Be a part of change: Applications open for Gandhi Fellowship program

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Do you feel the need to change something about the world you live in? Do you wish to be a part of that change? Do you want to give a new meaning to your life? Then, the Gandhi Fellowship Program might just be the best option for you.

What is the Gandhi Fellowship Program?
Initiated by the Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF), a social-change organisation, this is a two-year residential program which aims at improving the condition of various schools in the village. The fellows under this program are expected to interact and work with the headmasters, teachers and students of the primary schools and take their school towards a better and brighter side.
This term of two years under the Gandhi Fellowship Program is divided into a total of four semesters. During these years, each fellow/member is assigned responsibility of 5 schools. All the fellows are expected to bring a significant change in the schools during this course of time. Being a fellow, one’s major duty is to help the Head Master with each and every aspect of the school, from organizing an ideal assembly for students to improving the quality of mid-day meal and increasing student enrollment.

Why should one go for the Gandhi Fellowship Program?
Beside the obvious reason, that the fellow will be part of a positive change in the country, there are other benefits as well. One will have the opportunity of meeting and working with a lot of new people which will help him/her increase his/her social network. The fellows will also be allotted a guide who will help and train them through inductions, field visits and workshops. There will also be supervisors to review the work of the members and make them understand their areas of improvement. This fellowship will provide the person with the experience and a golden chance to convert his/her idea into reality.

If you are looking for a meaning fellowship which will help you discover yourself, you may want to go for his one.
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Shaurya is a 2nd year B.Tech student from Hansraj College. She is an amateur photographer and also an aspiring poet.She is in love with sleeping and dreams about reading a lot of novels but never really ends up doing that!

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