Five New Things Stanza Brings to the Student Accommodation Market

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Stanza Living is one of the many initiatives by the IIT-IIM alumni pool, yet with its use of the latest and greatest technology, professionally managed stack of services, and community living concepts, it is disrupting the student housing market at its very roots.

It would be unfair to tag Stanza Living as a ‘PG’. It is indeed a unique living experience. It is one of the most digitised accommodations in the Indian market today for college students. The use of innovation and technology to ensure better living has resulted in a connected Stanza ecosystem through the internet of things. Here are 5 ground-breaking things that Stanza brings to the student accommodation market:

  1. Stanza App

Unlike the dictatorial PG landlords, Stanza believes in taking commands from you through their app! It serves the purpose of not only getting the pulse of your needs all the time but also of giving you quick updates about the latest developments in your residence. It increases the efficiency of the staff at Stanza residences and leaves the students more satisfied.

  1. Flexible Policies and Entry-Exit Timings

Stanza believes in minimizing human interference in your daily schedule. It has completely done away with wardens and archaic policies. Stanza gives you the freedom to choose flexible entry and exit timings so that you don’t have to deal with an irrational argument every time you’re late. Even when you have just been stuck with classes, you know presenting your case to your warden would be just like talking to the wall. However, Stanza does not believe in such constraints and arguments.

  1. A Dedicated Maintenance Staff

While you spend years in your college succeeding and holding busy positions, Stanza understands that there is only this much of energy that you have in a day. Stanza wants you to focus on your studies and ambitions while it takes care of all your ‘household’ duties with a dedicated maintenance staff. There is a separate team to take care of laundry, daily cleaning, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, cooking, laundry and security so that these do not interfere with your daily duties.

4. Technology Enabled Operations

Stanza believes in making all the processes at the residence easier with the use of technology:

  • A smarter internet connection that combines high speed and a 24-hour backup support so that you’re always connected to the world. You will also be provided with quick and cutting-edge solutions to any network failures.
  • There is hi-tech security in all Stanza residences. Geo-fencing and motion sensors are used to keep a check on any unsanctioned entry. 24-hour central command centre and an ever-ready rapid response team is at your beck and call for emergency situations.
  • A seamless consumer experience is provided to all residents with Stanza’s on-boarding and KYC processes, which are paperless. One of the most hassle-free and transparent processes that Stanza supports is automated payments and the subsequent real-time invoicing updates.
  • Stanzanet is the intranet service that keeps all the Stanzens connected. It is always at your service to make community living a close and delightful affair.
  1. Machine Learning Algorithm and Feedback Management

Stanza understands that every individual is different and has his/her own preferences. To make your life better at Stanza, it has put machine learning to the noble cause of understanding your unique preferences- from food to lifestyle choices. Their amenities and services are maintained through a proactive loT enabled system. This also minimizes food wastage. Stanza technology adapts to your daily needs and way of life, and not the other way round.

In spite of that, if you face an issue, you are given the power to voice out feedback and complaints about anything you’re not satisfied with, at Stanza. Their seamless technology allows them to identify and address issues faster than ever before. Once your complaint is registered it provides you with real-time tracking of your complaint status and is sure to address it with swift actions.

Feature Image Credits – Stanza Living

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