Triumph and Talent Shine Bright: Winners of FINACC 2023 Emerge

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As the final echoes of discussions and debates fade away, and the last moments of camaraderie and learning linger in our memories, it’s time to celebrate the true stars of FINACC 2023. This year’s event, hosted by R.A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, ignited the passion for accounting and finance in the hearts of young minds and culminated in a thrilling display of knowledge and talent.

In the pre-event “MoneyBall,” an exhilarating Scavenger Hunt for Accounting Clues, the winner’s crown was claimed by HR College, showcasing their keen analytical skills and quick thinking. 

Stepping into the spotlight of triumph, HR College emerged as the overall winner of FINACC 2023, reaffirming their dedication to financial prowess and strategic thinking.

The first runner-up position was secured by NM College, who exhibited exceptional understanding and application of financial concepts, earning well-deserved recognition.

Not to be overshadowed, LS Raheja College clinched the second runner-up position, proving their mettle in a competitive arena and making their institution proud.

As the curtains of the event drew close, the stage came alive with names that shall be etched in FINACC history. Let’s pay homage to the outstanding individuals who excelled in various events:

  • Business Analyst: NM College exhibited their exceptional interview skills, bagging the top position in this rigorous round.
  • Between the Lines: HR College once again claimed victory by showcasing their prowess in analysing complex case studies and extracting meaningful insights.
  • Esploro Presentado: NM College proved their research and presentation skills by securing the top spot in this event, underscoring their dedication to in-depth financial exploration.

A heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants who brought their energy, enthusiasm, and passion to every event. It’s these collective efforts that truly make FINACC an enriching and memorable experience.

Distinguished Speakers and Judges:

The event was graced by the presence of notable personalities who enriched the discourse and evaluation:

Speaker: Milan Bavishi, Director of Content at Upstox, shared valuable insights, inspiring participants to embark on their financial journeys with zest.

Judges: The rigorous judging process was overseen by a panel of esteemed experts:

  •   CA Shivam Palan, who lent his expertise to evaluate the Business Analyst event.
  •   CS Neha Patel and CS Akshay Goenka, who meticulously assessed the “Between the Lines” case study competition.
  •   CMA CPA Naman Puri and CA CFA CS Siddhart Kedia, who diligently judged the “Esploro Presentado” research and presentation event.

The success of FINACC 2023 is a testament to the dedication of both participants and organisers. As we bid adieu to this edition, we eagerly anticipate the future, where the spirit of accounting and finance exploration will continue to thrive.

Until then, let these moments of triumph and camaraderie be cherished, and let the spark ignited by FINACC 2023 illuminate the path of every participant’s journey in the realm of finance and accounting.

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