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On Wednesday, 29th March 2023, Delhi Police brutally detained student protestors calling for Delhi Police and the IPCW college administration to take accountability for the lack of repercussions towards the unidentified intruders at IPCW’s fest.

On 29 March 2023, the Students Federation of India (SFI) and All India Students Association (AISA) gathered around Indraprastha College for Women to protest against the incursion by unidentified men on the previous day, on the day of the college’s fest, demanding questions from the authorities for the same. The protest, which started at about 11 a.m., was interrupted by Delhi Police, and they started detaining the protestors hardly 20 minutes into the protest. There was a protest inside the college by the students of IPCW as well.

On 28 March 2023, during the annual fest of the college, several drunk men scaled the boundaries of the institution and harassed the women students. Students who were waiting at the entry gate formed a huge crowd on the verge of a stampede. Allegedly,  there were no security measures in place except the gate not letting the people in. Soon enough, several men started causing havoc by climbing the trees and walls and jumping inside the premises.

The miscreants were screaming slogans of “jai shree ram” etc. and were hooted on by all other men in the crowd. One of the IPCW people (either someone from admin or security) jumped on the wall to calm everyone down and then the gates were opened to everyone, irrespective of whether they registered, or had student or govt ids, as a last-minute emergency action.,” – Molina Singh, a student who was in the crowd.

The drunk miscreants who allegedly smuggled alcohol and drugs inside the campus also took to hooliganism holding placards displaying obnoxious and vulgar slogans. Students present there reported use of slogans like, “Miranda nahi chhoda to IP bhi nahi chhodenge” (We didn’t leave Miranda so we won’t leave IP either), “We are single”, “Hindu ka yeh naara hain, IP college humara hain” (Hindu raises this slogan, IP college is ours). The harassment and vandalism continued while several women were escorted out by the organisers. 

 The miscreants wrote vulgar and obnoxious texts and flashed them to the female crowd

According to the students, the hooligans also tried to scale the walls of the IPCW hostel post which the entire college was locked down with students inside as per the instructions of the administration. 

The harm was verbal. They also would not stop shouting slogans of a certain religion and grouping up, and they were approaching random friends of mine, or ogling others down. There were Dettol bottles in hands of volunteers who were nursing wounds, ambulances were called, and we heard that a certain man blacklisted on the first day of the fest due to harassment of students had entered again” – an attendant in conversation with DU Beat

The police personnel present there were not proactive in stopping the vandalism. While the police officials stated that an FIR was lodged against 7 men, the protestors sought a chargesheet of the same which was not provided.

Students, who assembled to protest the following day demanding answers from the administration, were manhandled. Students also reported being groped. Reportedly, some people were severely bruised due to the manhandling and then detained at Burari Police Station in an attempt to disrupt the protest. The detainees were later released. 

After releasing us, they wanted to deport us back to IPCW so that the authorities could abuse us more but we refused and decided to walk out of the police station to go back by ourselves. We were extremely, violently manhandled and the police wanted our details even though they had no criminal proceedings against us,” – Titas Goswami, a third-year student from Miranda House in conversation with DU Beat

A press release, dated 29 March 2023, by the SFI DU stated, “Women are being harassed and mishandled inside the campus. When they decide to register their dissent against it, they are again harassed and mishandled by the police.”

It was reported by the volunteers of the fest, that a footfall of 10,000 people was expected. While the admin rejected the idea of having external security, the 20-21 students themselves were reportedly asked to control it. The miscreants were vandalising the walls and the admin allegedly asked for all gates to be shut down. The gates were only opened up for the car of a professor to be checked in when the pushing and shoving happened and that’s when the stampede started. Reportedly, people also tried to harass the professor inside the car and started piling and falling up.

Men started purposefully pushing the girls and then piling upon them, emerging with victorious smiles. Volunteers had to drag the girls out. People started panicking and there were no medical facilities available. One of our volunteers broke her leg in the stampede. Some girls had panic attacks while the men were trying to touch them inappropriately in the pretence of helping them.” – an anonymous member of the organising committee


After the ruckus volunteers were asked by the principal to escort the girls out. We were told to inform them that if they wanted to save their lives they must leave. And during the ruckus, the police instead started hitting our non-teaching staff volunteers and guards.” – an anonymous volunteer

A video of the principal alongside some identified Union members enjoying and dancing while this whole ruckus has also surfaced once making the students question the Accountability of the administration even more. 

After the entire chaos happened, the administration gave permission to complete the fest with the remaining students. A video has also surfaced showing the principal dancing alongside some students.

Similar incidents have occurred most recently at Miranda House’s Diwali Fest and before at Gargi College’s Reverie 2020. The continuation of such occurrences makes it appear that fests at women’s institutions are in danger. Although the DU Administration and Police are skilled in detaining protesters past destruction, the lack of such security as preventive measures results in hazy situations.

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Hritwik Pratim Kalyan

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Several students and activists who had  assembled to discuss  the ‘attack’ on NREGA were unlawfully detained by the Delhi Police. 

On 24th March, a peaceful discussion organized by ‘Collective’, a youth-led political organization at Arts Faculty, Gate No 4, Delhi University, on the subject – “Cutting NREGA, silencing people, Demanding right to work”, was disrupted by Delhi Police. This was followed by detention of several students and activists involved in the discussion. 

There was heavy police deployment on campus owing to prior protests by students on debarment of two students on account of BBC documentary screening. Soon after the session commenced, the police barged in and disrupted the proceedings. The speakers, which included Jean Dreze (economist from Jharkhand ), Richa Singh (NREGA union activist from UP) and Com. Somnath (Jan Sangharsh Manch Haryana) were also held at Maurice Nagar Cyber Cell till eleven in the evening. 

All the protocols were followed and the concerned security authorities including the nearby police station were informed. Right before the discussion began; the police demanded a written permission from the proctor – something that has never been required previously. The SHO then necessitated that the discussion would continue only if the use of mike was discarded, the assembly conceded. But, mere minutes after the introduction, the police imposed section 144, students were removed from the spot and some were taken in police vans”

– Sourya Majumder, the joint secretary of Collective, in conversation with DU Beat.

The police allegedly questioned the validity and importance of discussions on issues like NREGA in college spaces. They demanded that such matters which have nothing to do with the student body should not fall within the ambit of discussions on campus. Sourya claims the cops were condescending to the Collective members. Videos of police brutally dragging students into vans have also been circulating social media. At the police station as well, their behaviour was antagonistic.  

The police was very xenophobic in their approach during interrogation. They were very brutal with the students and the mazdoor union activists. They took our aadhar number – something which has never been done before. An international student was also detained and was heckled by the police. They tried to threaten to take his visa, deport him. Sadly there has been an unfortunate degradation in the treatment of people who are detained” – Anandita, a member of Collective.

So far no FIR has been registered in this case. People have greatly condemned this incident, pointing out that it goes on to show the criminal infringement of the democratic rights of people to assemble peacefully and discuss critical issues.

Rubani Sandhu

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More than forty organisations and activists have signed a joint statement to come in support of the arrest of two students by the Delhi Police on charges of instigating communal riots and others, which the signatories deem as ‘trumped up’ and ‘baseless.’


On 14th April 2020, a joint statement signed by 48 organisations and activists, such as Federation of Central Universities Teachers’ Association (FEDCUTA), Jamia Teachers’ Association (JTA), journalist Pamela Philipose, etc was issued, which served as a solidarity and support statement for two accused students, named Safoora Zargar and Meeran Haider, who were booked by the police for some criminal charges and involvement in the North East Delhi pogrom which started on 23rd February 2020 and caused massive destruction.

Majid Jamil, Secretary of JTA told DU Beat, “We issued a joint statement with FEDCUTA and many other organisations.” When asked upon details of the case he denied saying anything apart from what was issued in the joint statement. Professor Nandita Narayan, who is the former President of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) and Ex-President of FEDCUTA also confirmed her solidarity with the accused students to DU Beat. She too denied any further details than what was expressed in the joint statement.

Accused Safoora Zargar, an M.Phil student at Jamia and a joint media coordinator of the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) for movement against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The Outlook reported that she was arrested on 11th April, Saturday. The Scroll report said that Zargar was accused of obstructing the road near the Jaffrabad metro station during the anti-CAA protests in the area.

Accused Meeran Haider is a resident of Jamia Nagar, and a Ph.D student at Jamia who is also the president of the Delhi unit of the Rashtriya Janata Dal’s youth wing. He was an active member of the protest. On 31 March, the Delhi Police’s special cell sent him a notice pertaining to “FIR no 59/2020.” The notice said, “In connection with the investigation, you are requested to join the investigation on 01.04.2020 at 10 AM at the office of Special Cell, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi.” It added, “If you fail to appear, appropriate legal action will be taken against you. This may be treated as urgent.” He was subsequently arrested. The Press Trust of India reported a statement from his lawyer, who said that he was arrested for “allegedly hatching a conspiracy to incite communal riots in northeast Delhi.” On 6 April, a Delhi court extended Haider’s police custody for another nine days. On 15 April, the court sent him to judicial custody for 14 days.

According to the above mentioned joint statement the signers asked for attention from those who believed in democracy and secularism and highlighted the backdrop of what they believe is the historic anti CAA movement in which Jamia students and community women took to the front-line to defend their constitutional rights. They believe that post the peaceful withdrawal of the movement owing to the global spread of novel COVID-19, Delhi Police is picking on those who were active in the movement. The joint statement called the riots instigating charge as “trumped up” and other allegations as “baseless.”

The statement further asserted- “What is particularly worrying in this entire context is that Shrimati Safoora Zargar is pregnant and in this condition, she requires proper care and medical supervision. This kind of action during the lockdown due to the Coronavirus is a violation of their constitutional rights. We register our strong protest in this context and demand that the constitutional rights of the two arrested leaders, Shrimati Safoora Zargar, and Meeran Haider be respected and they be released forthwith.”

Instances of multiple arrests of anti CAA protestors from Jamia Nagar amidst the lockdown has surfaced, and constant picking up of activists who happen to be anti-establishment raises scepticism about intentional targeting of those certain groups.


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Umaima Khanam

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Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

On 20th March when the entire country was celebrating Nirbhaya case verdict, a twenty-six-year-old girl made a complaint against three policemen accusing them of sexual assault and attempt to rape. The Police offered no support and even refused to file any complaint.

A young woman, officially a citizen of Uganda visited India to attend to her father admitted to a hospital for medical treatment. She claims that three policemen attempting to rape her near a cremation ground at Arjun Nagar/Green Park area on the intermediary night of 20th/21st March. Mentioning the names of the two of the three accused as Mr. Naresh Kumar and Mr. Ashok Kumar, to the best of her knowledge, posted at Safdarjung Enclave she questioned their duties as policemen.

In the complaint published on Facebook, she stated on the night of 20th March, she came to Green Park to meet an acquaintance, waiting for her outside a 24×7 store, two policemen, Naresh Kumar and Ashok Kumar came to her on a bike. While the driver of the bike went inside the store the other unreasonably began beating her with a cane. On asking an explanation the two officials pushed her inside a nearby parked police car. They stopped the car near a police barricade on Green Park road and shifted her in another car and claimed of taking her to a police station.

The complaint read that the second car had only the driver while the two policemen kept following on their bike. The driver and the two officials stopped near the cremation ground and forced the female to get out, restraining her hands behind her back they snatched her phone, scratched her face, removed her clothes and attempted to molest her sexually. She somehow ran and managed to reach the main road, where she tried taking help from a lady in a passing car. Hearing all the noises Mr. Shahab Ahmed, resident of a nearby society came down to enquire.

“12: 15 am I came out of my apartment intrigued by the cries and chaos, I saw three policemen and furious naked women crying. I asked why this woman is naked why there is no action being taken. The victim was shouting and pointed the officials claiming them as monsters for raping her. There were no female officials at the site, it was only after twenty minutes that a female official, Ms. Priti arrived. There was no support from her, despite me repeatedly asking for the reason of not yet filing a FIR she kept ignoring and failed in providing any assistance or even a satisfactory answer,” said Mr. Ahmed.

Ms. Swati, a lady from the crowd took the victim along with the cops to the police station. “Once we reached the police station there was no cooperation. There was no attempt made to file a complaint. There was no investigation, the questions she was asked were why she was there at that time of the night. She was never asked what exactly happened with her and what all she went through,” stated Swati.

She further claims the police never returned the victim’s phone. “Whenever any inquiry regarding it was made it was either ignored or tossed around,” she stated.

The complaint mentions the cops intimidating, threatening and verbally abusing the victim with sexist slurs. “There were abuses harassment, threats, references to her as prostitute continuously for five hours in the police station after her MLC was done,” informed Mr. Ahmed. The complaint also mentions SI Brijesh Kumar threatening to get the female put behind the bars on the fabricated charges of illegal immigration, sex work, and extortion. He even denied knowing nothing about the whereabouts of the victim’s phone. Pinjra Tod, an autonomous collective of women students even called for a Twitter storm with #delhipolicefilefir, #delhipolicesharmkaro and others seeking justice for her.

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Kriti Gupta 

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In response to the unfortunate events that happened in Gargi College during their annual fest, the police booked ten people and further arrested two more suspects.

On February 6, a group of men broke into the Gargi College during the college’s Annual Cultural Fest, Reverie 2020, and allegedly groped, harassed and molested the attendees, who claimed that security officials stood watching when the incidents took place. After the victims shared details of their harassment on social media, a formal investigation was started by the police and college administration.

On Wednesday, the Delhi Police arrested ten students in connection with the molestation of the girls in Gargi College’s fest. A case was registered against the ten accused at the Hauz Khas Police Station. These ten people were all students from other Delhi University (DU) colleges as well as colleges from private universities in Noida and were identified using CCTV footage from three cameras, in which they were seen climbing over the college gate and later pushing a car against it to force it open. 

The police said that they have more than eleven teams who are working on the case and coordinating with college authorities. Multiple suspects have been identified and questioned.

 However, on Thursday, a Saket court granted all ten students bail, said a police officer. “We have CCTV footage where the arrested persons were seen barging into the college premises by damaging a gate but they do not have any video or CCTV footage to establish that these persons were also involved in molestation” the officer added. He also said that nine students have recorded their statements with the police and that they are approaching more students to provide any videos or pictures that might lead them to the accused people.

A student was quoted on social media platform Twitter as “People have literally been detained for much longer periods for much lesser offences. Heck, sometimes for no offences at all.”

On the same day, the police arrested two more people in connection with the case. One of the accused arrested is a 22-year-old graduate preparing for competitive exams, while another, aged 19, is working as a tele-caller in a company in Delhi.

A notable mention in this case, is the fact that despite guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC), there is no Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in place at Gargi College, to address such concerns and incidents. The students of Gargi College have boycotted classes since the incident and have been protesting for safe and secure campuses, especially for girls.

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court declined to give an urgent hearing on a petition seeking a court-monitored Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation into the incident. The plea was mentioned before a bench of Justice G S Sistani and Justice C Hari Shankar and was heard on Monday. The high court has sought a response of the Centre and the CBI on the plea.

Gargi College said that it had taken various steps to address the “anxieties and concerns” of the students and “mitigate their trauma”, like face to face interactions, and setting up a fact finding committee to recommend future course of action.

Sumit Raj, in-charge of the media cell, said students had been given time till Saturday to submit all testimonials and video/image proof to the committee.

On whether there was a deadline for the committee to submit a report, he said, “They are working day and night and they will do it soon.”

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Khush Vardhan Dembla

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The Delhi Police has registered a case against a fake video circulated to create panic amongst students in Mukherjee Nagar. 

The Delhi Police recently registered a complaint against a fake video that circulated and went viral online with hopes of creating panic amongst students in Mukherjee Nagar.

The video shows a police officer telling people to vacate Mukherjee Nagar between 24th December to 2nd January. In the video, the officer is seen warning people, saying that they have warned students, P.G. owners, local vendors, and owners of restaurants, libraries and coaching centres to “book their tickets and vacate Mukherjee Nagar from 24th December to 2nd January.” The officer warned people against gathering in the area,  because under Section 144- which prohibits a gathering of more than four people- they can be booked and detained, and that they should refrain from protesting and not “ruin their careers.”


Image Credits: Twitter

An image of the order from the SHO Mukherjee Nagar police station had also circulated amongst students. The police claimed it to be fake, and are trying to identify the origin of the video and the fake notice that was spread to create panic amongst netizens following the CAB protests and the use of police force for quelling it


Image Credits: Times of India

“We’re all already tense about the situation in Delhi. Many of our friends have already been detained for doing nothing, and with these fake videos and images circulating, news like this is really scary for us outstation students, and our parents are constantly worrying. I know many of my friends were stressed out about the video because they were not going back home for the holidays and were planning to stay in their P.Gs or flats for the winter break,” Rohin Dalal, a second-year student, told DU Beat.

Vijayanta Arya, DCP (North-West) said that no such direction has been given by the police. “Fake messages are circulating on social media on the closure of PGs/hostels in Mukherjee Nagar area. We have registered a case against these fake messages. Appeal to all citizens to not believe these rumours,” the DCP conveyed via a tweet on 25th December.

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Shreya Juyal

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Delhi police detains Kawalpreet Kaur, President, All India Students’ Association (AISA) along with 40 other protesters at Mandir Marg police station after protest at Assam and UP Bhawan against Citizen Amendment Act (CAA).

Kawalpreet Kaur, President, All India Students’ Association (AISA) tweeted on early hours of Monday, December 23, 2019, urging people to gather at UP Bhawan, Delhi at 11 AM to demand the resignation of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath or Ajay Bisht.


The demand was raised after the rising atrocities against Muslims under Yogi Adityanath government. Within a few hours, another update followed, stating, protestors have been brutally assaulted by the Delhi Police and picked up from UP Bhawan. Kaur was dragged by Delhi Police cops from an auto outside the Bhawan, she was thereafter taken to the bus which had only four other women detainees. She was assaulted and eventually dropped off at the Mandir Marg Police Station.


Along with Kaur, over 40+ individuals were detained, however, lawyers arrived on time. Protestors were also picked up from Assam Bhawan who were also taken to Mandir Marg Police Station. 


However, the police denied all allegations and spoke to The New Indian Express, saying “We only arrested the protestors from UP Bhawan after we got the orders. We never detained an innocent.”

Prabhanu Kumar Das, Student of Kirori Mal College who was also detained at Mandir Marg Police Station, says, according to the police, Section 144 was imposed but he said he was there along with only one other person when he got detained. He said, “Police barged the streets and looked for anyone who fit the profile for detention i.e. students.” He further sent an audio saying that he was walking away from the Assam Bhawan but was still detained, “As soon as police started detaining people, we dispersed. However, Police were picking up students in groups of 2 or 4 in far corners of the street and taking them to Mandir Marg Police Station.”


Feature Image Credits: Kawalpreet Kaur on Facebook

Anandi Sen

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On the 19th December 2019, the entire country came to the streets to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and so did the citizens of the capital city of Delhi.

Initially, there were supposed to be two marches. The first protest from the Red Fort to the Shaheed Park, starting at 11 a.m, and the second protest from Mandi House to the Parliament Street, starting at 12 a.m. IA cautionary precursors, people shared numbers of legal help and emergency protocols for protests on social media to spread awareness. However, as people all over Delhi were enthusiastically choosing where to go, it turned out that the protest at the Red Fort was denied permission by the Police citing security reasons.

On the morning of the 19th, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation gradually started closing all the pivotal stations near the protests: Jamia Milia Islamia, Lal Quila, Jama Masjid, Vishwavidhayala, ITO. Soon, the Mandi House station was closed too. The Protesters heading to Mandi House received tips that police were arbitrarily detaining protesters before the protest had even started.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police had already started detaining people at the Lal Quila as well. Among those detained, Yogendra Yadav, a political leader, was also present.

Soon, the police spread out of Mandi House where they continued to detain protesters who had gathered nearby. Further news of Internet and Airtel and Vodafone network blockades, the shutting down of 21 metro stations, and 100 road blockades aggravated the sense that the government was actively trying to quell another peaceful protest before it even began.

It was found out that the detained were being taken to Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Bawana in Haryana, far away from the location of the protests.

Through word of mouth and WhatsApp, the protesters who were not detained and those who had gotten off at adjoining metro stations were told to assemble at Shaheed Park. However, even this was met by a police blockade and lathi charges,  including one very close to Barakhamba.

In a remarkable show of student solidarity and organization, against a Government actively trying to quell them by blocking their options, various student political parties and others got together in the spur of the moment. The protest which had already changed destinations thrice, finally led to Jantar Mantar.

Finally, after a shaky start, the protest at Jantar Mantar proceeded powerfully. The ground was heavily blockaded by the police, with a water cannon in place, in case things go awry. The land was echoing with the cries of ”Gali Gali me nara hai, Hindustan humaara hai” and “Modi-Shah ki Tanashahi, Nahi Chalegi-Nahi Chalegi”.

People were carrying creative posters saying “Student Unity Long Live”, “Orange is the New Black” and “Media more like Modia”.

There were people from all walks of life, from students to middle-aged men and women, united for a common cause. Among those present were parties like Krantikari Yuva Sangathan, Students’ Fderation of India, All India Students’ Association, and Communist Party of India. Eventually, the metro stations of Rajiv Chowk, Barakhamba Road, and Janpath, the three closest to the protest grounds were also closed. Despite that, people still managed to come in heavy numbers and join the protest.

Amongst heavy police presence in Jantar Mantar, the protests carried on for hours where the voices of our generation and those against the fascist government were heard loud and clear throughout Delhi and the Nation.

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Satviki sanjay

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Prabhanu Kumar Das

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Following a press briefing by JNUSU (Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Union), teachers of the varsity marched around the campus to bestow solidarity with students who faced the wrath of police forces on Monday in light of their protest against the arbitrary fee hike.

 A day after several  Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students were thrashed, manhandled and jailed for protesting against the fee hike, the varsity’s teachers association marched past the campus in solidarity with the students. The protest on Monday was marred with intense scuffle between protesters and police forces. Around 100 students who were detained yesterday have been released. Several students suffered injuries after government deployed 2000 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to contain the protest.

As the march began at campus’s main gate, teachers of the varsity started raising slogans such as “Fee hike waapis lo” (Revoke the Fee Hike), “JNU VC Ko Jaana Hoga” (The Vice Chancellor must go), demanding for the Vice Chancellor’s resignation.

“We are standing with students from the very beginning. Fee hike should not take place otherwise underprivileged students will lose the opportunity to study. If public education system collapses than people like us talking here won’t be in a situation to raise voices”, said Professor D.K. Lobiyal who teaches in the School of Computer and System Sciences.

On the question of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) forming a three member committee to look after the fee hike issue he said,  “The committee is saying that (Vice Chancellor) VC should talk to the students. So, MHRD had to formulate a committee for getting the Vice Chancellor in touch with students? Why is the Vice Chancellor there for?” Demonstrating his displeasure he went on to to bring into light that if it requires MHRD to instigate a conversation with students then what’s the need of Vice Chancellor in a University. He added “MHRD has legitimised our claim that this VC is incapable of running JNU.”

NDTV Balaji

Media flocked in the campus to cover the protest. In picture: N. Sai Balaji (ex-JNUSU president) talking about the issue with NDTV. Image credits: Priyanshu Sinha for DU Beat

Various media organisations had flocked in to cover the event which was preceded by a press conference by the JNUSU. Reconciling his chilling encounter with police yesterday, Shashi Bhushan Pandey, a student union councillor said, “I told them (Police) that I am visually impaired, so that they would spare beating me. But No! One of them hit me from the front and when I tried to flee, I was beaten on my leg. The boy who helped me and took me to the hospital was also attacked by the Delhi Police.”

The brutality on Pandey, a visually challenged student got the University’s Visually Challenged Students Forum to issue a notice condemning Delhi Police’s action towards students taking part in peaceful march demanding accessible and affordable education for all.


Teachers assembled near the main gate with placards in hand. Image credits: Priyanshu Sinha for DU Beat

Later on Tuesday, the JNU outfit of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) issued a statement  that condemned the JNUSU and alleged that the left led student union of making the issue their agenda leaving behind rest of JNUites who oppose their ideology. The statement said that as the hike affects every JNU students, their should be a joint struggle committee consisting students from all ideological background. ABVP, who holds no political representation in University’s Student Union rejected the high power committee set up by MHRD and demanded JNU administration to reclaim the 6.7 Crore Rupees that University Grants Commission (UGC) had promised to waive off as additional fee charges.

The protest against exorbitant fee hike entered its 21st day on Tuesday. The exponential hike increased room rent from INR 10-20  to 300-600 per month. An additional service charge of INR 1700 will surge the fee to INR 2,000-2,300 per month. This hike would make Jawaharlal Nehru University the most expensive Central University in India, surpassing even Delhi University whose average annual fees is Rs 40,000-55,000 . After dissatisfaction on a partial rollback by University’s executive council, the Student Union went on with their protest which has already witnessed the participation of huge number of students, many even from outside the campus flocking everyday to stand with the students.


Priyanshu Sinha 

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Feature Image Credits : Priyanshu Sinha for DU Beat

Four students of the University were allegedly beaten up the bouncers of a cafe in the Hudson Lane which lead to 200 students turning up in solidarity for the victims. The said victims have been discharged after due treatment; an investigation regarding the accused is still underway.

On Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, a Police Control Room (PCR) van received a call at 8.30 p.m. regarding a tussle that had broken out in a cafe at north-west Delhi’s Guru Tegh Bahadur (GTB) Nagar. In one of the many cafes that line the streets of GTB Nagar or Hudson Lane, four Delhi University students were injured after they were hit allegedly by bouncers over the volume of music.


The ‘Housefull Cafe Lounge’ where the incident took place. Image credits: Prakash Ranjan

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West) Vijayanta Arya, made a statement on Thursday morning regarding this incident and said that no arrests have been made so far. The recent developments are that an investigation is still underway, pertaining to the incident.

The incident happened when a 24-year-old student, of the University of Delhi’s Law Faculty, Samar Singh, was celebrating his birthday with 30-35 friends at Housefull Cafe Lounge. The group had asked the staff to increase the volume of music and to change the song, to which they disagreed. An argument broke out between the two groups which turned into a physical fight. This is when the bouncers intervened. The students claimed that they were attacked by the bouncers outside the location and beaten up badly.

Ms. Arya said, in conversation with The Hindu, that the four injured students were taken to a nearby hospital where they were discharged after treatment.


Victim’s treatment underway. Image Credits: Prakash Ranjan

Victim Samar Singh had called the police and submitted a complaint at GTB Nagar police station after which a case under the Sections 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), 341 (punishment for wrongful restraint) and 34 (Common intention) of the Indian Penal Code have been registered.

“Two bouncers have been identified but are absconding. Teams are working to nab them.” Ms. Arya added.

After the incident, around two-hundred students turned up at Kingsway Camp to protest and express solidarity at the incident. Images of the victims as well as messages calling for media persons in the vicinity to join the protest, were doing the rounds by the end of the night on Wednesday. In conversation with a national daily, ex-Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) President Shakti Singh alleged, “Police did not cooperate in the matter and were shielding the accused instead.” The students only left after the police assured them that proper action would be taken in the case. The GTB crossing had been occupied for more than three hours.

The police also notified that a case had also been filed against the bar owner for not carrying out verification of his employees.

Feature Image Credits: Prakash Ranjan

Bhavya Pandey

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