Enactus Hindu’s Endeavours for Change!

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Enactus Hindu represents a community of student, academic, and business leaders committed
to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives, starting from communities at the
grassroot level and working our way towards designing a better future for the nation as a
Our flagship project, Project Oorja, seeks to facilitate ownership of affordable solar LED lamps
among street vendors. By developing a low-cost solar lamp, the project empowers these street
vendors. This project also promotes the use of renewable sources of energy, imparting a
significant environmental impact. The solar lamps significantly reduce carbon dioxide
emissions by replacing the kerosene lamps that have numerous ramifications and are currently
prevalent in most markets.
April 2018 saw the inception of Project Soaprise which seeks to tackle three issues: waste
management, hygiene & sanitation and women empowerment. The project is run by a group of
women from village Karkar in Uttar Pradesh who work to recycle waste soaps that would
otherwise be added to landfills. In this journey, we trained these women and enabled them to
set up their own soap enterprise. Our toy soaps are engineered specifically to attract rural
children who lack basic hygiene. These soaps, have small toys placed inside so the children
wash their hands more often with the incentive of reaching the toy. Our second category of
soaps, the Loofah Soap, are sold are competitive prices to the general public. These are made
with a touch of essential oils which help in fighting bacteria, repelling mosquitoes as well as
moisturizing the skin.
In order to invite new associations, Enactus Hindu organized its first event-Enexus in 2018. The
event offered entrepreneurs an opportunity to come together and contest with teams across
Delhi, interact and learn from one another, and put their ideas into action.
To ensure continued engagement, Enactus Hindu visited Karkar village on Global Handwashing
Day to conduct the”Handwashing Heroes” campaign. As part of our campaign, we organized a
fun-filled interaction to promote healthy hand hygiene habits among the residents.
In an effort to educate more children about the importance of sanitation and hygiene, Enactus
Hindu,with warm-hearted jollity went to Karkar to celebrate the occasion of Children’s Day. We
encouraged the children to develop the habit of handwashing through interesting group
In February 2019, Enactus Hindu launched ‘ReNote’ in an effort to enable deprived students to
successfully reap the benefits of education. The campaign aimed at facilitating underprivileged
students by providing them with recycled notebooks to cater their needs and encourage
effectual learning.
After a successful first edition of Warmth For Paws in 2017, we launched Warmth For Paws 2.0
in 2018. Man’s best friend is often the silent sufferer of the biting winter cold and thus we
started this initiative to make their lives a little warmer, softer and more comfortable. We
collected dog sweaters and vests, children’s sweaters, and other pieces of warm clothing and
customized them to clothe stray dogs with donated woolens.
The journey of Enactus Hindu was embarked upon with one goal in mind-to empower
previously deprived communities so that we can eventually paint a brighter future for the nation
in its entirety. As we tread forward, we hope that we inch closer to this ultimate goal with every
community that we transform.

For any media-related collaboration, drop a mail to Sharvi Maheshwari, at [email protected] with the partnership proposal and the content to be posted.

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