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Tips to Keep Your PG Room Clutter-Free

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With great academic workload comes a great number of things a college student needs to facilitate his/her daily functioning. Over the years, the accumulation of things can create quite a chaotic situation in your PG/hostel room!

Every room that hosts a college student has a surfeit of a disorganised pile of anything and everything ranging from clothes to kitchen utensils. Reading material, photocopies, books, clothes, accessories, basic hygiene commodities, beauty products, and stationery items — the list goes on. Stowing away this manifold collection of items every college student living in a PG or hostel has which is strewn all over the room is no child’s play! Here are a few tips to make the job easy and to prevent your room from getting messy:

1. Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are probably the simplest and cheapest hack when it comes to organising anything. They are easily available at craft stores for a very reasonable cost and can help you organise your reading materials that you have gathered over the course of your academic careers perfectly. Put all your readings/photocopies/books/notes of one subject into one box and simply label it by writing the name of the subject on a piece of paper and taping it on to the box. Once you do this, you won’t have to open all the boxes to find a reading from a particular subject. Plastic boxes do not take up much space since they can easily stack on top of each other, hence making them extremely space efficient!

2. Tupperware for accessory storage

The next time you bring food from your hometown back to your PG or hostel, don’t let that extra space go to waste after the food is all consumed. Merely wash the Tupperware bowls and containers and use them as a sturdy holder for all your intricate accessory pieces! Due to the brawny nature of the Tupperware containers, your jewellery will be safer than storing it in a random drawer where it can be prone to breakage and damage because of its flimsy build.

3. Add a drape

A quick and effortless way to instantly make your room feel and look cleaner is to add a decorative drape or curtain over that messy open shelf that is impossible to maintain no matter how many times you arrange and organise it. Many psychological studies have stated that people tend to be most at ease and at peace when there is no clutter around them. This trick will help you hide the clutter away from the naked eye. You can even jazz up a plain old curtain that you’re using to hide the mess by adding fairy lights to it!


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Bhavya Banerjee

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