Three Police Officials Attempt Sexual Assault Alleges Woman from Uganda

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Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

On 20th March when the entire country was celebrating Nirbhaya case verdict, a twenty-six-year-old girl made a complaint against three policemen accusing them of sexual assault and attempt to rape. The Police offered no support and even refused to file any complaint.

A young woman, officially a citizen of Uganda visited India to attend to her father admitted to a hospital for medical treatment. She claims that three policemen attempting to rape her near a cremation ground at Arjun Nagar/Green Park area on the intermediary night of 20th/21st March. Mentioning the names of the two of the three accused as Mr. Naresh Kumar and Mr. Ashok Kumar, to the best of her knowledge, posted at Safdarjung Enclave she questioned their duties as policemen.

In the complaint published on Facebook, she stated on the night of 20th March, she came to Green Park to meet an acquaintance, waiting for her outside a 24×7 store, two policemen, Naresh Kumar and Ashok Kumar came to her on a bike. While the driver of the bike went inside the store the other unreasonably began beating her with a cane. On asking an explanation the two officials pushed her inside a nearby parked police car. They stopped the car near a police barricade on Green Park road and shifted her in another car and claimed of taking her to a police station.

The complaint read that the second car had only the driver while the two policemen kept following on their bike. The driver and the two officials stopped near the cremation ground and forced the female to get out, restraining her hands behind her back they snatched her phone, scratched her face, removed her clothes and attempted to molest her sexually. She somehow ran and managed to reach the main road, where she tried taking help from a lady in a passing car. Hearing all the noises Mr. Shahab Ahmed, resident of a nearby society came down to enquire.

“12: 15 am I came out of my apartment intrigued by the cries and chaos, I saw three policemen and furious naked women crying. I asked why this woman is naked why there is no action being taken. The victim was shouting and pointed the officials claiming them as monsters for raping her. There were no female officials at the site, it was only after twenty minutes that a female official, Ms. Priti arrived. There was no support from her, despite me repeatedly asking for the reason of not yet filing a FIR she kept ignoring and failed in providing any assistance or even a satisfactory answer,” said Mr. Ahmed.

Ms. Swati, a lady from the crowd took the victim along with the cops to the police station. “Once we reached the police station there was no cooperation. There was no attempt made to file a complaint. There was no investigation, the questions she was asked were why she was there at that time of the night. She was never asked what exactly happened with her and what all she went through,” stated Swati.

She further claims the police never returned the victim’s phone. “Whenever any inquiry regarding it was made it was either ignored or tossed around,” she stated.

The complaint mentions the cops intimidating, threatening and verbally abusing the victim with sexist slurs. “There were abuses harassment, threats, references to her as prostitute continuously for five hours in the police station after her MLC was done,” informed Mr. Ahmed. The complaint also mentions SI Brijesh Kumar threatening to get the female put behind the bars on the fabricated charges of illegal immigration, sex work, and extortion. He even denied knowing nothing about the whereabouts of the victim’s phone. Pinjra Tod, an autonomous collective of women students even called for a Twitter storm with #delhipolicefilefir, #delhipolicesharmkaro and others seeking justice for her.

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