money to take your party to the throne, then this event is for you. Come experience this thrilling political simulation where your financial acumen will be tested along with your grit to win.
Sports event for Basketball and Futsal were also organised with many fillers to keep students entertained.
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