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Kaffeine – Café, Bar and Grill located at 50-A, first floor, is a small hidden cafe that one might come across as he strolls through  the by-lanes of Hauz Khas Village to hang around with a group of friends or for a casual chat over a cup of coffee. Though it appears dark and shady from outside, Kaffeine is a place to experience some live music and variety of food with losing out on money almost directly proportional to the benefits received.

If you wish to get a feel of some leisurely shack in Goa, this can be the place to visit. With a very cozy atmosphere, the place has wooden decoration and furniture. It provides a great ambiance with live music in the evening during all days of the week which attracts crowd of all age groups. Also, with different music bands performing every day, the place won’t bore you by offering mere food. A person visiting the place alone could enjoy as much for the band sits right among the audience at a little distance. Sufi music by the fresh musicians dazzles you more than the beer at times.

Singer Smruti Jalpur and other members of the live band entertaining the visitors at Kaffeine, Hauz Khas Village.
Image Courtesy – Aditya Remy Shah

As the place is really small, it generally tends to get overcrowded. But at the same time it provides you the private place in the corner where you can sit with a book or let the host indulge you in a conversation. The cafe also accommodates the guests in an open area right to be in sync with the lively village.

With a different taste of food, the place is ideal to have a mug of beer with a friend. Famous for their Italian cuisine, the restaurant provides all types of food ranging from different kinds of salads to a proper meal. It has a different menu for breakfast and is very famous for its Tandoori platter. Non-vegetarian dishes are demanded more by the customers but Kaffeine doesn’t disappoint veggie lovers either.

A small drawback lies in not having a great variety of desserts. But then there is less, with no mess. A recommended late night place for youngsters, it offers to serve till  1 A.M. during the night. The royal treatment  extended towards the guests is priceless, and the smiling staff shall never really disappoint you.

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The Tea Shop at Godavari Complex, sector 37, Noida is not one of those typical eating joints one would visit. There is no seating arrangement other than the mats that the shop owner provides. There isn’t a big kitchen or a lavish menu. It isn’t open at all times of the day and there isn’t home delivery either.

But what Tea Shop does have, is class. Frequented by most college students and youngsters of Noida, this small room hardly gives space for the customer to stand for it’s always crowded. The list of the types of tea which one can get here is quite long. It includes different flavours of iced tea and hot tea. With hot chocolate and cold coffee, the number of beverages which one can choose from makes for a nice evening outing with friends.

The service is amazing, considering that it is full of people at all times. They’re fast, easy on the pocket and yes, the beverages and food is simply delicious. The place maintains basic hygiene despite being located locally. It is open 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Mon, Wed-Sun), 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Tuesday). It is a kilometre away from Golf Course Metro station.

Tea Shop offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches grilled and non-grilled, along with momos. Cookies and muffins are also on the menu along with brownies and corns. All in all, it is a very chilled out place to hang out in during the cool hours of the evening. If you want to spend hours sitting in your car or leaning against it and just chit chatting with your buddies, Tea Shop is the place you should order from.

The new eating joint, Diggin, right opposite Gargi College at AnandLok shopping centre has caught quite a few eyes ever since its opening around the annual fest of Gargi college this year.

The ambience of the place will definitely seem inviting as you step inside with a brightly lit dine-in area and painted walls. The book shelfright next to the entrance sets the feel of the place from the start. Diggin also has an outdoorset up for those good weather days when you can use a great ambience and food. The staff is friendly and will make you feel at ease and even volunteer to click your photos.

diggin3 (2)

The food at Diggin has its good, okay, bad and amazing moments. The usual delights of the place are its pasta especially Penne Arrabiata, Mint-Oreo shake, Gelato and Rocher ice cream, however, you can also enjoy their pizzas which would not disappoint you when it comes to their size. What probably won’t live up to the expectations is the blueberry cheesecake ice cream (you might enjoy it too, you never know!) and crème brulee.

diggin3 (1)

Despite the good enough food, the one thing that’ll keep you from coming back again is crunch it puts on your wallet. The restaurant is not price friendly despite being opposite a Delhi University college and that is its major shortcoming. An interaction with a Gargi student who has visited the place a couple of times revealed that “The food is good but it is hideously expensive, the prices are not at all compatible with a DU student’s budget”.

We all know how important money is in college life and how frequently we end up splurging our monthly pocket money in a day or two, however, if you are in a mood to splurge and don’t know where and how to spend it we would recommend you to go and try out Diggin and hopefully the burn in your pocket won’t hurt much after a good and heavy meal.

Books, Brownies and Beverages…

What more can a human being want?

If you are of a similar ideology, then Cha Bar is the place for you. Located in N block, Cannaught Place, opposite Statesman House, Cha Bar redefines the concept of Book Cafes. Opened inside Oxford Bookstore, the entrance has a graffiti made with bent tube lights and a showcase with a few coffee table books. The chamber opens into Cha Bar on the right and Oxford bookstore spread over in some 200 sq. yards. The place has books on every possible genre and the most comfortable and alluring places to sit and shuffle through them. Long with books, movies and magazines, it also has a few handmade items like diaries, wrapping papers, photoframes etc.

Cha Bar2

Cha Bar runs along the right hand corner of the bookstore. This small, intricately designed café can seat about 35 people at a time and has some excellent options for a quick bite. The food isn’t permitted into the main bookstore but if you order non greasy food and are nice enough, they may be willing to serve at the back where wooden benches have been placed for the ones who prefer to just read and not buy.

The food is more of salads and sandwiches. It also has beverages and desserts on the menu. If your going their for the first time and confused by the wide choices, you may want to go for the cottage cheese and panini sandwich along with five spiced cookies for dessert. They wont disappoint you.

Cha Bar1

Along with an excellent ambience, good service and superb crowd, the place is refreshingly affordable and doesn’t make you think twice. An elaborate meal for two, complete with dessert and beverage will cost well below a grand.

In conclusion, this is the place to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Image Credit: Greta Khawbung for DU Beat

Gone are the days when Maggi was your only savior when hunger struck late at night. Whether you’re staying up late to complete an impending submission or staggering home after partying till the wee hours, you now have the option of ordering piping hot food home even at oddest of hours. Here are a few places to choose from:

Crazy Bruno

The idea for a late night food delivery service arose when a group of college going students decided they were too bored with the usual paranthas. Started on 31st December 2013, Crazy Bruno now has a wide base of customers in South Delhi. One of the Co-founders, Hemant from JMU says, “We believe marketing is equally important along with the quality and quantity”. With this in mind, they have introduced D.O.N. (Deal of the Night) where they offer something complimentary with the orders. Their food is filling, yet pocket friendly.

Order for two: Rs 300

Timings: 7 pm to 4 am

Specialty: Chinese, Tandoori Chicken Momos and the Kadki Combos

Contact No.: 9899011299/399

Website: http://www.crazybruno.in/two.php

Midnight Munchies

The brainchild of a young Delhi professional, Arjun Sethi, Midnight Munchies was founded in 2012. They ‘deliver when no one else does’ in all of South Delhi and rumour has it, they plan to go pan India by 2016. Even if you aren’t particularly hungry, the menu is enough to leave you salivating. From a variety of pizza and pasta options to Banana and Nutella Handpies and Red Velvet Cupcakes, they offer it all. Midnight Munchies doesn’t charge for delivery but the order has to be above Rs. 350.

Order for two (approx): 400

Timings: 10:00 pm – 4:00 am

Specialty: Jalapeno Popper Sandwiches and Chicken Bomber Sandwiches

Website: http://www.midnightmunchies.in/

 Batman Delivers

Based in Gurgaon, Batman Delivers is an all night online super mart of sorts. Not only do they serve delicious food and beverages, but also items such as basic medicines, contraceptives, party essentials etc. The minimum order here has to be Rs. 250 and they charge Rs. 50- 100 depending on distance. They even offer a “you name it and we will arrange it” service as per their facebook page. Order for two (approx): 400-450

Timings: 7 pm to 5 am

Specialty: Biryani and Shakes

Website: http://batmandelivers.com/

The Night Shift

They call themselves ‘the last place open’ that delivers food when you most need it, past bedtime. Three friends and their common love for food resulted in founding of The Night Shift. Operational in West Delhi, their menu mainly has North Indian food and some snacks. They also deliver common medicines, sanitary and contraceptive products at MRP plus delivery charges.

Order for two (approx): Within Rs.500

Timings: 9 pm -4 am

Specialty: Biryani and Kababs

Website: www.thenightshift.in

Knight Bites

Launched in November 2013, “Knight Bites” is a midnight delivery service that works in the wee hours of the night, providing food, beverages and other essential items (cigarettes, chocolates, condoms and so on).

Operating from 10 pm to 4 am, this delivery service boasts of an extensive coverage of Delhi gained within a short period, with its main dealings happening in North, West and South Delhi. They have two offices in Delhi, one in Janakpuri and the other in VasantKunj.

Meal for two: INR 400

Working hours: 10 pm to 4 am

Specialty: Butter Chicken, Chicken Salami, Chicken Tikka sandwiches, Oreo and Kit Kat shakes

Website:  www.knightbites.in

Contact No: +91-8750495049


By Shaily Sharma, Vani Vivek and Siddhi Goel

Image Credits: www.timescity.com

Do you want to eat the best Punjabi cuisine in Delhi?  Well, you might have to go to West Delhi for the same. Located in Paschim Vihar, Baljeet’s Amritsari Koolcha is the perfect place to try the famous combination of Chole and Stuffed Kulcha. The dish is served with Onion and garnished with Green Chutney and curd.

Talking about the ambiance, the place is very well decorated with earthen-pots and musical instruments which adhere to punjabi sangeet and folklore, wherein one gets the traditional essence while enjoying the food. While having your food, you can also see how it is being made, which is a delightful and fun sight. The main chef, popularly called as pandit ji can be seen working effectively while putting in and taking out the dough from the tandoor. The administration staff is very efficient and provide quick service, thus not giving the customers any opportunity to lose their cool.

The place attracts crowd from all walks of life, and is so famous in the nearby areas, that there isn’t any food left after 5 30 p.m, and thus the eatery closes around that time.When you talk to the manager, he says, ‘log yahan desi punjabi khana khane aate hein and hamari koshish rehti hai ki unko whi mile jo wo chahte hein’ i.e. ‘People come here to eat the traditional punjabi food, and we try our best to serve them what they want.’

The option of dine-in and home delivery is also available.

Opening hours : 8 30 a.m. to 5 30 p.m.
Cost : 220 approx. for 2 people.

As you enter the Hauz Khas Village Market Lane, you will a spot fully loaded bicycle in front of the ‘He Said She Said Cafe’. Clad in a white kurta pyjama and wearing a sweet smile, he serves arguably the best Cholle kulche of Delhi on his mini set-up. It is not just the taste of his traditional cholle kulche dish but also the variety that he has- a mini tandoor, 4 types of breads and the best tamarind chutney ever. The price of the meals is nominal and thus pocket friendly for students and alike.


Special Chhole Kulche are available on weekends during day hours.

A must have for everyone who visits Hauz Khas Village.

A meal for two: Rs 60-80

Sodabottleopenerwala is a new Parsee restaurant that has opened in DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Not only does the restaurant have an insanely catchy name, it also has great food to its credit. The décor transports you back to the old Irani cafes of Mumbai- black and white tiled floor, jars of homemade cookies on the billing counter and plastic floral printed table covers. The walls are adorned of humorous Parsee sayings and the overall look of the restaurant is quite unique.

food review 1

The chicken/mutton berry pulao is a must have. With its tender juicy meat pieces and dried berries, it is definitely a treat. It is one of those few rice dishes that do not require any condiment to go with it. The Patrani macchi is another delight, it comes wrapped in banana leaves and the fish melts in the mouth. Salli Murg is nothing but chicken on a bed of fried potato but is definitely one of the tastiest things on the menu. However, vada pav, synonymous with Bombay street food is a disappointment. It was dry and over spiced.

Sodabottleopnerwala has a very interesting item on its menu called khade chammach ki chai. It’s exactly what the name suggests, as the tea comes with the spoon stuck at a 90 degree angle. And it is stuck because of the enormous amount of sugar in the tea. But there’s a catch- Finish the tea and you don’t have to pay for it!

food review (1)
khade chammach ki chai

Unfortunately, this place does not have much to offer to vegetarians. An already small menu shrinks even further the moment you delete the meat options. But since the restaurant is fairly new, hopefully the menu will soon expand, offering wider choices to both vegetarians and non- vegetarians. The prices are towards the higher side and the quantities are relatively small. A meal for two will cost about 1500 rupees. Having said that, the food is mouth watering and very different from what we usually get in Delhi. New and unique flavours, good ambience and a great location, sodabottleopenerwala will definitely give you a run for your money and is a must visit.


Anand Vihar’s market in Shadara is no Khan Market or Connaught Place. The market is small, crammed and mostly has general stores, chemists and dry cleaners. But a rare luxury that this market can afford, that too recently, is a surprisingly good café- Café Hi5. The most interesting thing about Café Hi5 is that there are two entrances and a kitchen in the middle such that the two opposite ends of the room are completely disconnected from one another. So each side of the kitchen makes for a small sitting area seating about 8 people.

The servings are large enough that even if you go in a group, everyone manages to get a bite. There is no particular cuisine but Chinese and Italian are served, among others. Also, I have been told that the non-vegetarian food is excellent. You can try their sandwiches, burgers and a variety of desserts. But one of the main attractions of menu is the Iced Tea- it’s not your regular instant Iced Tea mixed in water and served at an overpriced rate and undersized glass. It tastes much like a peach flavored mocktail and is definitely worth a try.

The Café targets mostly school and college going students so the interiors complement the young and energized atmosphere that they have tried to create, complete with a TV and music playing in the back ground.

As far as money matters are concerned, a meal at Café Hi5 won’t throw your budget overboard. It’s decently priced, with a meal for two costing around Rs.400.

White Waters- the name reminds one of a relaxed, pristine white and blue beach, and very much true to its name, the café is done up in beautiful white and aquamarine blue. This is the aspect of the café that makes the visitors go wow and make them fall in love with the ambience.

Unlike most restaurants, White Waters does not have a linear seating plan, but tables spread out all over, with a number of options. The best seating area, without any argument is the table on the upper level. With comfortable sofas that can seat up to ten people easily and a big table with internal lighting, this area creates an amazing atmosphere. For such a terrific ambience, one would expect great music, but it was not so, as they only played regular pop. The Doors did play once, but it was a remixed version; their haunting numbers could have elevated the experience further.

Coming to the staff and the service, they were pretty decent and the food did not take ages to reach the table. The staff was polite and ready to help, though one had to call out to them from above.

Most importantly, the food was rather average and one could make it out that the high prices were for the atmosphere. The Veg. and Non-veg. Platters were filling, but did not have the wow factor one would expect. In other snacks, Honey Chilly Potatoes and Honey Chilly Lotus Stem were sticky due to the over-dose of honey, but were bearable.

The Veg. Biryani tasted like any other biryani and there are other places where a much better version can be availed for a much lower price, same is the case with the Non Veg. Biryani. Though both were tasty and appetizing, they couldn’t be called extraordinary.

In the matter of drinks, the place serves your normal alcoholic drinks, but for the straight folk, there is Cucumber Cooler to be had, Kiwi Smoothie and Berry Blast are also good choices.

The place is rather good for catching up with friends, birthday parties and the like.

Cost for two: 1300/-

Home delivery is not available.

Timings: 12PM to 1 AM

Location: C-39, First Floor, Opp. Odeon Cinema, Connaught Place