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Celebrating the Bond of Togetherness: Catalysis 2014

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The Chemistry Society of Hindu College, Tatva, organised its annual departmental fest Catalysis on the 28th of February and 1st if March, 2014. ‘Substance’, the department magazine was inaugurated on the first day by the Chief Guest Mr. Ajay Poddar, Principal Dr. Pradumn,  the teacher in charge, Dr, Reena Jain and the Convenor Dr. Anju Srivastava. This year, the fest invited speakers to discuss topics that went beyond the subject of Chemistry.

Mr. Ajay Poddar, Managing Director, Synergy Environics Ltd spoke to the audience about the health hazards of mobile radiations on the human body.  The talk was an eye-opener for most students sitting in the audience. He demonstrated the extent to which radiations from cell phones interfered with the human nervous communication system by inviting a volunteer on stage for an activity. Mr. Poddar went on to talk about his research in the invention of an Enviro-chip, an environment friendly chip which deflected these harmful radiations and thus saved the human body from such disastrous effects.

The second day had a plenary lecture by Sh. Girish Bhatia, Founder and Leadership Coach, John Maxwell Team. He spoke about personality development, self-image and goal setting. He also spoke about the importance of creating a life full of happiness, health and success.

Both days saw participation of various students in a lot of activities like poster presentation, Chemical Rangoli, quiz, Chemistry Cricket League, Treasure Hunt, debate, slow cycle race, chemical Tambola, street play and tug of war. There was also a competition to choose Mr. and Miss Catalysis, the winners of which received prizes worth Rs.15,000. Aparna from Chemistry Honors third year and Pradeep from second year won the respective titles.

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