Shaurya Sahai


Elections in Delhi University are the perfect time to witness how some well-educated and well-aware people shut their eyes towards the critical condition of the environment. The ignorant politicians and their supporters waste tons of paper in the name of campaigning during elections.

Tired of seeing roads and classrooms covered under thick layers of posters and pamphlets, a group of students from Hindu College stood up to change the scenario. Panchtatva, the Environmental Society of Hindu College started the Paper Bucket Challenge. The initiative, which began on September 8, was taken by the students to make others aware of the fact that they were wasting a precious natural resource which could be put to a much better use.

The members of the society began collecting pamphlets and posters into buckets. They maintain that the collected paper will be recycled and will be used to make products like paper bags. This small group of people inspired many other students of the college who later joined and started working towards a better and cleaner campus.
“Since ages, tons of paper is put into bins during or post elections, which if collected can be utilized for better purposes and will be advantageous. If we crave for a better surrounding then we should be the ones to move forward and begin the chain of change”, said Shivangi Asthana, Vice-President of the Panchtatva Society, Hindu College.

Members of the society believe that every little effort formulates into a big revolution which sooner or later will invoke a fire inside everyone.

Thus, while some people were busy littering around in the University of Delhi under the name of publicity, the Paper Bucket Challenge came up as a boon to the college, if not the society.

(Image source: Panchatatva Facebook Page)

Shaurya Sahai
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