Delhi University cultural festival Antardhvani 2015 to be celebrated in February

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The Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, Prof. Dinesh Singh has finally revealed the dates, names of the committee members and other details of Antardhvani ’15. The fourth edition of this annual cultural festival will take place from 20th to 22nd February.

Various food plazas, cultural competitions and the light and sound show will be a part of Antardhvani this year, too. Beside the previous year’s attractions there also have been new additions to the fest. University’s ongoing initiative of the ‘Award of Good Practice’ would be witnessed at this year’s fest under the theme, “University of Delhi: Meeting the challenges of India”. Various colleges are supposed to display their achievements related to the topic and hence, take part in the final competition for the awards.

There will also be an Innovation Plaza which will showcase different undergraduate research projects. It has also been said that efforts will be made to start projects for Business Incubation and Interface Industry. Along with the Innovation Plaza, the fest will also see an International Plaza which will help in making the audience familiar with diverse histories and cultures.

The Vice Chancellor has also formed a Committee for proper planning and execution of the annual fest. This committee has Prof. Malashri Lal, Dean, Academic Activities and Projects, as the chairperson. It consists of around 35 members which includes Deans and Dy. Deans of different departments, registrars, proctors and various other members of the administrative department.

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