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University of Delhi organised a Light and Sound Show from the 10th to the 14th of March at the Vice Regal Lodge. This 35 minutes long show was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Dinesh Singh. While inaugurating the show he asked every individual attached with the university, in one way or the other, to witness the show at least once.

The show majorly focused on making the audience familiar with the history of the University of Delhi. This show personified the Vice Regal Lodge, which narrated the entire story of how the University came into existence. Starting with the war of independence, this show took each one from the audience for a tour of history. The audience was also told how St. Stephen’s College and Hindu College were the first two colleges to be established as a part of DU. Many unknown facts about the Lodge itself were revealed during the show. The audience seemed to enjoy the show, which was very much visible by the way they applauded from time to time.


During the entire show, flooded with different colored lights, the Vice Regal Lodge was beautiful scene. This highly informative show was concluded by the Vice Chancellor with his words, “Vishwavidalaya mein Bharat samaaya hai aur Bharat mein Vishwavidhalaya” (India is contained in the University, and the University in India).

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Utsav, the annual fest of NSS Hans Raj College took place on 25th February, 2015. Shri Trinath Mishra, former Director of CBI was the Chief Guest and Shri Satish K. Singh, Editor in Chief, Live India was the inaugural guest at the event. The fest hosted a plethora of fun-filled and intellectual events that managed to grab huge crowds and good attendance from students and teachers alike.

Some of the highlights of the festival are as follows:

Bouncer questions: This event was held at periodic intervals throughout the festival. While the host asked questions related to different subjects, the audience had to answer within a given time limit.

Social Dance Issue Competition: The participants of this event had to depict a social issue and create awareness about that issue through their dance.

Guess Me: This was an adaptation of the famous logo quiz, where the contestants were asked to identify logos of different brands.

Apart from the unusual events, there were familiar ones like group discussion, karaoke, tug of war, slow cycling, face painting and scavenger hunt.

Children who are taught under Padhaku, the education wing of NSS Hans Raj, were also invited to Utsav 2015. A drawing competition was held for the students and the winners were given exciting prizes. Tanmay Ghosh, President of NSS Hans Raj said that the fest was a hit, and he credited his team members and volunteers for its success.

Results for the all the events were declared on the spot and prizes worth Rs. 35,000 were distributed among the winners at NSS Hans Raj’s Utsav 2015.


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Tempest, the annual cultural fest of Miranda House started on 26th February, with teachers and union members of the college inaugurating the fest. The teachers and the students of the college union lit the lamp and became a part of an informal photo session during the inauguration ceremony.


Day 1 at Tempest witnessed several competitions which included the stage play finals, semi-classical solo music competition and classical solo music competition. Students from Snapshots, the photography of Miranda House also displayed their best piece of work through their exhibition, Multitudo.

The classical solo music competition at the fest was won by Saptak Chatterjee of Hans Raj College. The second and third positions were bagged by Apoorva Tiwari, LSR and Anshuman Bhattacharya, Faculty of Music.

The highlight of the day was the stage play competition which displayed performances from various colleges including Hindu College, Hans Raj College and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Evening). While reviewing the performance, judges told the audience that they had to face difficulty while choosing from Hans Raj’ production Metro and Shaheed Bhagat Singh’ production Ilhaam. Finally, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Evening) was announced to be the winner. Kamal Kishore of Hans Raj College was adjudged to be the best actor along with the lead actor of Ilhaam.

With various food stalls, fun events and the annual sale of Enactus, the first day of Tempest came to a successful end.


th February, 2015 being the last date to submit applications to the AICTE for their approval has brought many students together, to fight for their rights. On 9th February, 2015: The protest began at the Vishwa Vidalaya metro station and then proceeded to the Vice Chancellor’s office. Students came in large numbers to show their agitation and disappointment towards the casual attitude of the authorities regarding the validation of their degree. A group of students was then, sent inside to meet the Dean of Welfare Association and the Registrar, who gave no assurance regarding their agenda. The matter was then taken to the members of Delhi University Teachers’ Association, who asked for four days to look into the issue and come up with a solution, but failed to do so. On 12th February, 2015 Disappointed by the ‘blame game’ going on between the VC and principals of individual colleges, the students went to the MHRD India, to ask for their right of a valid degree. The protest initiated at Jantar Mantar and further proceeded to the MHRD Office. The students decided not to give up even after a few of them were arrested by the police.  

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Do you feel the need to change something about the world you live in? Do you wish to be a part of that change? Do you want to give a new meaning to your life? Then, the Gandhi Fellowship Program might just be the best option for you.

What is the Gandhi Fellowship Program?
Initiated by the Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF), a social-change organisation, this is a two-year residential program which aims at improving the condition of various schools in the village. The fellows under this program are expected to interact and work with the headmasters, teachers and students of the primary schools and take their school towards a better and brighter side.
This term of two years under the Gandhi Fellowship Program is divided into a total of four semesters. During these years, each fellow/member is assigned responsibility of 5 schools. All the fellows are expected to bring a significant change in the schools during this course of time. Being a fellow, one’s major duty is to help the Head Master with each and every aspect of the school, from organizing an ideal assembly for students to improving the quality of mid-day meal and increasing student enrollment.

Why should one go for the Gandhi Fellowship Program?
Beside the obvious reason, that the fellow will be part of a positive change in the country, there are other benefits as well. One will have the opportunity of meeting and working with a lot of new people which will help him/her increase his/her social network. The fellows will also be allotted a guide who will help and train them through inductions, field visits and workshops. There will also be supervisors to review the work of the members and make them understand their areas of improvement. This fellowship will provide the person with the experience and a golden chance to convert his/her idea into reality.

If you are looking for a meaning fellowship which will help you discover yourself, you may want to go for his one.
Visit to apply.

2nd February – The team will begin by contributing its support to a rally. The main agenda of the rally would be the demand of 9% GDP for the children in the upcoming budget so that, 6% of it could be invested in their studies and the other 3% in their health. 3rd February – Volunteers will visit orphanages and children hospitals to give away items like winter clothes, shoes, books and other stationary items that they have been collecting through various donation camps. 4th February – They will visit an old age home to spend some time with the inmates and would try to make them feel happier. 5th February – The volunteers will be visiting a blind school to help those people. 6th February – NSS Hans Raj would conduct a food walk and collect food from various restaurants, food joints, hotels, hostels and PGs in order to provide food to the ones who are deprived of it. 7th February – Volunteers will pay a note of thanks to the non-Collegiate staff who are often ignored by the students, by gifting them with cards and sweets. 8th February – Volunteers plan to gift books and other stationary items to the children enrolled under Padhaku, the education wing of NSS Hans Raj. “As love is for everyone, at NSS Hans Raj we wish to celebrate the love week. We hope that this February, we can be the reason for someone’s smile”, said Tanmay Ghosh, President, NSS Hans Raj College, on what the event hopes to achieve.   Shaurya Sahai [email protected]  ]]>

Started by the Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP), back in the 1960s, this initiative has sustained long enough to be celebrating its Golden Jubilee, this year. This cultural exchange program focuses on giving the North-Eastern students and their families, the kind of exposure that they lack. Every alternate year, a group of delegates from the north-eastern part of India travels to the north and south of India. There, they are made aware of the culture, food and heritage of the various states that they visit.

This year a group of 32 delegates from the 7 north-eastern states landed in Delhi on 14th January, 2015. In their 2-day tour of New Delhi they were made to stay with various host families. “The host families took care of us like their own kids”, said one of the delegates. They also visited Shri. Rajnath Singh, Minister of Home Affairs where they discussed various issues over breakfast. They were also given the opportunity to have a word with the Lok Sabha speaker. They visited various historical monuments and also met the Delhi University VC, Dr. Dinesh Singh for breakfast.

This trip came to end with a cultural program at the Shankar Lal Hall on 15th January, 2015. With Col. Rajvardhan Singh, MoS Sports Minister as the chief guest, this program saw the delegates sharing their experiences about their trip. The program, which began at 3:30 in the evening was a host to many dance and singing performances by the ABVP members, SEIL delegates and dance societies of various colleges of the Delhi University. It began with a fusion dance followed by a Rajasthani folk dance, an Assamese song sung by one of the SEIL delegates and a fashion show which depicted the folk dresses of various states. The program witnessed many other performances.



“ABVP has set up a Youth Development Centre in the North-East where the students are given technical knowledge”, said Nagesh Thakur, ABVP President while he inaugurated the program. The function was attended by principals of many colleges which included Ramjas, Satyawati and Kirori Mal College.


The Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Prof. Dinesh Singh has finally revealed the dates, names of the committee members and other details of Antardhvani ’15. The fourth edition of this annual cultural festival will take place from 20th to 22nd February.

Various food plazas, cultural competitions and the light and sound show will be a part of Antardhvani this year, too. Beside the previous year’s attractions there also have been new additions to the fest. University’s ongoing initiative of the ‘Award of Good Practice’ would be witnessed at this year’s fest under the theme, “University of Delhi: Meeting the challenges of India”. Various colleges are supposed to display their achievements related to the topic and hence, take part in the final competition for the awards.

There will also be an Innovation Plaza which will showcase different undergraduate research projects. It has also been said that efforts will be made to start projects for Business Incubation and Interface Industry. Along with the Innovation Plaza, the fest will also see an International Plaza which will help in making the audience familiar with diverse histories and cultures.

The Vice Chancellor has also formed a Committee for proper planning and execution of the annual fest. This committee has Prof. Malashri Lal, Dean, Academic Activities and Projects, as the chairperson. It consists of around 35 members which includes Deans and Dy. Deans of different departments, registrars, proctors and various other members of the administrative department.

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Dear Santa,

I have always heard from my family, close friends and everyone else around the world that if I wish for something from YOU on Christmas, you will surely grant my wish. Many Christmas eves have passed since I was born and trust me, I have never felt the need to ask for anything except for, back in 2012 when I had my class XII board examinations and I had no clue about what I was going to do but even then, I managed somehow. But, this time I couldn’t help myself from writing to you.

Santa, a lot of things have changed since I was a child and honestly, I am not liking these changes very much. I remember when I was a child, my daddy used to take me and my mom for long rides across the city on his scooter and then on our way back, he used to buy me balloons, ice-cream and cotton candy. And now we have a car, a big car in fact, but there are no rides, anymore. Santa, would you please bring me back those rides? I really wish to spend a little more time with my family, even a little more would do.

Santa, you know, when we were small, my best-friend and I used to play together for hours, sing stupid songs and pretend to be rock-stars and yes, how can I forget those long conversations over the phone on the night right before exams! But now, we rarely talk; we don’t share our problems and secrets anymore but yes, she tags me in random photos and captions it as, “Love you, BFF!”.
Santa, would you please bring me back my best-friend who did not have to say that she loves me because it was so evident from her actions?

My next wish may sound weird but, believe me, it’s as sincere as any other of my wishes. Santa, strangely the first thing anyone does while visiting my home these days is ask for my place’s Wi-Fi password. Santa, please, please, teleport each and every one of us to a Wi-Fi free planet where not even the weakest of Wi-Fi signals would reach us and every one would then, prefer (or be forced to prefer) talking over typing.

I know it’s a pretty long list but Santa, I’ll be really glad if any of my wishes are fulfilled. I thank you for all the gifts that you’ve showered upon me over the years without me even asking for them. Please give my love to Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the elves.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!