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Millennials have started to believe that they do not have enough time for any leisure activity, and they that they need to succumb into the monotony of life. This piece aims to break that myth.

As children, the majority of our time was spent playing some sport, painting, and simply discovering our hobbies. This practice, however, saw a major transition as we grew up, even our diversions changed. Contrary to popular belief, hobbies are supposed to be activities that we make time for, despite our busy schedules and indefinite piles of tasks.

According to many surveys, most people prefer staying at home and watching television rather than stepping outside to discover themselves. Moreover, there is a difference between a past-time and a hobby. In the most generic sense, a hobby is mostly recreational.

Millennials fail to realize the importance of hobbies and continue living their vanilla lives. Every industry is characterized by its dynamic environment, and to soar higher in such conditions, everyone should indulge in creative thinking to stand out.

Hobbies are formed after several rounds of introspection, they are extremely important for self-actualization, and true happiness. Those people who make their passion their professions, have it comparatively easier than those who are still on the path of self-discovery.

Researchers have also discovered, that some time away from work, to indulge in some leisure activity has been linked with increased performances at work and creative activities, leading to higher confidence levels.

With extremely high-stress levels and constant pressure, millennials need an outlet for the same, which seems impossible due to their pre-occupation with technology, and the inability to make time for themselves.

Ishita, a student of Lady Shri Ram College said, “I used to paint every week as a child, but the last time I picked up a paintbrush was over five months ago just to post a story on Instagram.”

The idea that Instagram, Twitter, and other products of modern technology are replacements of hobbies is bizarre. Our fixation on social media is proving to be way more harmful than it was first predicted. Even if someone is actively pursuing their hobbies, they feel the need to post stories on their social media while they paint, bake, or read, which is strange because this trend has recently surfaced, and millennials tend to focus more on posting stories rather than enjoying their hobbies.

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Suhani Malhotra

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February and March are pre-booked in all DU students’ calendars. The excitement of going to star nights, eating great food and having a ball with your closest friends are just some of the reasons why most Delhi University kids flock to the best fests. However, to make sure you have a foolproof fest season, we bring you some important things to remember before the spell of fun starts –

  • Reach the venue well before time: Make sure that you and your friends reach the venue at least half hour before the scheduled time. Even though, the show is most likely to start late, it is always better to secure a decent spot in the crowd. People will start pouring into the venue in huge numbers and the entry to the venue will be closed pretty early because of the huge crowd, so make sure you get a spot in advance to enjoy the show without worries.
  • Check the entry procedure: It is very important to check the college entry procedure online for the particular fest before going. Some colleges are stricter with the entry as compared to others, so make sure you know how to get in. Colleges like Hindu and SRCC have a strict entry procedure because bags are thoroughly checked and passes are required, but carry your college id to all the fests, regardless.
  • Keep cash: Make sure you have enough cash in this time of demonetisation. DU fests usually have stalls set up in the campus and payment would mostly be taken in cash by the small vendors.
  • Take permission: DU fests usually end late so make sure that you have your parents’/hostel warden’s/landlord’s permission beforehand to come back home late so that you don’t miss out on any fun!
  • Carry water: When inside the heavily packed campuses of Delhi University, wading through the crowd for water can be an issue. Carry a small water bottle inside your bag to avoid missing fun things while you’re in that moment of thirst.
  • Dress comfortably: As much as I would like sporting heels for the fest season, I know that it is going to be super uncomfortable. Main events of the fests are usually held in the sports ground, and wearing heels on a grass field is probably a bad idea. Make sure you’re comfortable, warm and snug in your clothing because fests do require you to walk around/stand a lot, in the open.
  • Beware of pickpockets: Crowded areas increase the dangers of getting mugged, so take care of your belongings, because a bad incident can ruin your whole day. Keep checking your wallet and phone from time to time and be alert of the people around you.
  • Preserve the memories: The fest season will be the best time of your college life and preserving the memories for your future, adult self will be worth it. You can buy small trinkets from the various stalls as souvenirs, save the passes and keep it between heavy books or find a photo booth and get a group picture printed of the gang.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun!

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Anagha Rakta
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One of the main reasons that keeps the excitement part going during the exam days is the things we would finally be able to do when we are done with them. With almost no guilt or stress on our minds and ample of time in our hands, here are some amazing ways on our bucket list to keep yourself occupied in the post exam period!

  • Have a guilt free sleep

Finally, you can let yourself sleep without the stress of waking up to exam horrors each day. Get rid of your sleep deprivation and go easy on your schedule.

  • Binge watch your favorite movies and TV series

Needless to say it’s the best source of entertainment and happiness for us. Get ready to watch every series and movie you’ve been waiting for.

  • Join something productive :

From music, dance to language courses, there’s so much time to pursue what you always wanted to.

  • Catch hold of a summer internship :

Undoubtedly, the best way to utilize time and enhance your CV, summer internships can give you the right set of skills and experience required for your future.

  • Redecorate your room :

Let your creative juices flow and utilize your time in this constructive and exciting idea. Replace the timetables on walls with something attractive and redefine your own happy space.

  • Go on a road trip :

Whether near of far, whether for a week or a weekend, plan your escape with your friends or family. Relax, reclaim your personal space and discover yourself by introducing an atmosphere change.

  • Work on your passion :

There was something you always loved but never found time to work on it? Well, now’s the perfect time to accentuate your passion, develop new ones and rediscover all your interests. Read, write, dance, bake or do anything that you wanted to do since long.

  • Try something new!

What about trying something you never thought of doing? There’s no harm in trying that either. You never know, when you find something completely new about yourself? Explore and experiment! The time is now!

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Lovleen Kaur

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With a fresh batch of students embarking on their DU journey here is a bucket list of things to do in North Campus before you pass out of college:

1. Campus Tour:

[caption id="attachment_34205" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image Credits: dailymail.co.uk Image Credits: dailymail.co.uk[/caption]

No matter where you’re studying, a tour of the renowned North Campus colleges is a check in the box everyone should have to understand what DU life is really all about. Most colleges like Hindu, Hansraj and KMC usually have a lot of activities going on, with society auditions and election demonstrations being a common sight during the first couple of weeks of college.

2. The Ridge:

[caption id="attachment_34206" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image Credits: littleblackbookdelhi.com Image Credits: littleblackbookdelhi.com[/caption]

The mysterious Ridge behind St. Stephen’s College has been the setting for almost every single ghost story DU has produced, but if you’re looking for werewolves and shape shifters you’ll be disappointed since the only real threat to humanity are the hundreds of monkeys that inhabit the forest. With lots of open spaces, the Ridge is a nice place to sit down and have a good conversation away from the hustle and bustle that takes place in the colleges. If you’re feeling very daring and live on campus, visit the Ridge at night for a completely different experience altogether.

3. The Vice Chancellor’s Office:

[caption id="attachment_34207" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image Credits: dubeat.com Image Credits: dubeat.com[/caption]

Most DU students make this trip once or twice during their three years in college for many reasons (mostly to get their transcripts corrected), but it is definitely a trip worth making even if you aren’t compelled to do so. Formerly the Viceroy of India’s residence, the VC’s office has majestic lawns and beautiful statues- making it an ideal place for students to have lazy lunches or power naps especially on a sunny day in the winter.

4. Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane:

[caption id="attachment_34208" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image Credits: lovehindustan.com Image Credits: lovehindustan.com[/caption]

Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane have and will continue to be an integral part of every DU students life throughout their college years. Filled with some of the best eating joints in the city, between ‘K-Nagz’ and ‘Hudson’ one is sure to find great places for lunch or coffee, and that too at very reasonable prices.

5. The V-Tree Festival

[caption id="attachment_34209" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image Credits: dubeat.com Image Credits: dubeat.com[/caption]

Irrespective of whether you have plans or not, visiting Hindu College on Valentine’s Day is something everyone must do at least once during their time in DU. Hindu College’s famous ‘V-Tree’ is decorated with streamers and numerous other items for what is indeed a very unique kind of prayer ceremony. With nearly a hundred students and even a dhol to top it all off, the festival creates a vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere and is definitely an experience every DU student should be a part of.

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