Living in Stanza Living residences is a wholesome and holistic experience in itself. Their only priority is the well being, comfort, and convenience of their residents, which they ensure through a host of facilities and services.

Here are the top ten reasons why staying at a Stanza Living residence is different from staying at your regular PGs:

You are their top priority: The people who will take care of you — all of them professionally trained to tend to each student’s need and requirements will ensure you have a smooth transition and settling down journey. Their aim is to provide you with a home, not a hostel. They will work around your time to ensure you come back to a bright and clean home.

High standard of living: All Stanza Living products are maintained regularly to look as good as new. Handpicked furniture, fittings and appliances, professional housekeeping and laundry services, 100% power backup and undisrupted Internet service are some of the services they stand by.
Good food=good life: The way to a student’s heart is probably through good food! And Stanza Living understands this like no one else does. They tie up with high-grade food vendors who use sanitary, high-quality ingredients and produce. Specific dietary requirements are also kept in mind while ensuring your belly monster is always satisfied.

Safety is not equal to restriction: Stanza Living ensures that you have a safe, hospitable environment in a new city and thus takes all necessary precautions like 24/7 CCTV cameras, security guards, biometric entry/exit for safety. As young adults, students often don’t like their movements to be curtailed or monitored. Stanza Living does away with age-old policies and wardens and gives students the freedom to a flexible entry-exit timing.

Listening is key: Sometimes negotiating with your PG owners can be difficult. However, Stanza Living is different. You can lodge your valuable feedback, opinion, complaints on the Stanza App and thereafter swift action is taken by their team.

Quality compliance matters: Stanza residences are ISO 9001:2015 compliant. They run the residences as a professionally managed service with compliance to statewide and central government regulations, including fair salary as per the Minimum Wage Act.

Being Social: They have an entire vertical called Stanza Social that enthusiastically organises year-round engagement activities, movie nights, run inter-residence competitions, celebrate birthdays with plans city-wide outings to give students the much-needed breathing space amongst all the academic pressure.

Planning for your future: Staying at Stanza Living PGs also means that your academics and career planning is also boosted. Stanza Springboard offers resume building and skill development training, hosts networking events across a spectrum of industries and also helps you find internships and placements.

Technology for People: Stanza Living fits in a technology-driven world with their Stanza App (available on Android and iOS) that can be used to pay your rent, register feedback and complaints and navigate across properties on their interactive map, check out the week’s meal menu, access their SOS button and much more!

Get Those Discounts!: Living in Stanza Living means that you will be a part of a Stanza ecosystem where their tie-ups with Zomato, UrbanClap, Looks Salon, Anytime Fitness as well as local cafes, restaurants, general stores, stationery stores and chemists means that you can get student discounts here with your Stanza Living IDs!

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Stanza Living is one of the many initiatives by the IIT-IIM alumni pool, yet with its use of the latest and greatest technology, professionally managed stack of services, and community living concepts, it is disrupting the student housing market at its very roots.

It would be unfair to tag Stanza Living as a ‘PG’. It is indeed a unique living experience. It is one of the most digitised accommodations in the Indian market today for college students. The use of innovation and technology to ensure better living has resulted in a connected Stanza ecosystem through the internet of things. Here are 5 ground-breaking things that Stanza brings to the student accommodation market:

  1. Stanza App

Unlike the dictatorial PG landlords, Stanza believes in taking commands from you through their app! It serves the purpose of not only getting the pulse of your needs all the time but also of giving you quick updates about the latest developments in your residence. It increases the efficiency of the staff at Stanza residences and leaves the students more satisfied.

  1. Flexible Policies and Entry-Exit Timings

Stanza believes in minimizing human interference in your daily schedule. It has completely done away with wardens and archaic policies. Stanza gives you the freedom to choose flexible entry and exit timings so that you don’t have to deal with an irrational argument every time you’re late. Even when you have just been stuck with classes, you know presenting your case to your warden would be just like talking to the wall. However, Stanza does not believe in such constraints and arguments.

  1. A Dedicated Maintenance Staff

While you spend years in your college succeeding and holding busy positions, Stanza understands that there is only this much of energy that you have in a day. Stanza wants you to focus on your studies and ambitions while it takes care of all your ‘household’ duties with a dedicated maintenance staff. There is a separate team to take care of laundry, daily cleaning, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, cooking, laundry and security so that these do not interfere with your daily duties.

4. Technology Enabled Operations

Stanza believes in making all the processes at the residence easier with the use of technology:

  • A smarter internet connection that combines high speed and a 24-hour backup support so that you’re always connected to the world. You will also be provided with quick and cutting-edge solutions to any network failures.
  • There is hi-tech security in all Stanza residences. Geo-fencing and motion sensors are used to keep a check on any unsanctioned entry. 24-hour central command centre and an ever-ready rapid response team is at your beck and call for emergency situations.
  • A seamless consumer experience is provided to all residents with Stanza’s on-boarding and KYC processes, which are paperless. One of the most hassle-free and transparent processes that Stanza supports is automated payments and the subsequent real-time invoicing updates.
  • Stanzanet is the intranet service that keeps all the Stanzens connected. It is always at your service to make community living a close and delightful affair.
  1. Machine Learning Algorithm and Feedback Management

Stanza understands that every individual is different and has his/her own preferences. To make your life better at Stanza, it has put machine learning to the noble cause of understanding your unique preferences- from food to lifestyle choices. Their amenities and services are maintained through a proactive loT enabled system. This also minimizes food wastage. Stanza technology adapts to your daily needs and way of life, and not the other way round.

In spite of that, if you face an issue, you are given the power to voice out feedback and complaints about anything you’re not satisfied with, at Stanza. Their seamless technology allows them to identify and address issues faster than ever before. Once your complaint is registered it provides you with real-time tracking of your complaint status and is sure to address it with swift actions.

Feature Image Credits – Stanza Living

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Pearl Academy, India’s leading Design, Fashion, Business, and Media Institute and Daulat Ram College, one of the premier colleges from Delhi University came together recently to work on a joint project. The brief, given by the Principal of Daulat Ram College, Dr. Savita Roy, was to redesign the interiors of the reception area of the administrative block at Daulat Ram College. The concept was to give an informal, yet crisp look to space. An industrial theme was finalized to turn around the current look of the reception area. Under the leadership of course leader Ms. Puja Anand and faculty Ms. Manpreet Kaur, the project was executed with the help of Pearl Academy students from the PG Interior Design and Styling Department as well as PG Communication Design department. A team of Interior Design students designed and styled the reception area and the Communication Design students completed graffiti on one of the walls in the reception area. The concept of this wall graffiti was women empowerment as both Pearl Academy and Daulat Ram College strongly believe in women empowerment.
The Interior Design and Styling students designed and manufactured the furniture for the reception area, made installations for the vertical surfaces, and also provided landscaping solutions. The entrance, which is the central spot for students, teachers, and parents, previously had no energetic ambiance around it. To change this, appropriate furniture was designed to complement the space. The furniture piece was in continuation of the ‘THE FLIP-IN-CART’ as it favored the theme chosen. Using M.S. tubes, a bench and a reception table were also designed for the same. The challenge was to create a table which was at a 135-degree angle using tapered pine wood membranes. The Installation was weaved using wrought iron hexagonal frames after exploring various options in AUTOCAD. A vertical garden was set up using recycled plastic bottles to add a green patch to space.
IMG_20180221_181615 (1)
The students involved in this project were: Daman Deep Kaur, Sajal Gupta, Alisha Mangla, Prachi Gupta, Dhriti Shah, Muskan Chaddha, Aditi Agarwal, Adit Chopra , Tanvi Suri, and Priyansh Chopra from Interior Design Department, and Alisha  Prabhakar, Divya Saini, Shiva Bhushan, Munmun Aggarwal, Pragya Mukherjee, Pragya Mukherjee, Pragya Bhandari, and Jigyasa Varshney from Communication Design Department.
If you’re interested in pursuing a course in design, or fashion, you can apply to Pearl Academy on https://pearlacademy.com/admissions

Delhi University’s admissions began from 28th May 2015. Every year these admissions with their mind boggling cut off lists determine lives of scores of students. There are over 54,000 seats in DU and people from all over the country come to Delhi to get admitted in the most prestigious and the only central university the nation has!

These dates are full of anxiety and excitement amongst parents and students alike. While which college you end up going to and which course you end up pursuing now solely depends on the kind of marks you have secured in your boards (unless you are talented and ECA admissions help you sail through – more about that later), where you live for the next three years, or well at least the next one year is in your hands-still.

The PG and flat renting business around the university – both North Campus and South Campus – is thriving. Why shouldn’t it? The classroom demographics for almost every course in every college, as you will see once you start, is dominated by outstation students. The number of college and university hostels fall very short of the accommodation that these student people required.

So, it is only inevitable that people flock to these PGs and flats. Rent Mafias are pretty common here. The exorbitant rent is unaffordable to many. The living conditions are pitiable for others. However, if you look real carefully, you will find something that suits your budget and gives you the facilities that you require.

But when outstation people come for admissions, after the tiring haul of choosing a course, college, submitting documents, getting them verified, depositing fees, opening new bank accounts – and all in the not so friendly Delhi heat, mind you – it’s only very rare to have the energy to find a good PG on your own.

The easiest way, it seems, is to go via a broker. But the brokers are involved in the crazy Rent Mafia system that has developed here, and hence you’ll end up paying much more if not as much to the broker as you pay for a semester’s fees at DU!

That needn’t be the case of course. There is an alternative available.

Zocalo.in with its easy user friendly interface helps you find broker-free, authentic and verified PGs all over Delhi! Not just that, they have reviews of every PG listed on their website – the reviews are written by people who have lived in these PGs, so you will know the truth like it is and not just how the owner wants you to know it! This is a gem when it comes to finding the right accommodation. You don’t have to pay a thing to Zocalo.in and also you don’t need to bear the Delhi heat. Download them on your Android Phone (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.queppelin.zocalo) and find a PG on the go!