Book Review: The Originals – The Rise by Julie Plec

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For those of you who have seen the Television series, The Originals, reading the book is a sacred duty. You can never have enough of the Mikaelson  siblings, and the book by the producer Julie Plec, who began this series as a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries, is a way of knowing your favourite characters better.

For those of you who don’t have any idea about it, a little summary of The Originals – The Rise: The Mikaelson  family is ruined and broken beyond repair. In New Orleans in 1722, the city is marred with anarchy and a mild war is raging between the enemies: the witches and the werewolves who are not ready to live together. The twist in the tale is brought by our favourite Klaus. His impending marriage to Vivianne is counted upon to be end the hostility. But it’s apparent that Klaus is volatile and short-tempered.

There had been much furor and excitement about this book.  It makes sense because a book AFTER the TV show is a welcome change, since usually it is the other way round. To top it off, we have an inexplicable alacrity to know as much as we can about the Originals family and siblings specifically.

Initially, the narrative was difficult to read and grasp, and it is a little difficult to relate to the series. But the book and the series are set in different time periods. The only thing that perhaps remains unchanged is their evil father. The book is too detailed for its own good. Although the story and its characters, with all their eccentricities do everything, even disappoint you; one cannot really pin-point as to what was extraneous. Eventually everything falls into place, and one only craves for more of it.

It ends well, and some really strong quotes, coupled with the vividness of the characters, make it worth reading. Because one’s loyalty to The Originals  is Always and forever!


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