Book Review: Death in Every Stride by Megha Agarwal of SRCC

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Megha Agarwal, a student of Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), portrays the protagonist as a winner in her dark, gloomy fable. The book is written in diary entry form, which helps the reader connect better with Krisanne. Every emotion and thought that she experiences appears live before us. The story embarks with Krisanne’s expectations and aspirations as she enters into a lifelong companionship of love, faith and consideration with Paul Dore. But soon, her illusions are shattered as she discovers the devil in her husband. Even after years of harassment, Krisanne is caught in a web woven by the baseless norms and practices that our society entraps women in. ‘Death in Every Stride’ isn’t just another story with a sad ending. It’s a celebration of Krisanne’s victory. It’s about how she, fighting all odds, defends herself against the fiendishness of her own husband, Paul, her family and the society. One striking feature of the book is that each diary entry ends with Krisanne’s name prefixed with her emotions, such as being hopeful, scared, dutiful, victorious, etc. So give the book a read and mull over this: Why must the woman always pay for the mistakes of men like Paul in our society? Tanya Agarwal [email protected] Image Credits: Nayanika Yadavendu]]>

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