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Join NSS Hans Raj as they spread some love among children!

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2nd February – The team will begin by contributing its support to a rally. The main agenda of the rally would be the demand of 9% GDP for the children in the upcoming budget so that, 6% of it could be invested in their studies and the other 3% in their health. 3rd February – Volunteers will visit orphanages and children hospitals to give away items like winter clothes, shoes, books and other stationary items that they have been collecting through various donation camps. 4th February – They will visit an old age home to spend some time with the inmates and would try to make them feel happier. 5th February – The volunteers will be visiting a blind school to help those people. 6th February – NSS Hans Raj would conduct a food walk and collect food from various restaurants, food joints, hotels, hostels and PGs in order to provide food to the ones who are deprived of it. 7th February – Volunteers will pay a note of thanks to the non-Collegiate staff who are often ignored by the students, by gifting them with cards and sweets. 8th February – Volunteers plan to gift books and other stationary items to the children enrolled under Padhaku, the education wing of NSS Hans Raj. “As love is for everyone, at NSS Hans Raj we wish to celebrate the love week. We hope that this February, we can be the reason for someone’s smile”, said Tanmay Ghosh, President, NSS Hans Raj College, on what the event hopes to achieve.   Shaurya Sahai [email protected]  ]]>

Shaurya is a 2nd year B.Tech student from Hansraj College. She is an amateur photographer and also an aspiring poet.She is in love with sleeping and dreams about reading a lot of novels but never really ends up doing that!

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