If someone asks you today to choose between a love and an arranged marriage- which one would you prefer? Those who say that they prefer the latter, they’d be lying to themselves if they admit to never having secretly wished for love to enter their life. There’s a difference between what one ‘wishes’ for and what one ‘wants’. Therefore, while some may simply wish for a love marriage, they may also consider ‘wanting’ an arranged marriage in the future or vice versa.

Arranged marriages garner much apprehension in today’s times. Parul Tyagi steps in and breaks new ground by showcasing an evolving process of a modern arranged marriage through her second novel- Hurry Om Hari.

The story revolves around two extremely likeable and endearing characters- Om, (the groom-to-be) a charming, good looking lawyer and Hari, (the bride-to-be), an effortless beauty-with-brains hockey player. The two of them are betrothed by a perfect chattis guna match of astrological calculations.

More than a love story, it’s a journey of how these two people, who are brought together by their families and bound by societal expectations, develop a strong connection, unbreakable by norms and inseparable by hearts even while they stay apart. So much so, that they postpone their wedding until they accomplish their personal ambitions, irrespective of how long it takes. The novel chronicles their journey of self-development and the further strengthening of their bond. Topped with the occasional saas-bahu gossip, it’s a perfect blend.

The author through her exceptional storytelling has kept the story true to the real world with aspects of Indian families and traditions infused in the story perfectly. There is a unique sense of charm in every chapter, compelling you to stay glued to the book all the way till the end, and without you feeling disconnected with the bigger plot.

So go ahead and read it! I guarantee you’ll fall in love with it, and just like me, feel the impact of the changed views of all kinds of love for everyone around us in this world as well.

Hurry Om Hari has been published by Half Baked Beans.

Shagun Marwah

[email protected]