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The Tea Shop at Godavari Complex, sector 37, Noida is not one of those typical eating joints one would visit. There is no seating arrangement other than the mats that the shop owner provides. There isn’t a big kitchen or a lavish menu. It isn’t open at all times of the day and there isn’t home delivery either.

But what Tea Shop does have, is class. Frequented by most college students and youngsters of Noida, this small room hardly gives space for the customer to stand for it’s always crowded. The list of the types of tea which one can get here is quite long. It includes different flavours of iced tea and hot tea. With hot chocolate and cold coffee, the number of beverages which one can choose from makes for a nice evening outing with friends.

The service is amazing, considering that it is full of people at all times. They’re fast, easy on the pocket and yes, the beverages and food is simply delicious. The place maintains basic hygiene despite being located locally. It is open 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Mon, Wed-Sun), 5 PM to 9:30 PM (Tuesday). It is a kilometre away from Golf Course Metro station.

Tea Shop offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches grilled and non-grilled, along with momos. Cookies and muffins are also on the menu along with brownies and corns. All in all, it is a very chilled out place to hang out in during the cool hours of the evening. If you want to spend hours sitting in your car or leaning against it and just chit chatting with your buddies, Tea Shop is the place you should order from.

report published in the Times of India (TOI), students will be able to get their master’s degree based on a new credit based system. This move is expected to give more flexibility to students while picking a suitable course for themselves. DU Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh stated that few reforms will be seen effective from the approaching session itself, whereas the full set of changes will be brought and visible from 2015-16 onward. He added that the work on the PG course reforms and proposal was going on and that he may like to call it a credit based system. Students will not only have to pass in the examinations, but also may have to attain a certain minimum number of credits to clear the examination. “The expectation is that a DU student will be able to gain the credits in about a year’s time”, he was quoted saying to TOI. Singh also hinted at some changes at the FYUP level. Trans-disciplinary programmes will enable students to gain extra points during the last year of their undergraduate course, the benefits of which can be availed at the postgraduate level. He explained that re-mixing of courses would bring about more flexibility to the system and enable students to reach their higher potential. However, the basic format of the FYUP, especially the foundation courses will not be altered. Projects might be merged and more changes will be announced which will hopefully be approved by regulatory bodies. Project areas like population and internet  have been identified. The complete information is expected to be declared soon. However, this proposal for a one year PG reforms is yet to be approved by the University’s Academic and Executive Councils. Talking about the success of the FYUP, Singh admitted that there was positive feedback from the economically and socially disadvantaged strata. Girls who get married during their college years and as a result ended up wasting their studies, are now given a chance to complete their studies in the given time period of 10-years. “Trans-disciplinary knowledge has definitely gone up tremendously,” he added.]]>

The Chemistry Society of Hindu College, Tatva, organised its annual departmental fest Catalysis on the 28th of February and 1st if March, 2014. ‘Substance’, the department magazine was inaugurated on the first day by the Chief Guest Mr. Ajay Poddar, Principal Dr. Pradumn,  the teacher in charge, Dr, Reena Jain and the Convenor Dr. Anju Srivastava. This year, the fest invited speakers to discuss topics that went beyond the subject of Chemistry.

Mr. Ajay Poddar, Managing Director, Synergy Environics Ltd spoke to the audience about the health hazards of mobile radiations on the human body.  The talk was an eye-opener for most students sitting in the audience. He demonstrated the extent to which radiations from cell phones interfered with the human nervous communication system by inviting a volunteer on stage for an activity. Mr. Poddar went on to talk about his research in the invention of an Enviro-chip, an environment friendly chip which deflected these harmful radiations and thus saved the human body from such disastrous effects.

The second day had a plenary lecture by Sh. Girish Bhatia, Founder and Leadership Coach, John Maxwell Team. He spoke about personality development, self-image and goal setting. He also spoke about the importance of creating a life full of happiness, health and success.

Both days saw participation of various students in a lot of activities like poster presentation, Chemical Rangoli, quiz, Chemistry Cricket League, Treasure Hunt, debate, slow cycle race, chemical Tambola, street play and tug of war. There was also a competition to choose Mr. and Miss Catalysis, the winners of which received prizes worth Rs.15,000. Aparna from Chemistry Honors third year and Pradeep from second year won the respective titles.

After the first day that featured Papon and the East India Company, the closing act of Hindu College’s Annual fest Mecca 2014, was all about Mohit Chauhan.

The popular singer of Silk Route fame, came on stage at quarter to six and the crowd went crazy. He started the concert with his Rockstar single, ‘jo bhi main kehna chahoon’. Even in the first song, he made sure to interact with the audience making them go ‘ya ya ya’ in order to match the lyrics. Maintaining the romantic mood of the song, he went on to sing ‘Kuch khaas hai’ and then Yeh dooriyan followed by Tum se hi from Jab We Met.

He had just commented on the number of people before him and those on trees and hostel floors when a group of guys jumped on stage and interrupted ‘Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai’. After the issue was solved, Mohit resumed with ‘Dooba dooba rehta hoon’. In addition to this, there were reported cases of people jumping walls and barricades in order to be able to attend the concert.

Mohit Chauhan ended his performance, the day and Mecca 2014 with the vibrant Sadda Haq.

Featured Image Credit: Sakshi Jaiswal

Twenty odd bands fought at the prelims in Cafe Morrison yesterday and only six bands qualified for the finals of the Battle of the Bands at Mecca 2014.

The finals started with two originals from the band Andolan. Their compositions were called Manmohini and Udh panchi. Rock and Raaga, the second band also started with a self composed song ‘for all the beautiful eyes out there’. Followed by the same, an ear- throbbing metal performance by  Conundrum from P.G.D.A.V college left the audience wanting for more. They sang two songs, again out of which, one was an original composition – Temporal Drift.

Zero Education also performed an their original compositions, followed by a gig by the Red Shorts. The last band concluded the musical madness with an original composition that was an instrumental piece called Dreams.

Andolan not only started first, but ended the show by bagging the first winning spot. Conundrum was declared the runners-up for the competition.

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R U 1 of dose whu type lyk dis?

If you are, disclaimer: All items in this article are purely coincidental and are not intended to harm or offend anyone from any background, religion or gender.

I understand that it’s the technological era and we live in the ‘SMS language’ world. But now that we have smart phones and QWERTY keypads on almost all phones, why would anyone want to use short hands anymore?

Guys, let me tell you a secret (applies to girls too actually). Typing in short forms is turn off. And bad grammar is even more so. Yes, I’m one of those people who correct their partner’s grammar while he’s being romantic with me. Yes, I know I totally kill the moment but dude, the grammar kills it before I do!

I was in class yesterday and I was trying to decipher what my chemistry teacher meant half the time while she was speaking. ‘You should be write’, ‘that phenomenon will be occur’ or ‘this is the belongs to’ are just some of the phrases which totally killed my concentration regarding more important facts. Microsoft Word underlines these phrases in green proving that it is not right to murder English like this!

Yes, English can be confusing at times. Specially the pronunciation part. Like why is ‘ch’ pronounced differently in Christmas and chair. Or why shock has the same sound but different spelling as stalk. Why cut is not pronounced similar to put, even though they have the same letter ‘u’ in between. Why the past tense of fall is fell but that of call is not cell.

It takes years and maybe a lot of reading practice to actually get a lot of words and their combinations right along with their meanings. Why finish and complete can be used one for another while talking about work but not so when talking about finding a life partner. I read a joke recently which explained the meaning of the two: finding a soul mate completes you. Finding a soul mate while you’re married to someone else finishes you and getting caught with that soul mate by your partner completely finishes you.

Words used in Hindi may not be used in a similar manner in English. For example, in Hindi, the plural of sheep is countable but in English, the plural of sheep is not sheeps but a flock of sheep. There is no word as ships or fishes; it is a fleet of ship or a school of fish.

Good English makes for good reading. Perfect grammar makes for a satisfactory article. For an English student, using a comma in the right place is as important as adding salt to lemonade. Otherwise ‘let’s eat, my friend’ won’t be any different from ‘let’s eat my friend’ and that won’t really be a nice thing to do now, would it?

Children in earlier times used to eagerly wait for their 18th birthday. Reaching that milestone meant getting the license to drive, opening a bank account and legally calling themselves grown up. But this generation had not waited for their 18th but their 11th birthday. It was the day one hoped to get a letter from Hogwarts. I know I waited for mine to come.

Yes, we were the lucky ones to have been infected by Potter mania. On the contrary, we were the unlucky ones to have gone through the pain of accepting the fact that the whole wizarding world was just a farce.  Those who haven’t worshiped J.K. Rowling in their teens wouldn’t know what I’m talking about but to Potterheads, I would make perfect sense.

I pretended that my pencil was a wand and I practiced my spells daily. But no matter how perfectly I ‘swished and flicked’ the pencil and chanted Wingardium Leviosa, the basket ball never flew and hit my brother right on the head. I could never punish him satisfactorily for making fun of me. I pretended the broom was meant only to fly but it never did. It hurt me instead. And in very wrong places. I pretended the new overcoat I bought in winters made me invisible but alas, that was never meant to be. The mocktails I brewed trying to follow the Half Blood Prince’s clever words never make me lucky. Or turn me into someone else. Any new bizarre item I saw, I believed it was a Zonko product. The world I lived in was boring. Harry Potter’s world was so much better.

happy harry

Yes, I was one of those hardcore fans who waited up all night to put their hands on the latest book and then sat in bed all day reading it. But when the last book came out, I took my sweet time to finish it for I didn’t want the journey to come to an end. I actually cried when I bade goodbye to Albus Severus Potter. Before the release of Deathly Hallows, I had also gone through Mugglenet and thoroughly and tried to interpret the well-awaited novel.

Harry Potter was a trend, a craze, an addiction. He taught us, as growing kids, the power of love and courage. True, the storyline was clichéd; the good was victorious over the evil in the end but J.K. Rowling really did weave a truly fantastic series.

I wish the creation – Harry and the creator J.K. Rowling a very happy birthday and thank them tremendously for introducing us to a literally magical world. A world out of this boring little muggle world.  A world that made my childhood special.

Ever heard of an odour judge? Or a dog food tester? Well, there are people who would do just anything for money. They would take up the weirdest, most random jobs which most of us didn’t even imagine existed!

Being a pet detective looked cool in the movie Ace Ventura but to think that it is actually a real job is hard to comprehend. Then there’s a professional whistler. Yes, a person who gets paid to whistle. Being a snake milker or a mascot or a rodeo clown, there’s just so much to do!

In casinos abroad, there is a special person who is just employed to check if the dice that you’re playing with is perfectly proportioned or not. Then there’s a vomit collector, someone who is employed in theme parks specifically to mop up puke near rides that tend to inspire motion sickness. A professional queuer on the other hand, stands in queue for tickets and all for a small commission.

People don’t actually eat worms just to get 10 minutes of fame on TV; they get paid for the gross stunt too. A fart sniffer gets paid to smell gas given off by cows in order to determine their diet, hormonal balance, and overall health. There are just no words to describe the absurdity of some jobs.

Some of us love to sleep all day. Did you know you can actually make money out of that? Doctors and scientists need these ‘professionalsleepers’ to research more about insomnia and other sleeping disorders. And did you know that there’s a livestock masturbator? Similar to the animal inseminator, they are individuals who masturbate cows and other barnyard animals in order to acquire the body fluids necessary for conception. Again; no comments.

The world is full of so many odd jobs. Why worry about being unemployed then? There definitely must be something out there for you too!