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Book Review: Another Day by David Levithan

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The plot is as refreshing as it gets. It is the story that delves deep into our definitions of friendship, love, companionship and belonging. How far will we go to be with someone? How far are we ready to bend the rules? Is bending the rules worth the breach? Does the breach justify the end? Are we ready for the consequences?
It gets you thinking and keeps you so.

But here is a friendly warning: to fully understand the book, and to let it to what it intends to, you need to accept it as fiction, being a realist wouldn’t help. The beauty of the book lies in how it ticks our thinking cells by bringing another dimension to our world.
This is the story of A. A wakes up each day in a new body- and that implies he misses out on so much. On having an address, on having a family, permanent fiends, and so on. Things we take for granted. Things we’d lose and not realize what they’re worth.

Apart from the lessons in living, the plot sure does hold a sense of mystery and intrigue. The author has done such a great job in weaving a plot out of nothing, and I am definitely going to read more from the author.
A beautifully written book, provokes you into thinking incessantly, and makes you question the right and wrong.

Uptil this point, the book was similar to Every Day, the original written from A’s perspective.
All those who’ve read EveryDay are super-thrilled to read this one. Although we know there won’t be any freshness in the plot, still there were so many questions left unanswered from Rhiannon’s perspective in Every Day, that Another Day, a companion book as it is called, seems much needed. One can finish this book in practically no time, partly because it feels like going through the same parts and incidents again, for little utility. So, you might skim through the repetitive dialogues, just like I did. Yes- they sounded beautiful from A’s perspective, but Rhiannon’s words made everything look like it was deceitful, and she was unfortunately made to look like the bad guy here.
I’ll give this to the author- he did write R’s perspective with so much conviction that it made me empathise with her, overriding the sympathy I had towards A earlier.

But, what goes without saying is the part where A woke up in R’s body- I had all my excitement directed towards it. It was worth it. If i am given an option between Every Day and Another Day, I’d choose the latter, though Every Day is the novel that endears me to the author. Another day after ED sounds like a justification! Nevertheless, it was amusing by and by. A sequel is still awaited.
Was it worth it? You might ask. And my answer would be incontrovertibly, undeniably yes. It was so totally worth it.

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