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Why you should visit the Book Fair at least once as a student

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This time arrives every year, when all book lovers excitedly queue outside the gates of Pragati Maidan, waiting to treat their eyes and minds to an abundance of books and all things literary.

As is evident, we are talking about Book Fair (one that happens in the month of September is Delhi Book Fair and the one in January-February is the New Delhi World Book Fair), but why restrict it to the hardcore readers? While there’s no gainsaying the fact that the halls are a haven for readers, the fair also holds  the promise of making the non-readers fall in love with reading.
And as a student, we need to absolutely pay a visit to the fair at least once. Once is enough to make you return every time.
Here’s why:

1. Wide variety

The book fair houses a multitude of books, from novels to educational books, to comics. You name it and the fair has it. As college students, it is necessary for us to read more than just course books, and reference books for preparation of entrance examinations.

2. Cheap Bargains

Last time I visited the fair, I managed to lay hands on books for as cheap as ?20. It just takes some sorting and searching, and you can save a lot of money, and still get to own a decent collection of novels and non-fiction books.  And since college students are always broke, this seems a good way to save up.

3. Book launches and author meetups

The book fairs have, from the past few years been a hub for author meet-ups, book signings, panel discussions and book launches. This makes them the intellectual arena for literary exchanges and fangirling.

4. Stationery fair

The book fair is almost always accompanied by a stationery fair. Who can appreciate stationery as much as students do? Beautiful diaries, pens, folders, notebooks, among other things, all under one giant roof.
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Kritika Narula

With a ginormous appetite for books, she is the kind of person who experiences Book Hangovers way too often. An unabashed fangirl, unbeatable optimist, movie-buff, art-lover, are some of the phrases that define her. In some alternate universe, she feeds on Mac and cheese every living moment. She actually fell in love at first sight: with big words. She can be found sipping coffee in the lawns of IP College, contemplating some quote she read somewhere, when not attending her commerce lectures. Drop her a mail at [email protected]. She’d prefer a tweet @kritika_n_books, though.

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