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DUBeat brings to you a basic guide to some of the most common book markets around Delhi NCR to buy college books from.

As the new semester rolls out and we get out of our beds to get to college again, we again enter the struggle for acquiring books, both, new, or first-hand. For those in or around the North campus, it is relatively easier with Kamla Market and ‘The Bookstore’, ‘Amar Books’ etc.  yet for those who aren’t able to easily access these stores or simply those who can’t find all books here there are plenty of other decent and cheap places that one can go to, to get their semester books.

The list bellow will provide you with various options to explore:

  • Paharganj – a traveller’s ghetto, situated opposite to the New Delhi Railway Station, this main market provides with not only books but other beautiful accessories as well, an easy to bargain place where most of your basic books are found easily.
  • Chawri Bazar – little needs to be explained about this place, as it is already well known amongst all, the stationary and books lane is right next to the metro exit no. 3/4, a largely wholesale market, which also has a lot of shops selling single books at very low prices.
  • Daryaganj – another place that needs no introduction, one of the most famous book markets in Delhi. A haven for all bookworms, it is a must visit place for not only college but any and all kinds of books.
  • Rajiv Chowk/ Connaught Place – right in the centre of Delhi,  this place is filled with all kinds of markets, and needless to say you can find books as well, from second hand stores on roadside to proper shops from college books, it posses all stores to cater all needs.
  • Atta Market – opposite the famous Noida Sec. 18 market is Atta Market a cheap market for all goods, as such it also has a lane for books an other stationary, with multiple shops selling second and first hand books at discounted prices.
  • Book Fairs at Pragati Maidan – not a lot of people don’t know about the famous book fairs of Pragati Maidan, apart from the international book fair, that happens annually, there are multiple simple book fairs that are set up multiple times around the year, one can be on the look out for them and easily go and grab books straight from the publishing house stalls set up there.
  • Sadar Bazar – This market in Gurugram is one of the largest book markets in NCR. From Engineering Physics book to any English course book, you can find everything here at the cheapest prices. The innumerable shops crowded together here also stock new arrivals so do keep an eye out and you might have a deal in your hands.


These basic well known and dependable markets around Delhi are the best solution to those in search for where to get college books from cheap. As such there are sure to be other places as well, and we would love to hear from you guys If you know of any other such market. We hope this article will help all those who were having a hard time looking for book markets, to either buy or sell books.  



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Haris Khan

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Reiterating the might of the pen and the printed world, the biggest book and stationery bonanza, keenly awaited by students, teachers, artists and, book lovers is back.

India Trade Promotion Organization is organizing the 24th edition of the Delhi Book Fair along with the 20th edition of Stationery Fair from 25th August 2018 to 2nd September 2018 at Pragati Maidan. Having been an annual event since the last two decades, this mega event will witness popular art supplies, books, and, stationery from all over the globe.

The stationery and book fair is an event which witnesses lakhs of visitors, artists and book lovers who throng through the stalls every year. The fair is not only a place to discover new books and stationery but also new budding authors. One can also witness intellectual debates and discussions about the ongoing issues both at the national and international level.

Why Should You Visit the Fair?

  • A variety of books and stationery to choose from.

Even someone who is not a fan of stationery and books ends up buying some cute artsy stuff at the fair.  These fairs are a place where you can find books on any topic, genre and, language. You name it and the fair has it!

  • Author Meet-ups

Generally, book fairs witness a number of new authors who launch their books. Some renowned authors are also there to hold discussions. Be careful while hogging the book stalls, you might end up meeting your favourite author. Do not forget to get your copy signed by him/her!

  • Stationery

Tape, glue, highlighters, colour pencils, fountain pens, sketchbooks, DIY art kits, handmade notebooks, diaries artist sketch boxes, chalk, pens and, paper stashes await at the stalls. If not for stationery, then go for chunky and cool bookmarks which are sold at throwaway prices. One can find many international brands like Artbin (USA), Sakura (Japan), Mungyo (South Korea), Sharpie (USA), Arto and Campap (Malaysia) and lots more.

  • Cheap Bargain on Books

Some sorting and searching will save you a lot of money and still get to own a decent number of novels and non-fiction books.  Many stalls offer as many as five books at the price of meagre INR 200. Such opportunities are god sent for college students who are always broke.

The fair is likely to be held in Hall number 7 to Hall number 12, Pragati Maidan .The timings for the fair are 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  There will be a free shuttle service from the nearest metro station i.e. Pragati Maidan. The entry ticket will be priced at INR 20.School children, in uniform, accompanied by a teacher will be allowed free.

Hog on to brands like Navneet, and Camlin with some childhood nostalgia and buy some cute and artsy stationery. Catch hold of 100 year old stationery brand- Tombow for some amazing pens, markers and, art supplies.

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This time arrives every year, when all book lovers excitedly queue outside the gates of Pragati Maidan, waiting to treat their eyes and minds to an abundance of books and all things literary.

As is evident, we are talking about Book Fair (one that happens in the month of September is Delhi Book Fair and the one in January-February is the New Delhi World Book Fair), but why restrict it to the hardcore readers? While there’s no gainsaying the fact that the halls are a haven for readers, the fair also holds  the promise of making the non-readers fall in love with reading.
And as a student, we need to absolutely pay a visit to the fair at least once. Once is enough to make you return every time.
Here’s why:

1. Wide variety

The book fair houses a multitude of books, from novels to educational books, to comics. You name it and the fair has it. As college students, it is necessary for us to read more than just course books, and reference books for preparation of entrance examinations.

2. Cheap Bargains

Last time I visited the fair, I managed to lay hands on books for as cheap as ?20. It just takes some sorting and searching, and you can save a lot of money, and still get to own a decent collection of novels and non-fiction books.  And since college students are always broke, this seems a good way to save up.

3. Book launches and author meetups

The book fairs have, from the past few years been a hub for author meet-ups, book signings, panel discussions and book launches. This makes them the intellectual arena for literary exchanges and fangirling.

4. Stationery fair

The book fair is almost always accompanied by a stationery fair. Who can appreciate stationery as much as students do? Beautiful diaries, pens, folders, notebooks, among other things, all under one giant roof.
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Kritika Narula