Have you ever felt so lost that even an episode from Friends turns out to be unfruitful? This is when you find your world in your comfort food. A plain and simple bowl of Dal and rice can sometimes trump the most delectable fares.

On a late winter night, while everyone is snuggled up in their blankets, you are awake to complete those due assignments. You could hear your flatmate’s snoring but there is nothing much you could do about it. That is when your stomach growls. You get up from your chair and head towards the kitchen to make some instant noodles. You pour in water in the saucepan and wait for it to boil. Suddenly you feel an urge to not eat those noodles. You start reminiscing about the time from your younger days. Those days when your mother used to cook your meals while you worked hard for your tests. At that time it felt insignificant only for you to realize its higher place in your life and that is how your everyday food became your comfort food. So, in the dead of the darkness, while you look at your noodles in the making, you are craving your comfort food. The thought about your comfort food makes you crave it even more. Surprisingly, you could smell it even when it was not in front of you. From ‘aaj bhi Dal chawal’ to ‘where is my Dal chawal’ we have all grown up.

Besides this, have you ever dwelled on your long vacation feelings? Some years ago while holidaying in Mumbai, I was hit by a strange feeling. I love to explore different cuisines and a trip to Mumbai is everything when it comes to food. Whilst enjoying the Vada Pao and Bhel Puri, I realized that I can not take another bite of it. At that moment all I wanted was some home-cooked rice, piping hot dal garnished with a dash of lemon, and fried potatoes. A girl, whose sole purpose of life is to eat and explore, was yearning for a home-cooked meal. What an odd thing to see. A few months back a similar feeling aroused when I visited Ooty. Indulging myself into the fine dining experience with chicken Chettinad and finishing it with Mysore Pak on my ‘I don’t remember’ day of the trip, I almost broke down into tears at the sight of that mouth-watering food. I felt extremely overwhelmed and the only thing my soul craved was for my comfort food. I loved the south Indian cuisine but at the moment it seemed as if my dal-rice was winning all the battles. Without a doubt, I could have ditched caviar for my home-cooked meal.

The feeling that you get when you crave your soul food but can only fancy it. That feeling when you close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on your bed completely relaxed with your favorite novel. You start reading those yellow pages which have a deep story, a thrilling climax, and an unanticipated river of twists hidden in them. You reached the 94th page and that is when the door opens. You can see that perfect bowl of your favorite meal coming towards you. Your gaze is fixated on the bowl when it finally sits before you. You could already taste the zesty flavor that it has and smell the woody scent that your entire body yearned for. The scrumptious bowl of heaven awaits “your highness”. This is when the spell finally breaks and you realize the existence of this tangible realm where your bowl of goodness lives far away from you at the moment. You open your eyes to comprehend the heartbreak to be more hurtful than a breakup. Any affliction is tolerable but not the estrangement from your comfort food. The solace that a bowl of comfort can bring you is unparalleled.

Living far away from your humble abode can be challenging. From doing every mundane task to keeping yourself protected, every responsibility solely lies on your shoulder. However, what makes this sitch more arduous is that home-sick feeling. Especially when you fall sick and all you long for is some comfort through the meals you have. Yet, a disappointing discretion that you address is the distance from the place you once woke up every day. You as a breathing being do not get to choose what settles your mind but what does is that toothsome morsel. It is rightly marked that the way to one’s heart is through their stomach. You can go and explore any part of the world, meet any number of people and try out as many cultures as your heart desires but your affection for your comfort food is simply irreplaceable. I can not comment on who is going to be there for you but ‘for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part’ your dal-chawal is going to stick to you till the very end.

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Ankita Baidya

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Owing to the nationwide lockdown which has brought a halt to many activities, students are being asked to pay for the rented accommodations even though their rooms remain unoccupied.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued an order according to which landlords cannot demand rent from students, workers and migrant labourers for a month. The order by MHA states, “Wherever the workers, including the migrants, are living in rented accommodation, the landlords of those properties shall not demand payment of rent for the period of one month.” The order further adds, “If any landlord is forcing labourers and students to vacate their premises, they will be liable for action under the Act.”

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, some students fled to their hometown and some remained stuck in their PGs or other rented occupancies. With stringent restrictions of going out or accessing banks among other things, students find it extremely difficult to arrange for rent in these times. Those who have left their PGs to go home are also asked to pay rent, and fearing evacuation in such uncertain times students are facing troubles in paying rents especially when the means to pay have become scarce.

Deya Kangnoo, a first-year B.A programme student at Kamala Nehru College who is currently in Jammu expressed her concerns to DU Beat and said, “My dad’s occupation is business and due to this lockdown people are unable to travel from one place to another, so it’s arduous for all of the business personnel to generate income.” She further added, “It’s really insensitive to ask for rent in such times when families are struggling to maintain livelihoods. I don’t even have a rental agreement which I am sure not every PG student has, so these guidelines by Ministries have no binding on us.”

Mannat, a first-year student of BA (Hons) Journalism expressed the plight of PG owners to DU Beat and said, “Landlords’ income also gets affected with this lockdown since many depend on it as their livelihood including my father, who I see every day getting stressed about his business. It’s only when he initiates dialogues with the student tenants, they agree to pay- so we have money to sustain ourselves for food and needs.” She further added, “the cooks and other workers at PG also deserve to be paid in a respectable manner so it’s only fair that students attempt to negotiate with their landlords.”

Vinitha another student at Kamla Nehru College who is in Mysore told DU Beat, “We have negotiated a deal with the owner and those who are staying in the PG pay the full amount and those who don’t- pay half the sum including myself.”

Students who are from well to do families afford to pay half or full amount of rent to their landlords, whereas others from small towns or villages with minimal access to online banking or even a bank itself face vulnerability and threat of evacuation. Despite the Ministry guidelines, students are asked to pay rent even for the unoccupied rooms, and once again the rich-poor and digital divide comes into the centre stage to give momentum to inequalities and vulnerabilities.


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Umaima Khanam

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The Delhi High Court refused to consider a petition which sought University of Delhi to take responsibility for providing all regular college students with hostel accommodation on Wednesday.

The High Court bench comprising of Chief Justice D.N. Patel and Justice C. Hari Shankar gave unanimous decision on the aforementioned matter, and also said that the varsity was not under any statutory obligation to provide hostel accommodation to all students.

The petitioner Parveen Kumar Singh invoked section 33 of the Delhi University Act of 1922, which states that every student of the University shall reside in the College Hall or under such circumstances as prescribed by the Ordinances. This plea furthered that the regular students who were unable to secure a hostel seat should get a monthly stipend of INR 10,000.

The court was of the view that this interpretation of the section 33 was not economically viable as it would cost the University crores of rupees.

The petition which is filed through advocate Kamlesh Kumar Mishra further stated that of the 1,84,668 students enrolled in DU as per an RTI reply, only 6,235 or 3.37% have hostel accommodation.

Accomodation crunch in the University has been an issue for a long time. Due to lack of subsidised accomodation facilities, students have to give in to privatised facilities. The students who do not get the hostel accommodation are exploited by the landlords and property dealers who charge excessive amounts of money for accommodation.

The previously mentioned plea also sought to declare the area in and around the 5-kilometres radius of Delhi University’s South and North Campus as a “Special Students Zone”. It was suggested that this zone should have a fixed minimum rent for the accommodations.

The same plea also sought to end the inequal rates of departmental canteen food for staff members and canteen food for students. It stated that the prices of both should be harmonised, and operate on a break-even basis.  

On this matter, court pointed out that it is not incumbent upon the present judicial body to regulate prices in the University canteen. It is a policy issue that has to be looked at by the competent authority itself.

Advocate Mishra said that he would now move the higher court against the decision of High Court.

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Antriksha Pathania
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It’s the time of the year when the campus is glowing with the enthusiastic and anticipating faces of freshers who are all set to be welcomed in a new city.  From the hustle to get admitted in their dream college to the excitement of finding a new home, they’re all geared up.

While universities all over India focus on providing a world-class education to students, they are unable to fully cater to the demands for student hostels. Eliminating the petite population that gets enrolled in university hostels, more than 80,000 students go about seeking shelter with private establishments like PGs and Flats. And in no time you can find the same enthusiastic freshers lingering on the streets of campus to buy vegetables!  Their objective of education and career advancement takes a back seat as they recognize the necessity to satisfy their basic living needs like comfortable housing, food and nutrition, cleanliness, laundry, EPC support, entertainment and socialization.

Having faced similar challenges while in Delhi University, a group of students from Ramjas College is venturing the opportunity through their startup in the student housing sector -YourShell.

The company provides easy to book, better serviced, and affordable rental homes to students within the campus and thrives on building a co-operative and robust support system for handling student grievances.


YourShell will ensure all your housing needs are met.
YourShell will ensure all your housing needs are met.


Apart from providing fully furnished air-conditioned rooms adorned with carefully crafted decor, four-time meal plan, with regular milk, fruits and additional beverages, dedicated housekeeping, personalized caretaking and a robust redressal system, YourShell properties offer a whole new set of free services to their residents which include library, gaming zone, gym, prepaid electric meters, smart card entry system, online payment portal, career counseling sessions, internship guidance and rent credit facility.

Founded in January 2017 by Sunny Garg, Vishesh Khunger, Shaifali Jain, Gaurav Verma & Vartika Sharma, YourShell has been financially backed by the ‘Startup India Standup India’ scheme of Modi government since its incorporation and is now a government recognized startup. Within two years of its inception, YourShell has managed to grow into the largest student housing community of North Campus, University of Delhi. It currently operates 18 residences and is home to 650+ students. Providing residential services to both girls and boys, the range varies from INR 10,000 to 25,000 to provide a wider range of options to choose from.


YourShell provides comfortable rooms at affordable prices.
YourShell provides comfortable rooms at affordable prices.


The intent of this project is to revolutionize the conventional forms of student housing and to organize the disoriented accommodation sector in all major educational hubs of the country so that the zealous spirits of freshers never recede and they stick to the very idea of why they were here in the first place.


You can check out the official Instagram page of YourShell for more details: Click Here

To book a PG or to enquire about the same, contact :




Last minute revision and examination stress becomes overwhelming. This often leads to skipping some of the vital things of our daily routine, breakfast being the simplest option. Breakfast is the most important meal and is very essential to get ready to write exams. It can even help you improve your grades by increasing concentration and giving energy for this mental marathon.

We all have been gripped by the exam fever and the last moment preparation is almost inevitable. Getting ready for the exam at 9 A.M, and fretting over the last minute revision, feeding our body would be the last thing that would cross our minds. But you can increase your endurance for this mental marathon and in turn stand a fair chance to improve your grades through a simple way- by not skipping breakfast on the exam day.

Breakfast comes as the meal after the longest interval without food; therefore, breakfast seems to influence metabolism more strongly than lunch or dinner. Failing to break your fast with a meal shortly after rising might strain your body. Hence, the right food and drink can energise your system, improve your alertness, and sustain you through the long exam hours.

According to a research conducted by Harvard Medical School, breakfast is the best time to get complex carbohydrates and fibre. In fact, if you don’t start out right at breakfast, you will find it hard or even impossible to get the fibre you need.

An equally important thing is to stay hydrated to maximise concentration. Dehydration can make you feel drowsy and can reduce your attentiveness in the examination hall. Drink plenty of liquids before appearing for the exam.

Breakfast on exam day becomes pivotal as you need your concentration on your exam and not your hunger. Risking your breakfast just for the two minutes of extra revision can result in fatigue and have adverse consequences.

Now, for students living in PG and hostels, skipping breakfast is prudence, rather than waiting in the line to get it.  Some quick fixes in such situation can be to have some brain boosting food which includes food high in protein and whole-grain cereal.  Fruit platter, milk, boiled eggs, etc. are easy solutions.

The right food at the right time will prove to be the best tonic to handle anxiety and nervousness. To avoid the last minute hassle, plan your meals beforehand and don’t miss the morning breakfast. The right choices you make and some steps towards healthy lifestyle practices will surely help you perform better and, as a consequence, will improve your grades.

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Sriya Rane

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Paying Guest accommodations can be like the film adaption of books: Almost always terrible without the essence of the original, that is, the home.

While most Paying Guest Accomodation (PG) owners claim zealously to replicate aspects of your home, with some even going to the extent of naming their PGs, “Home Away From Home”, most fail to do the same. Now that the admission season is at its peak, here is a guide to PG hunting for students looking for an accommodation in the city.

The Curious Case of the ‘5-Minute Walking Distance’:

Regardless of whether the PG is at a distance of 1.5 kilometers or 15 kms away from college, the claim of it being at a 5-minute walking distance from the concerned prospective client’s college is universal. As you will realize for yourself, it is wise to manually check the distance between your prospective PG and college or the market rather than accepting your prospective proprietor’s fraudulent claims at face value.

Inclusive Of All Overhead Costs: A Myth:

When I had gone PG hunting last year, one PG proprietor in Kamla Nagar had told me, “Sab Included Hain Ji (everything is included). Electricity, food charges, everything is included in your rent.” While I seemed impressed by the cost effectiveness of the entire proposition, I still wanted to verify these claims by taking first-hand information from the inmates of the PG. When I asked around, I was told that besides laundry and the electricity bill for the AC, the residents also had to pay for the drinking water. I understood that “Everything Is Included” is a tag-line fondly used by proprietors to seize the prospective residents. Students are advised not to fall prey to these fancy claims. Proprietors are like mobile service providers. They promise too much, deliver very little.

Exclusive Electricity Charges: A Tale of Wondrous Deception

In PGs wherein the electricity bill is not included within the rent, there remains room for ghastly swindling and tampering with the power units recorded on the meter. Doreen Barpujari, a student of Ramjas College who was a resident of a PG in Shakti Nagar told DU Beat, “For the first few months, the meter in my room displayed that I had consumed 500 units which is a a massive amount considering the fact that I didn’t even have an AC in my room. As such, I had to pay over INR 1,000 in those months.” She added, “Finally, a group of us who were victims of similar grievances decided to go on a fact-finding mission. We realised that the proprietor had been trifling with the power meters in our rooms to secure extra money from us.”

The Fable of The ‘One Fruit Everyday’:

During the admission season last year, when I had first visited the PG wherein I would spend the next one year, I remember my proprietor bragging, “We give one fruit everyday. That is why, year after year, our rooms get filled up after the first cut-off list itself.”

Both of his claims, I realised much later, were as perfidious as Donald Trump’s hair. The authenticity of all three were questionable. Halfway into my first month in the PG, I realised that far from providing us with ‘one fruit everyday’, the food wasn’t half as good as the sample I was made to taste when I had first visited it. In fact, this act of fabricating their quality of food is a common phenomenon in most PGs. While some PGs send special instructions to the cook to prepare the most appetizing of food for sampling during the admission season, others hire specialists in food making as long as the cut-off lists keep coming. It is important not to be lured by this duplicity and confirm the food-related claims through first-hand information from the residents themselves.

Security Money Scandals:

Most PGs require the residents to deposit a particular amount of money as ‘security deposit’, mostly fixing it as two months’ of rent or more. The idea behind keeping an amount for security is to ensure that the residents do not leave the PG in the middle of the academic session. For if they do, it becomes a herculean task to fetch new residents. While most PGs pledge to return the security deposit when the residents leave, only a few PGs religiously follow this pledge. The DU Beat correspondent was told by Priyanka Singh, a student of Hansraj College, “My PG only returned half of the security deposit.” On the other hand, Tanvi Ghosh, a student Ramjas College testified, “My PG did not return the security deposit at all. Despite repeated calls and warnings of taking legal action, I did not get the security money back. One idea to prevent this swindling of money is to document all cash transactions in legal terms and bonds, the absence of which allows the PG proprietors to fleece money and trick the students.

Washroom Woes:

For rooms without an attached bathroom, most PG proprietors try to accommodate a number of residents within the ambit of one common washroom itself. Pallavi Das, a student of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur (SGTB) Khalsa College lived in a PG in Mukherjee Nagar for a year. She shared her washroom woes with this correspondent, “I had booked a room without an attached washroom and I was told that only 3 people would be sharing the washroom which was allotted to me. Two days after living in the PG, I noticed that the washroom would be occupied every time that I had gone to use it. Two more days later, I realized that my washroom had been allotted to 7 other people.”

Like all other businesses, PGs are also run by both well-meaning and duplicitous people. Moving away from home is a task in itself requiring immense change and adjustment. Your PG adding to your problems and making the transition even more complicated is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, do not be lazy while researching for PGs. Look at all possible accommodation in person,  ask detailed questions, have all transactions and promises on the record, and seek recommendations and feedback from current residents while making this decision that will greatly affect your college life.

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Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak

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Stanza Living is one of the many initiatives by the IIT-IIM alumni pool, yet with its use of the latest and greatest technology, professionally managed stack of services, and community living concepts, it is disrupting the student housing market at its very roots.

It would be unfair to tag Stanza Living as a ‘PG’. It is indeed a unique living experience. It is one of the most digitised accommodations in the Indian market today for college students. The use of innovation and technology to ensure better living has resulted in a connected Stanza ecosystem through the internet of things. Here are 5 ground-breaking things that Stanza brings to the student accommodation market:

  1. Stanza App

Unlike the dictatorial PG landlords, Stanza believes in taking commands from you through their app! It serves the purpose of not only getting the pulse of your needs all the time but also of giving you quick updates about the latest developments in your residence. It increases the efficiency of the staff at Stanza residences and leaves the students more satisfied.

  1. Flexible Policies and Entry-Exit Timings

Stanza believes in minimizing human interference in your daily schedule. It has completely done away with wardens and archaic policies. Stanza gives you the freedom to choose flexible entry and exit timings so that you don’t have to deal with an irrational argument every time you’re late. Even when you have just been stuck with classes, you know presenting your case to your warden would be just like talking to the wall. However, Stanza does not believe in such constraints and arguments.

  1. A Dedicated Maintenance Staff

While you spend years in your college succeeding and holding busy positions, Stanza understands that there is only this much of energy that you have in a day. Stanza wants you to focus on your studies and ambitions while it takes care of all your ‘household’ duties with a dedicated maintenance staff. There is a separate team to take care of laundry, daily cleaning, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, cooking, laundry and security so that these do not interfere with your daily duties.

4. Technology Enabled Operations

Stanza believes in making all the processes at the residence easier with the use of technology:

  • A smarter internet connection that combines high speed and a 24-hour backup support so that you’re always connected to the world. You will also be provided with quick and cutting-edge solutions to any network failures.
  • There is hi-tech security in all Stanza residences. Geo-fencing and motion sensors are used to keep a check on any unsanctioned entry. 24-hour central command centre and an ever-ready rapid response team is at your beck and call for emergency situations.
  • A seamless consumer experience is provided to all residents with Stanza’s on-boarding and KYC processes, which are paperless. One of the most hassle-free and transparent processes that Stanza supports is automated payments and the subsequent real-time invoicing updates.
  • Stanzanet is the intranet service that keeps all the Stanzens connected. It is always at your service to make community living a close and delightful affair.
  1. Machine Learning Algorithm and Feedback Management

Stanza understands that every individual is different and has his/her own preferences. To make your life better at Stanza, it has put machine learning to the noble cause of understanding your unique preferences- from food to lifestyle choices. Their amenities and services are maintained through a proactive loT enabled system. This also minimizes food wastage. Stanza technology adapts to your daily needs and way of life, and not the other way round.

In spite of that, if you face an issue, you are given the power to voice out feedback and complaints about anything you’re not satisfied with, at Stanza. Their seamless technology allows them to identify and address issues faster than ever before. Once your complaint is registered it provides you with real-time tracking of your complaint status and is sure to address it with swift actions.

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Khyati Sanger

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Relocating to a new city can be difficult and nerve-racking. When everything including the food, the places and its people seem alien, all one wishes for is a sense of belonging, of fraternity and of comfort.

Merely after a month of living in my Paying Guest (PG) accommodation, I was devastated because I knew that the glorious days of living comfortably with my parents was over. However, not every out-station student shared this same feeling of resentment. My friend, Ishita, seemed to enjoy her time in her accommodation. In fact, while all of us would look forward to holidays and couldn’t wait to book our flights to our hometowns, she would often say that she’d miss all this fun at home.

One day, she took me to Stanza Living. That day, I understood why!

To cut to the chase and help out-station students searching for accommodation, I have noted 7 broad points that struck me most about Stanza Living.


Incredible Food

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘pg food’? While ‘bad’, ‘stale’ and ‘unbearable’ were some of the words that had occurred to me, ‘mess’ is the word that had occurred to my counterparts who lived in the hostel mess.

It is a misconception that PGs and hostels offer ‘healthy’ food. What actually happens, after a few weeks of having the same food in a routine, is that students get bored and start eating out, ordering in, or just rely on Maggi.

While I used to show up in college with pangs of hunger still troubling me (since I would often skip the terrible breakfast served in my PG), my friend Ishita always showed up well rested and well fed. When she told me that Stanza offers 4 meals as part of the monthly rent, at least in her residence, I was quite taken aback. While I had to store coffee and tea in thermos bottles, the 24*7 tea and coffee vending machine at Stanza would come to Ishita’s rescue when she would stay up late to study during exams. While I would order-in food at night and then wait for what would seem like ages for the food to get delivered, Ishita just had to run down to the all-night canteen to devour the most tempting of treats. In fact, she told me how the residences would often surprise them with a special dish or put out a new dish for student to try and give feedback!

And that is not all. The ‘Stanza App’ and its algorithms available at her fingertips would minimize food wastage and would enable customization of the food to meet the resident’s preferences.
Common Areas Equipped With Foosball And Pool Table

As a fresher in college, I remember feeling extremely nostalgic and homesick. I longed for my grandmother’s food and her warmth. I longed for my mother’s hands around me, as she would caress my hair. I longed for everything that reminded me of home. My seniors had told me that making friends in my PG was important because of the proximity of everyday living. However, most PGs, including mine, offer little opportunity for intra-PG interaction.

In sharp contrast to this state of affairs, when I visited Stanza, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise. I saw that people had occupied the lively dining areas and comfortable lounge rooms to chill with their friends, the dedicated fitness corners, foosball tables, and other entertainment units were always a witness to friendly challenges – Stanza provided countless opportunities to gel with fellow residents. In fact, it is imperative for all PG proprietors, like Stanza, to design spaces that make it conducive for students to meet and interact for an overall well-being and to feel connected.


Stanza Social: Monthly Events

In today’s modern world, things are changing and machines are making us more gadget-dependent. Face-to-face interaction is becoming a thing of the past, as students are taking to communicating via social media platforms, chat messages and special apps on their smartphones.

However, residents at Stanza are encouraged to leave their smartphones, do away with interacting on virtual media spaces, and get down to real things in life, courtesy of the ‘Stanza Social’ privileges. These privileges encompass fun events and a calendar of activities which include movie screenings, adventure activities, birthday celebrations, intra-stanza competitions, game nights, fairs and fests that never let the fun down.

Apart from superior living facilities, ‘Stanzens’ have a range of exciting activities available to them that are opportunities for learning and healthy socializing.

And in case you absolutely want to step out for an evening out with your friends, Stanza comes to your rescue again with its privilege discounts and offers at local restaurants, salons, and other vendors. For instance, Stanza has partnered with leading service providers like Zomato, Urbanclap, Anytime Fitness, Looks Salon, and many more, all of whose services are accessible to ‘Stanzens’ at discounted rates.


Stanza Springboard: Networking And Internship Opportunities

As a college student, we all understand the importance of a strong resume. Internships are key to building experience as a student, since employers are more likely to hire someone with work experience rather than someone with a generic resume, lacking experience. Stanza Living understands this and works on this need to facilitate the residents’ way into the job-market. Through its collaboration with coaching institutes and professional certification providers, Stanza offers its residents access to unique internship programs, journal subscriptions, networking opportunities, soft skills workshops and counseling sessions which are factors considered important for student training and personality development.


Flexible Entry And Exit Through Stanza Student App

When I passed my XII boards, I remember feeling pumped for the freedom that the experience of college life would bring. It felt exciting and liberating! I was told that in college, it would be up to me to decide when and where to study, to find my classes and get there on time and to hold myself accountable overall.

When I started living in my PG, I noticed how the PG landlords were always trying to be nosy and came from an age-old mindset of moral policing.

What gives Stanza an edge over PG accommodation is that it does not believe in confining their residents. Stanza beautifully balances freedom and responsibility, unlike PGs or rented apartments. It does this through the technology-driven ‘Stanza App’, which provides new-age security solutions to the issue of students’ safety. This app works in coordination with a system of multi-layered security at Stanza’s entry and exit points which involve the use of biometric access cards, CCTV cameras along with incidence based alerts and a rapid response team. While this ensures safety of the students, Stanza’s flexible and student-friendly policies ensure students their rightful freedom. Students can conveniently apply for a night-out through the Stanza student app without arguing with any wardens or landlords.


Professional Housekeeping Staff

Effective housekeeping is an ongoing operation to keep the surroundings spic and span but this extremely basic requirement is often missed out and replaced by hit-and-miss cleaning done occasionally.

Housekeeping, as most people understand it, doesn’t just include keeping a house neat and orderly, maintaining floors free of slip and trip hazards and removing of waste materials but also requires paying attention to important details such as the layout of the entire space, the needs of the residents, as well as ensuring high standards of hygiene and sanitation.

I had often seen Ishita posting Instagram stories of her room and living areas. When you take a closer look at the pictures, you would see how the spaces are well-maintained and look so lively. The place screams “aesthetic”. This is because, besides keeping the residences fully furnished and equipped, Stanza boasts of a professionally trained housekeeping staff who run all the domestic chores, from on-demand room cleaning to maintenance and upkeep.

This team of housekeeping staff is not only passionate about cleanliness and hygiene but is also caring enough to tend to different needs of residents, thereby making Stanza a space students would love to come back to everyday.


‘Stanzanet’: Intranet Services To Connect You With Fellow Stanzens

Stanza’s ‘Intranet’ services are devised to keep the residents connected to each other, or their fellow ‘Stanzens’ Whether used for late night hunger pangs or last-minute notes exchange, the ‘Stanzanet’ comes to a student’s rescue even in the wee hours of the night by connecting a Stanzen to fellow resident mates and giving them a family in the new city!


Feature Image Credits: Stanza Living

Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak

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With great academic workload comes a great number of things a college student needs to facilitate his/her daily functioning. Over the years, the accumulation of things can create quite a chaotic situation in your PG/hostel room!

Every room that hosts a college student has a surfeit of a disorganised pile of anything and everything ranging from clothes to kitchen utensils. Reading material, photocopies, books, clothes, accessories, basic hygiene commodities, beauty products, and stationery items — the list goes on. Stowing away this manifold collection of items every college student living in a PG or hostel has which is strewn all over the room is no child’s play! Here are a few tips to make the job easy and to prevent your room from getting messy:

1. Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are probably the simplest and cheapest hack when it comes to organising anything. They are easily available at craft stores for a very reasonable cost and can help you organise your reading materials that you have gathered over the course of your academic careers perfectly. Put all your readings/photocopies/books/notes of one subject into one box and simply label it by writing the name of the subject on a piece of paper and taping it on to the box. Once you do this, you won’t have to open all the boxes to find a reading from a particular subject. Plastic boxes do not take up much space since they can easily stack on top of each other, hence making them extremely space efficient!

2. Tupperware for accessory storage

The next time you bring food from your hometown back to your PG or hostel, don’t let that extra space go to waste after the food is all consumed. Merely wash the Tupperware bowls and containers and use them as a sturdy holder for all your intricate accessory pieces! Due to the brawny nature of the Tupperware containers, your jewellery will be safer than storing it in a random drawer where it can be prone to breakage and damage because of its flimsy build.

3. Add a drape

A quick and effortless way to instantly make your room feel and look cleaner is to add a decorative drape or curtain over that messy open shelf that is impossible to maintain no matter how many times you arrange and organise it. Many psychological studies have stated that people tend to be most at ease and at peace when there is no clutter around them. This trick will help you hide the clutter away from the naked eye. You can even jazz up a plain old curtain that you’re using to hide the mess by adding fairy lights to it!


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Bhavya Banerjee

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Due to a hostel crunch (only about 10 campus colleges have hostel facilities), most students are forced to reside in private hostels and paying guest accomodations. This has made places near the campus like Hudson Line, Vijay Nagar, Kamla Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar in North Delhi, and Satya Niketan, Amar Colony and East of Kailash in South Delhi very popular for out-station students.

However, the high rates cause problems for students as many come from outside Delhi and relatively humble backgrounds. Some students’ organisations have been fighting for a standardised rent agreement for the past three years. As of now, there is no fixed slab and owners increase prices as they please.

The NCR kids cannot escape the heat either. The college and university hostels do not accommodate students who are National Capital Region (NCR) residents. This limits their chances at these hostels, which are more economical. They need to look for private accommodation, as travelling from home everyday will be difficult. While at the time of admission, PG owners are abound with promises, how far are these promises kept at the end of the semester?

Students who stay in these PGs say the facilities aren’t as nice in reality. Most have to pay over Rs 12,000 for a very small room. The bathroom has just enough space for them to stand. Even the WiFi is mostly useless because so many people use it. Even when the proprietors might give away the rooms for below 10kit is important not to get deceived by it as the rates are mostly not inclusive of food, internet, electricity or AC charges (something which the proprietors do not mention voluntarily at the time of booking of the book for fear of losing their prospective tenant). Interestingly, at the beginning of he academic year, the paying guest accommodations try to woo students with a host of modern facilities and comfort living (as one PG owner of BD Estate claimed “One fruit everyday”). But those facilities surprisingly either never materialised or fazed out by September (the same PG would give one banana only once a week).

Electricity bill remains a bone of contention between students and landlords in most of the PGs where the rent is not inclusive of electricity charges. Some PGs charge Rs.8 to Rs.10 per unit of electricity over and above the monthly rent, while the government charges Rs.7 to Rs. 8 per unit. Sometimes the proprietors go to the extent of charging even for the electricity used in the mess or the common corridors. While the electricty rates are generally supposed to come within Rs. 1000 (even as per the enhanced standard rates of the PGs), most of the students find their PG owners adding impractical figures on the rent slip every month. And the figures only increase evry successive month.

Often the curfew time at the boys’ PG is10pm to 12 midnight, while a girls’ PG would usully set the curfew at 8pm. When asked about the reasons behind this differention, PG proprietors woul explain that the restrictions are more from the parents’ side and that it is not something that they imposed. If the parents tell them that they are comfortable with their daughter returning late, they apparently wouldn’t have a problem.

While the PG owners, in order to satiate parents anxious of their wards’ wellbeing, would initially drive home the idea that they would shut the gates at 8pm “sharp”, in reality, the PGs are more liberal than that, often stretching the deadline till 8:30 or even 9. As Shristi, a student of Ramjas claimed, “the dealine gets stretched with each passing month”, although this is an instance which would be hard to generalise for all PGs.

While the exploitative PGs go on minting money, it is important to serve the wake-up call to the UGC to remind it to ensure adequate accommodation for all students in college hostels. Because while education is hard, the exigencies of staying in Delhi are harder.


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Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak

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