Join this Revolution and Become Part of the Rotaract Club!

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How rare and awesome is it when life gives you the best of both worlds?
Well joining the Rotaract club of Young Visionaries is exactly that. From finally being able to make your contribution in making the world a better place to experiencing soul-soothing friendships, being a part of this incredible organization/club is probably the most wholesome thing you’ll do in your college life and beyond.

You’ll get endless networking opportunities because Rotaract is a widespread phenomenon to say the least and you’ll learn so much hands in terms of collaborations, event management and what not. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your leadership skills, take part in competitions and best of all- the joy of serving the society in the most enjoyable way possible.

So, what are you waiting for? People between the ages of 18-30 don’t hold yourself back. Join this revolution and become part of the club because it’s your time to shine bright and smile dazzlingly as you witness the change you want to see, as you step in to get on a higher pedestal

So gyrry up
Join us today
Register at: http://bit.ly/rcyv2019

For any further queries, contact
Rtr. Ekta Goel
President (2019-20)

Rtr. Sakshi Gupta
Secretary (2019-20)

Rtr. Pankaj Arora
Vice President (2019-20)

Rtr.Shresth gupta
Joint Secretary (2019-20)

For any media-related collaboration, drop a mail to Sharvi Maheshwari, at [email protected] with the partnership proposal and the content to be posted.

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