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The Five-Card trick to a North Campus life

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With a fresh batch of students embarking on their DU journey here is a bucket list of things to do in North Campus before you pass out of college:

1. Campus Tour:

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No matter where you’re studying, a tour of the renowned North Campus colleges is a check in the box everyone should have to understand what DU life is really all about. Most colleges like Hindu, Hansraj and KMC usually have a lot of activities going on, with society auditions and election demonstrations being a common sight during the first couple of weeks of college.

2. The Ridge:

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The mysterious Ridge behind St. Stephen’s College has been the setting for almost every single ghost story DU has produced, but if you’re looking for werewolves and shape shifters you’ll be disappointed since the only real threat to humanity are the hundreds of monkeys that inhabit the forest. With lots of open spaces, the Ridge is a nice place to sit down and have a good conversation away from the hustle and bustle that takes place in the colleges. If you’re feeling very daring and live on campus, visit the Ridge at night for a completely different experience altogether.

3. The Vice Chancellor’s Office:

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Most DU students make this trip once or twice during their three years in college for many reasons (mostly to get their transcripts corrected), but it is definitely a trip worth making even if you aren’t compelled to do so. Formerly the Viceroy of India’s residence, the VC’s office has majestic lawns and beautiful statues- making it an ideal place for students to have lazy lunches or power naps especially on a sunny day in the winter.

4. Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane:

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Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane have and will continue to be an integral part of every DU students life throughout their college years. Filled with some of the best eating joints in the city, between ‘K-Nagz’ and ‘Hudson’ one is sure to find great places for lunch or coffee, and that too at very reasonable prices.

5. The V-Tree Festival

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Irrespective of whether you have plans or not, visiting Hindu College on Valentine’s Day is something everyone must do at least once during their time in DU. Hindu College’s famous ‘V-Tree’ is decorated with streamers and numerous other items for what is indeed a very unique kind of prayer ceremony. With nearly a hundred students and even a dhol to top it all off, the festival creates a vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere and is definitely an experience every DU student should be a part of.

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