Nearly every college has a book club and a literary society but still every book reader in DU buy books from various
sources. Why can’t we easily borrow/lend books with book readers in our college and with book readers in adjacent

To solve this, DU Beat along with Lenro has started ‘Buy Less. Read More.’ Books Revolution in Delhi University.

Using Lenro, you can:

1. Discover book readers in your college & nearby colleges.

2. Borrow/Lend books with other book readers. For Free!

3. Save money, meet like-minded book readers and spread the love of books.

And now to make this announcement sweeter, we also have a free books giveaway to kick start this revolution.
Spread the word about Lenro in your friend circle and win a book of your choice for free.

How to enter the books giveaway?

1. Share about Lenro (use Lenro’s link: on your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

2. Tag your Book Reader friends in the post. That’s it!

Don’t forget to tag Lenro so that Lenro gets to know about your entry. You can tag your book reader friends in post’s
comments as well as in the subsequent tweets.

Giveaway Prize: 5 lucky winners will get a book of their choice.

Last Date of entry: 15th Mar, 2016

Winners will be announced on 17th Mar, 2016

Buy Less. Read More.


1. Can I post on my Facebook as well as Twitter profiles?
Yeah, each FB post and tweet are considered a separate entry to this book giveaway contest. Posting on both
Facebook and Twitter double your chances of winning and you also get more thanks from your book reader friends
for informing them about a new way to read books for free.

2. Can I share to Facebook groups or post to my Facebook page?
Yeah, that counts. Don’t forget to tag Lenro.

3. As a winner, can I choose books of any amount?
You can choose books of any amount provided the maximum price is Rs 500. Ninety Nine percent of the books can
be covered in this price range.


Any other query? Please feel free to contact jointheparty(at)lenro(dot)co.

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